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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Got "THE" Bug Again! Yep, Say It Ain't So........

I was just not happy with the way the office/computer room looked so I had Love Bunny switch the furniture around again. Let me tell you: that desk weighs a ton, trust me! I can't even lift an end! It's that heavy. So the next few pictures show my work in progress. This will take a while because I need to remove things from the wall, rearrange furniture and shelves.

This is what I used to look at. I'm now 180° and looking at the wall. Does that mean I need a new message board?!?!? Yessssssss, I think sooooo!!!

Everything thrown onto the floor.

Gettin' better, chicks! I had to dust!!! Can you believe that???? I hate dusting! But I had to before I put the stuff back on the top of the desk. Dust bunnies were having a fiesta under there! Viva la bamba!!

This is such a disaster right now. My photo shoot area in the corner will be done away with and I'll try to figure out how to incorporate a "painting" area in this room. That's one of the reasons I'm doing this. Since we moved from the huge house into this "retired people" house of about 1/3 the size, I have had to paint on the kitchen table. I'm TIRED of putting it up when I want to paint and taking it down for meals! Aaaaccckkk.......... (through with the nervous breakdown). So it'll be different by the time I'm through with it. Maybe some wallies around the room instead of the ivy border. I wonder if hubs would go ahead and paint this room pink??? Maybe I'd better ask him that after a "night of wild abandon"!! ;-)


  1. Bring me some of that energy.... I am downsizing too and am exhausted!!! To have just a smidgen of your drive,energy and creativeness!!! I have missed keepin' up with u so I am off to read your last 10 posts and see just what I have been missing!!!

  2. Connie, you will exhaust yourself doing all this changing around!
    I've put a post about a giveaway a friend is hosting, you might be interested?

  3. You're too funny... "night of wild abandon!" hahaha I suppose they do deserve some type of reward for hefting all our stuff.

    Paint it pink, four different shades of pink! I can't believe you moved your desk up against the wall. It felt so official in the middle of the room, facing the door. Like I needed to say, "Yes, ma'am. I'm qualified to sweep your floor and would be the best floor sweeper your company has ever had."

    I understand change, though. Sometimes its the best thing when things get too stale.


  4. Your new office/studio will be great. I think you should paint it pink, that would be so cute, then figure out a cute name for your art studio and make a sign on the door!Good for you for dusting! I like your strategy to get hubby to paint the room pink! LOL!

    Hugs, Shar

  5. I'm sure that with your plan, Love bunny will do WHATEVER you want! Constantly tweeking is in your genes. I'm sure Love bunny doesn't even question it anymore!

  6. Nothing like rearranging and redecorating a room to get those creative juices flowing!

  7. Hey Connie! I know you are gonna be so happy with your new room all fixed up to do your painting in....I think that's alot of the reason that I don't do much of my painting anymore...because of not having an area to do it in! LOL! I know how you feel about doing it in the does get old taking the stuff out and putting it all back away to eat! LOL! Your room is gonna be perfect. Don't you work too hard chickee! Hope you have a great week!

  8. Your office~It is going to look great when your finished....I have a good feeling about it.

    Your painting....cake with the roses~WOW, it looks great. You became a pro overnight.

    I can't wait to see the finished project and your future rose paintings too :)

  9. Well Connie, you amaze me! But I'm mad at my hubby and I'll just do my kitchen project myself. Cause I am not in the mood for a night of "Wild Abandon" *At All*. LOL!!!!!! Deb

  10. You've got energy to spare :)
    I've got a Give Away happening. Today's the last day for entering.

  11. OHMYGOSH!!! Where do you get that energy? I need you to come down here and light a fire under me, as my mom used to say. ;-)
    I look forward to the 'after' shots!
    P.S. Love your paintings, too!!

  12. I think that would be the most probable time he would say yes to pink walls. My hubby is FINALLY letting me paint my bedroom long as it's not too pink. What does that mean? Changing the room around is sometimes hard but so fun after, isn't it?

  13. Looks fantastic!! And yes, please pass that energy around sweetie!

  14. All that dusting and moving furniture has made me tired. Im off for a cocktail, after a few of those I wont be able to see all of my dust anymore (hopefully). LOL! X

  15. Hi Connie,

    You are toooo busy! OMG, I need some of that energy. If you could bottle it......

    Hope all is going well.


  16. Connie, All is looking good. Make sure you take pics of you painting in your new studio.

    Have a great day, Kris

  17. Connie, will you please come over to my house next? LOL. I need someone to get my rear in gear and get my studio in order. I think you are that gal! : D

    And thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. Muchly appreciated and smooches right back atcha honey!


  18. That room would rock pink paint! Do it. Do it. DO IT.


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