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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beyond The Pale

I was perusing the news on the internet the other day. We all know that one story can lead to another and that's what happened this day.

I clicked over to a UK site to read a story and saw another story on the site, with photos—uuugghhh. The story was about a nudist man opening a spa for nudists. That wasn't the disgusting part. The disgusting part was the news show had him and 3 others, another man and 2 women, on the television show. Nude. All of them. The women had a "paper daisy" pasted on the tip of the breast and they all had their hands in their laps, blocking view of the most private area, which didn't do much disguising.

Now, I have no problem with people who want to run around naked in their own homes or at designated camps, which are out of the sight of others, especially children, but to put them on television for any kid or adult to see goes beyond the pale in my book. Why would a program want to air something so disgusting? Don't dare tell me the human body isn't disgusting! I don't think it is. Displaying it for all to see certainly is though.

I have told friends for years things are going to get worse and they just did. How low can we go? I'm afraid it's not going to get better, but much, much worse. I hope they gave them towels to sit on while on the sofa because I doubt many would want to sit on it after they've been there.

When I saw these rings I thought they were beautiful. Now we can have colors in our wedding rings.

Lovely lavender cup and saucer.

Yes, I truly love these old vintage sinks.

Lovely decorated cage.

Another gorgeous bottle.

Sweet brooch.

One of my favorite things: laundry drying on a line in the sun.

Darling center piece of bird nests with blue eggs.

Suitcase full of flowers.

Another cottage in the woods.

Romantic soaps.

Colorful window display of old pots with flowers in them.

Just what our roses look like this morning. We had snow last night.

A sweet pink restaurant along a quaint street somewhere in Europe.

Cuter than a button. ;-)

Tidbit: In 1954, Brownie Wise was the first woman to appear on the cover of Businessweek. Who was Brownie Wise? A housewife who made Tupperware what it is today. She didn't invent it, just came up with the idea of home parties.