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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beautiful Lamps

As you all know, we women change our minds. A lot. I’m no exception. Just ask th’ hubs. ;-) He’ll testify.

Anyway, after a few days with the new lamp in the living room, it just didn’t seem to fit as well as another lamp I had in the family room, so I switched them out. Much better.

I added another row of ribbons that I had left over to the bottom.

I then removed the bright pink ribbon roses around the top and added the very last of that ribbon up there.

I came up just a tad short around the back so I glued some lighter pink roses back there. It gives a kind of feel of a bustle that women used to add to the backs of their dresses—something for a bit of pizzazz. (But now women enlarge their b*tts purposely and that truly stymies me as to why they would!) While I would have preferred the ribbons back there I had no choice but the roses look just fine.

I do think it needed the extra row of ribbons on the bottom though and even hubs thought that made a difference.

So here’s my truly ol’ lamp from the family room. I cannot even remember the original color of it but I remember I did paint it white. It’s heavy for such a delicate-looking lamp. I then purchased a pretty lampshade, added roses, beads, ribbon, scraps of lace, and a pretty postcard sent to me from an artist in Australia.

It’s much better suited for the living room.

I love decorating lamps and just may go to some thrift stores to try and find some old ugly cheap ones to decorate. I have no clue where I’d put them. Maybe just sell them but I love being creative.

This is a hanging chandelier I found on the internet and thought it was pretty.

This is a stunner! It looks like the owner used scraps of some embroidered pieces to make it. She then added a crocheted rose and lace to it along with ruffles. Very unique and lovely.

Simple, simple, simple. It looks like a thin fabric but burlap, which is the rage at the moment, could be used also. Just make a tunnel for the tie and voilĂ , you have it.

This little jewel here is absolutely gorgeous. It has to be a designer lamp. I just googled lamps on the internet and captured a few this morning to add to my lamp post.

This one I’ve seen on the internet but it’s a froufrou item and we all know how I love froufrou. ;-) Simple to make also.

Another designer stunner. I love this lamp and would definitely use it in my home. It suits my favorite Classical style.

This is also a lovely one I’d use in my home.

Looks to me to be a candlestick lamp for a buffet table but that shade is over-the-top gorgeous in my book.

I think this one could go in a froufrou, classical, romantic or just about any style of room. I like how it’s done on the scalloped bottom of the shade.

I have a feeling this one would cost a very pretty penny. It’s lovely and unique.

Okay, just some real candy for eye candy. Go have a luscious snack now.