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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME on Pink Saturday!

Join all the participants on Beverly's Pink Saturday. Happy Pink Saturday to each and everyone one of you.

Today is my birthday and I've received special things to share with you. Vickie sent me these adorable cards, ephemera and a glittered pink "C" to hang in my other "C" over my bedroom dresser. She is an absolute doll who travels continuously! I swear Texas weeps when that woman leaves the state.

She even knew what kind of Wallies roses I have used in my office. Squeeeeeeeal...

I am so thankful I know this woman.

Isn't this adorable with the glitter "C"?

Then my sweet friend, Katie, sent me one of her spectacular paintings on a box on which she attached a handle because she knows I love to hang things around the house.

Then my friend, Bertie, sent me this little ceramic pot with vintage seam binding. Squeeeeealing with delight! You will want to go see her blog because she is featuring her 180+ years old farmhouse this week. It is truly spectacular to see what Bertie has done with that place. Just exquisite.
It is truly my pleasure to have known these women in my ebay group for 4 years now and some even longer. They lift me up and delight me each day with their caring and humor and stories of grandchildren and life. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I truly adore each and every one of you!

I've been sort of lazy the last several weeks and haven't done all I'd like to have gotten done but here is one thing I did do. I simply stuck a little print into a dollar frame I had painted and put a matte that I had painted from a hideous brown to a glorious blue and then Fun-Tac-ed it to the wall. Easy and fast. Just the way I like it!

Noooo, I have still not finished putting stuff back where it belongs because I just can't find places for it. You would NOT believe how many trips we've made to thrift stores giving things away. And there is still MORE! Anyway, some gals have emailed me asking how it was coming along so I photographed a few pictures to show you. Still haven't gotten the desired wall photo of the mantel and faux fireplace board but I'm getting there.

And lastly, this old stencilled towel I've had for about 20 years. I've used it for a painting rag but it hasn't even gotten thinner through all the years I've "cleaned" with it. Just goes to show you how long stenciling will last on a fabric. Plus the strength of that old fabric!


Random Thought:

You never want to stand between a woman who has just eaten a quarter of a watermelon and the toilet. Personal experience with Love Bunny..........