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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tips for Frames and Mats & a Remodel

I've been very busy the last few days - painting frames and ugly mats which had a hideous color on them. Yes, you can paint mats. Just do it "drily" and don't get the mats too wet. I wouldn't do it if I was going to sell it but for my own use I would. Nuuuuuu, don't do it to a picture with value to it because it would probably devalue, it but to one that isn't much more than eye candy for you, it would be fine.

Two little clothespin bags I did today also.

Here's the remodel we hope to get done this summer. I'm dreading the plaster dust all over the house but it gives me more wall space and I definitely need that, my sweet chicks!! :-)

Vintage Chippy Spice Rack

WOW! A sweet aussie chick came up with a grand idea and it's doable! The lettering can be changed so I can add the world "Glitter" if you want for all you "glitter bugs"! If you buy it the choice is yours what you want on there: Spices or Glitter or whatever you want that will fit in that space!!!.

Isn't this cute? I was going to keep it but I looked around my kitchen and there was absolutely no place for it! I'm disappointed but I'll sell it on my other blog - La Maison Rose.

I call my kitchen, actually my whole house, a "senior" house, my little cherubs, because the kitchen barely accommodates 2 of us and I usually throw hubs out! It's a good size, just not the type for 2 cooks and you KNOW who stays!!! The "primary prep area" is in the corner and the dishes/glasses are above that. We just get in each other's way. I'm truly trying to figure out how to remedy this problem. Nuuuuuuu, I ain't let "the hubs" cook! Have you ever heard of "scrapple"??!!! Well, he likes that stuff and we can't get it out here in the west. It's a Pennsylvania "specialty" and I use that term verrrrry loosely!!! And he'd completely destroy my stove!

If anyone can think of any other use for it, I might just keep it, but I put "Spices" on it!! Aaaarrrghh....... Grumble, grumble............