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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some Statements on Life

For those of you who don't know or realize it, I have a Pinterest page with well over 10,600 images. All "eye candy" you would love to see. I post daily or at least very often there. Go visit it. I really don't like tooting my own horn but I will here: In just 6 short months, there are 7,000 followers there, so you know the images are beautiful. Your choice. But if I were you, I wouldn't miss them. ;-)

Plus I am finding Pinterest much more to my liking at this point than blogging. I love posting those images for all to see. While I love blogging and have mentioned on here this sentiment, there have been times when I've thought of giving it up. But several emails from other bloggers have said how they love the stories as well as the images I post. So for the foreseeable future, I'll blog also. It's fulfilling to be able to share stories and thoughts. There may come a time when it isn't so fulfilling though. I hope that never happens but we'll see.

Perusing the blogs/internet lately for gorgeous photos I've noticed how small most of the apartment living rooms are in New York. Lots of times they'll be long and narrow. Must be hard to decorate a room like that but some were absolutely lovely.

And I've heard many, many women in my life complain about having kids and not being able to have "nice" things because of that. Poppycock! That's ridiculous! Train your children to live with antiques—if that's your problem— or pretty things and they'll cherish them as much as you. Tell them they can only put their feet on furniture if they don't have shoes on. It's called Manners, people, Manners! I cannot tell you the number of times I've visited with people and their kids just plop their shoes upon the sofa or chair. It makes me pause when wanting to sit down on it. It's a matter of teaching them how to live graciously, and yes, this includes boys or men. Teach them manners and they'll be way ahead of the others in life. Trust me on this one.

My hubby is very careful with our stuff. Also our grandkids are when in our home. It's called "respect." You can absolutely have beautiful things if you teach/train your children to live with them. Sure, something might get broken but I'd rather that happen than not to live with them at all.

And that brings me to another topic I'm nutty about: proper speaking and language. I wonder when I hear many, and I mean MANY, people talk, how they're going to get through life with their verbal skills. And a great deal of these people are college graduates. You'll never be a success if your verbal skills are less than professional.

This issue came up recently on one of the "hottest" trials in history in July. A young woman on the witness stand was maligned because she couldn't read cursive or speak properly. While feeling pain for that young woman, it was sad that a 19 year-old cannot read cursive writing. Plus, assuming she wants to get ahead and make something of herself in life, her language was atrocious. Foul language was her daily vocabulary. To say nothing of its incorrectness. Unless she cleans up that, I doubt she'll have much of a chance in life. We don't use vulgar language at all. Neither do our friends or acquaintances. Truly sad where some of our inner-city kids are headed in the lives. Where are their mothers and their fathers? I'd like to see everyone succeed. They are also children of our Heavenly Father and loved just as much as everyone else. It truly saddens me.

A place to eat and dream.

A beautiful bedroom in which to pamper yourself.

Have I told you that my favorite thing to do would be to eat donuts every single day for breakfast? This is true!

More gorgeous bouquets of roses.

A lovely vintage chair used more for eye candy than anything else.

Aren't these adorable? I'd definitely wear a air of shoes like these.

And I'd also carry a bag like this one.

And I'd wear shoes like these definitely!

Cute magnets for your refrigerator door. I ONLY put pretty ones on my refrigerator door—roses or something like that. Definitely not ones with pithy sayings. I'm so tired of those.

Gorgeous pillow and bedding.

Yep, I know about now you're lusting for a place like this, preferably on a lake.

I love chicken wire on cabinets. It lets you see what's in your cabinets.

Some lucky women's studio. Sigh.

A sweet tiny area in a kitchen to sit and relax with a cup of your favorite beverage. For me, that would be Pepsi! :-)

Okay, it's a sweet idea, but you really couldn't talk over that pot of daisies. ;-)


Las Vegas study: Scented slot machines generate 53% more revenue than unscented ones.