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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Redo of the Family Room Wall

Okay, I promised you the results of the redecorating of this wall. I think I'll put a new "something" on the left side. Plus you get the view of what we see when we look in from our dining area with the lace curtains framing the family room.

Yep, I'll put something on the left bottom. Maybe some pretty storage boxes that are in abundance around here. And something on the right wall just above the mantel. I'm a symmetrical chick, maybe not totally, absolutely symmetrical but balanced better than this. I'm OCD about symmetry.

These chairs are 25 years old and don't especially go with the decor of this room but I've had them recovered 3 times with the last recovering about 6 or 8 years ago with this kilim-looking fabric and loved it. If I suggested recovering them now, Love Bunny would have a fit. Besides, they're gorgeous in person and still look almost new. They are Baker chairs and I paid about $800 each 25 years ago. So they're well made and last a long time. Plus I'm on a frugal kick and don't want to spend.

The tale of these shoes is: I couldn't part with them. I loved these shoes and bought them about 28 years ago at Macy's. I wore them out on the bottom but just couldn't throw them out so I made little princess shoes out of them by painting them, adding some froufrou stuff to them and using them as decorative items in this room. I know. I'm pathetic. But what can I say? I'll never love a shoe like I loved these simple red, plain 1" heel shoes.

And did you bloggers know that blogging is the test site for my photographing things around the house? I play at photography. I am definitely NOT a pro at this but I love doing it to experiment with my Canon Rebel XS. Love this camera!

See how my macros turn out? Great little camera for $500.

You all know how I absolutely hate camping. Love Bunny even bought a pop-up camper so I would go with him and be happy about it. I still hate it. I love suburbia and Applebee's, Olive Garden and Outback. I'm not a woodsy-type person. I love being home in my bed with my pillow. I love plugging my hair dryer and curling iron into a socket. I love eating indoors instead of fighting the horseflies. I hate the sound of four wheelers all night long. I hate the thought of being eaten by a bear. I hate having to go to the bathroom by a tree out in the woods; it throws off my digestive system. I hate not being able to craft, surf the internet and having to read by propane lantern at night. I. Hate. Camping. It's that simple.

However, if hubs could accommodate me with one of these slick little cuties, I just may change my mind a fraction and venture into the wilds of Idaho with not much groaning and moaning. Maybe.

This is definitely stylin'! And who would have thought the horns of an animal could be made to look shabby chic?

This looks like it could just possibly have my name on it also.

This could also fill th' bill for me.

This is darling also. The jealousy windows are a plus for me. Isn't this adorable?

And I'd definitely want it painted these colors.

I'd want this in the woods with me also... If I ever want to go camping, that is.

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