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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gorgeous "Dream" Homes #1

I don't peruse blogs a heck of a lot because I just don't have time. (This is Conniespeak for I lose all track of time and can spend hours looking and not get anything done I need to!) I use Google Reader for my favorites and look at them quickly through that medium and if it looks interesting that day, I click on the blog and go there to leave a comment or view the whole thing. Why do I do it like this? Because it saves time with all the ads on Blogger now. Time for all them to come up can be several minutes in some cases. (AdBlock definitely helps though getting around all the ads though!) Anyway, that's how I do it. And if you haven't heard of AdBlock, it's just to the right below the photos of me on my sidebar, and tells you where to get it.

Anyway, I read a lot about women dreaming about their dream house or buying a house waiting for their Dream House to come along. I haven't yet met anyone who has actually found their dream house. That's why it's called Dream House—you dream about having it, but most women never, ever have their dream house. I don't and never will. What I do have is a seven year old, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 car garage, family room, living room house that is sufficient for my needs...and hubby's needs also. My mortgage is about $440 a month but I pay a lot extra so we can pay it off sooner. That's my dream house. Not a Mercedes, pool, fancy large house. We live quite comfortably, just the two of us. Small yard for hubs to mow and not kill himself doing in the heat of this desert summer. I truly don't lust for some of the homes I'm going to show you below and in another post soon.

Why do we think we need more than we do? Hollywood-types and some very wealthy live in 12,000 square foot homes but don't actually live in them. They flaunt them. That's not my style. I do NOT begrudge the rich anything. I find simple things make me happier than large homes to clean or with which to try and impress others. I'm debt-free except for my house. Why would someone want a million-dollar-plus home? A modest home can serve your needs quite well. Trust me, we've been through the cycle of having a house to flaunt and this is much better. I was so glad to get rid of the big home I cried when we finally did—and those were truly tears of joy.

A friend of our daughter's built a two-million dollar, 20,000 square foot home up in the wilds of Oregon (Isn't Oregon wild everywhere though?) several years ago when he made a fortune selling off his company stock and making millions off it. When our daughter visited with them recently, she said the house is filthy. Absolutely filthy. She and her husband couldn't stand to be in it. It was totally gauche. They didn't even worry about keeping it clean or even the upkeep on it. They couldn't! She said she'll never go back there again. The house is just in a shambles.

The rich and/or famous aren't any better than you; they just have more house to clean and more money, but they have more struggles than you, just look at the papers and magazines. I rest my case. Frankly, I'd rather have the struggles I do have; they're familiar to me. I truly mean this from my heart.

But if you insist on lusting, here are a few that might suit you.

Waterfalls are notoriously noisy.

Of course, this is small, but could be someone's dream home and not cost you millions to acquire it.

Having had a pool in our last house I can assure you they require a lot of upkeep, i.e. MONEY.

Older homes also require a lot of money sometimes. It isn't worth it to me.

A beautiful home.

A mite more modest, but I'm sure it's someone's dream home.

Unusual but lovely with that front circular porch.

I'd want more privacy than this house affords.

Somewhere near the sea, I'd bet.

I just had to show you these two exquisite lamps—floor...

and table.

Hanging roses lanterns.

And of course, the requisite eye candy. ;-)

More kitchen than I'd want to clean.

Love the color in here though.

And especially this pink color!

So, love what you have and be happy you have it. That's my bottom line!