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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pink Saturday 11/08/08

Today I'm gonna let ya look at a few pix from the Greenhurst "series" to see just a fraction of the delights in store for you. I'm working as fast as I can to get all the photos edited for you. I've been posting only 10 at a time for easier viewing but I added another 110 photos today when I went there to capture more from their Holiday Open House! Ooooohhh my blogging friends.......I swooned when looking. But for today you're gonna get just a little of what's ahead in the coming weeks. I'm going to have to post more pix on each post or it'll be next summer before we finish. The people there today were just beside themselves with the fantasy abundantly displayed. So enjoy for today.......

Cowgirl Christmas!

They even have an "Aloha Christmas" setting. Yesssss!!!! I only got a few pix there as it took me an hour and I was getting hungry for lunch. That place is beyond fantastic. Wait till I show you what you can get for a cool $1,900.00!!! I'll put that one up quickly. You ain't gonna believe this one, chicks. LOL ;-)