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Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Thoughts 6/22/12

Random Thoughts:

My son's friend was married to a Russian woman briefly several years ago. I think it was one of those mail-order bride situations. Her parents came over to visit them in Southern California, first visit ever, and they were stymied by all the food and food items available as well as the orchards. They couldn't believe the orchards in Southern California didn't have fences around them. (Now, we're talking S. Cal here, where most people have a few trees in their backyards even.) Anyway, they were aghast at the plethora of orchards. They said in Russia all the orchards had fences around them and if you tried to pick the fruit, you'd be shot as there were sentries posted. How awful that must be. They even "sneaked" into an orchard and pulled a few oranges off to eat while visiting. So if you ever think about living in the eastern European countries, think of what you'd be missing.

My hubs' brother and his family lived in Italy for several years. Their apartment came with walls. That's it. No cabinets, floors, sinks, toilets, etc. You got walls. When they moved into the apartment, a window was broken. It took months to get another one. You don't just walk into Home Depot and get one. You wait and wait and wait. I think they were happy to go to Belgium after that. ;-) But I haven't heard the Belgium stories either.

Living in actual cowboy country I made this observation: Cowboys don't whistle at women; they nod when passing. Yep, they sure do. Cowboys are the last true American men, in my opinion.

A couple of weeks ago, I read about a woman on American Idol who didn't win. (Having had no television for over 25 years, we have never seen AI.) But her reaction was: I have absolutely nothing. Seriously, how ungrateful can a young person be? What does it say about our society when a very young woman laments that she has nothing?! She lives in the best country on the face of the earth. She has some talent or she wouldn't have been a contestant on a television show. She has the ability to set her own fate. She could get a job!! She's alive and breathing. I'm sure she has food provided to her by her mummy and dada. In the photo accompanying this story, she had on a very pretty dress. What does she mean she has nothing? How tragic she must be.

The above young woman sounds like a few other people I know who have upgraded basic stupidity to disability level.

Now on to some beauty:

What the woman who lives in this home did to her sofa is fantastic. Just adorable. Of course, I love that style.

More white slipcovers in this cute living room.

How clever to display your roses and carnations in a button jar.

I’d love to have a bathroom with a shower that didn’t need a door or shower curtain. This color is beautiful also.

Tiny office but it’s enough. Very clever and so attractive you don’t have to hide it. Looks to be a closet turned into an office.

More lovely blossoms surrounding this entrance to several apartments.

Another unique birdhouse. I plan on getting some more done in the next several weeks.

Another clever and innovative homeowner using a basket to hold towels. Look at the sprigs of evergreens in her toilet tissue.

Pretty porch done on the cheap it looks like. Cute and cozy.

And yet another pretty sun porch to laze around on.

This homeowner likes exactly what I do also. Lots of cushy seat pillows and roses everywhere I can find a spot to put them.

This is a miniature garden. I’ve never done one but they are cute if you like tiny things.

Another clever idea for a laundry room. I don’t think I could stand doing laundry in a dreary room or area. I did mine just like the rest of my home—pink with roses border and pictures hanging in there.

Another tiny fairy garden. Cute!

I like the wallpaper and the curtains best. But the whole room is lovely.

Somebody’s eye candy in their studio. ;-)

A crown someone made. Why don’t you make one to put around your living room or wherever you choose. I have one in my bedroom on a shelf, but I am going to bring it out into my living room so everyone can see it.

Cakes we love to look at and not even eat. This whole setting is just adorable.