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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update on Blogging

For a bit of eye candy before I begin. Look what Miss C just found—her thumb!

While here at our granddaughter's house visiting again with this precious great granddaughter, Kathleen Grace at Kathy's Cottage wrote a post about blogging and scheduling time for the other things in life, which brought up something I've been going to post about for a while but just couldn't find words to express it. I'll explain. And this is not meant to be a nasty or mean post. I wrote it with a soft voice.

I'm a stay-at-home wife, mom, grandma and great grandma and love doing it since retiring from being the highest paid woman in one of the very top Fortune 500 companies. I loved working. BUT keeping house and home for my hubby is my priority now and just because we're retired doesn't mean we have any more time than most other people. (We all find the time when we want to.) I love this even more than that job and, trust me, I loved it immensely. I have a great respect for women who stay at home with their children. It's sometimes a thankless job from other working women and the media, but it is the most important thing you can do. There is no success that can compensate for failure in the home. Just look around you.

I love blogging and don't ever see myself stopping it, although lately I had touched upon the thought, and it definitely gave me pause. I've always said I love blogging for the creativeness of putting my thoughts together to write a post, hone my photography skills, keeping in touch with friends and helping to bring a chuckle or two to some bloggers.

But we stay-at-home women still need stimulation, especially after all the kids are gone. Blogging is one of those things that I find stimulating for me. But, as I said, a few things happened that brought the thought of stopping flitting through my mind recently.

One reason was I fell and my legs and back still aren't the same. It absolutely still hurts to sit for any length of time. Plus before that I was having trouble with my arms, more specifically my wrists and elbows. My doctor and I attribute that to sitting at a computer for long stretches at a time. Like Kathy, I had to limit my time on my computer and that meant not as much commenting. I peruse almost 300 blogs on a regular basis. I couldn't possibly comment on each one. I try to hit several a day. But I love comments also and I saw the comments were going down. I wondered why. I don't think I said anything to distress or offend anyone. I try to keep them interesting, although, I'm not one to believe that my blog is the "be all/end all" for everyone. It isn't and never will be. Maybe it was because I wasn't commenting on some blogs that definitely don't return comments unless I comment on theirs. And yes, I've commented on some that do not take the time to comment—at least on mine—or even answer a question I've put to them. I believe that is just rude to not even answer a question and it has happened several times. If I can find time to visit your blog and ask a question then you should respond. I don't have any more time than you do, chicks. I try to answer questions but sometimes there is no return email address and if I go to their blog, there is no way to email them. Hence, I have no way to contact them to answer a question that is sometimes a bit private. I won't comment on a blog if the question isn't for all to see. And yes, I've probably missed a few.

I see some of the blogs that have hundreds and even thousands of followers. I've commented and even asked questions of them with absolutely no response and never having them comment on mine. I love perusing them though and shall probably continue to do so. I have one blogger who regularly receives upwards of 200 to 250 comments on each and every blog post but this sweet woman comments on my blog on a regular basis. She is either a wonder or sadistic trying to comment on all her commenters! I cannot believe she responds to each and every comment on her blog. She is a sweetheart and the funniest blogger I've ever read.

But bottom line: My blog is for me. If it delights someone and they wish to comment, I'm humbled and thrilled. I truly am. I'm not so haughty or too big for my britches that I don't get around and comment. But with my leg and arms still recuperating I simply cannot comment on each blog I follow. I love each and every single comment I get and if you comment on here, sometimes you need to awaken me and tell me to get over to your blog and comment. That truly does help me. Plus sometimes I inadvertently will not have you as a favorite on Google Reader or as a follower of your blog. Jostle my memory and I'll be over. After all, it's what keeps me going also. And if I ever quit blogging, it isn't because of anyone but me. No one has that kind of power over me but myself. I love blogging!! It's just that simple.


  1. loved your pearls today..;) I sometimes don't comment..don't have time..or just simply don't want to...or it doesn't interest me..I love your random thoughts..cause they always get me thinking...I love that photo of your great grandbaby..she is a cutie..:) have a great tuesday..and I hope you get to feeling better soon;)

  2. I hope you arm and wrist are better soon! Love reading your blog. I am glad you write it. I agree, blogging is for ourselves. I don't expect anyone to comment on mine, and I am happy when they do! Hope today is a great day for you and LOVE that baby picture! What a doll! I think she is such a sweet cutie!

  3. I so appreciate your opinion in this post Connie. I think blogging is one of the best things for bringing people from all over the world together, but not knowing about each others daily lives we can be unaware of what each others schedules or health allow as far as the time spent reding or commenting. I love my site meter, because it tells me that, even if I don't get a lot of comments I had people interested enough to stop by and read my posts. That helps make it worthwhile to keep posting even when the numbers are low!

  4. I loved your post today, Connie. I find it harder and harder to get around to everyone's blog and comment. I do my best - making sure I leave a comment at least once a week for everyone - and more times if I can manage it.

    I probably am one of those who has been guilty of not answering a question - though I do my best to respond right away. If I forget, it is usually because I've left it til 'later'and my brain doesn't retain it.

    I get such pleasure out of blogging and have to stop myself from worrying too much about how many comments I am getting or why I haven't heard from certain bloggers lately...unless I've been really remiss in commenting, I'm afraid those things remain a mystery.


  5. Hi Connie,
    I understand what you are saying here. I always try to keep in touch with everyone too, but I think at times I might have missed someone.When someone comments on my post I am always so surprised! really I am.. I leave a note to let someone know I have visited, but never expect a note back and yes there are some gals out there that do not ever write back..
    I know you are not one of those gals.. you are always so sweet and you post the most helpful information (I love that about you) that is why I keep visiting you... Recently I read about one of the most popular blogs closing down. I was so shocked..but truly understood where she was coming from.
    I work full time and commute 5.5 hours a day and only find the time to post once a week, if I'm lucky twice..I hope you feel better soon, I understand bout you hands hurting. I have hand problems too...
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  6. Dear Miss C~ Thank you so much for visiting yesterday! I loved the comment you left for me and IS wonderful to find people long lost after so many years. We are excited about getting back in touch (in person) with this Teacher more than I can say. She has already written back and we are thrilled to know she is happy and well.

    About people not commenting... Well...I TRY and comment directly to those who pose a question and I hope I haven't missed any although I'm sure I have. Not hearing back from a blogger doesn't upset me as I know firsthand the time it takes to write a blog, prepare pictures, etc. can be staggering. What does upset me though are the few people who write and leave a nasty dig (albeit anonymously) about my life, my faith, my family or my passions. Hateful words meant to demean and destroy have made me want to stop blogging at times. They remind me of my early eBay sellings days when a day wouldn't go by without getting some hateful email sent to me via "Ask A Seller A Question". More often than not I was being accused of something or other and I was ripped up in a way I still struggle even speaking about...

    Not often, but occasionally, I'll get a comment that is so gut-wrenching-mean that I momentarily lose my breath. They rang from "If I hear one more time how much you love your Mr. AGPMan I'm going to hurl" to "Wow! You're a great self-promoter! I've never read a blog so full of arrogance! You really think your somethin..."

    If it wasn't for the fact I know I do my best with everything God has given me to live a kind and honest life the hateful words would probably crush me. I also know the world is full of people who cannot experience joy no matter if it's their own or for somebody else.

    These day I simply comment where I'm led to comment and sometimes that on a blog that has 5 Followers and sometimes it's on a blog that has 1,000. That said...I enjoy LOTS of blogs and sometimes will read one for several weeks before leaving a single word... Many of them truly speak to me, even minister to my heart, and then when the words come to me I type them out and send them along their way...

    Now after all THAT :)I do want to say that I sincerely hope your legs and arms get better very soon!

    Love to you~


  7. Ah, Connie, you are so sweet, as always. Little Miss is GOR-GE-OUS! Look at those big beautiful blues & Gerber fingers! I want one ... well, not right now, may I borrow yours?

    We can't sit there all day long ... I do the replies & try to contact others as time permits. Golly, I about beat myself to death one day trying to do 180, I got it done & said not again ... I had no life. I've had several that I write to that do not respond to but if they write a post worth commenting on & I happen by, then I'll comment to them. You have stated it very nicely ... I agree 190%.

    Enjoy your visit, you lucky lady!
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  8. I get to be the first comment? I hope so!
    Connie, I agree with everything you said. I am pretty new at blogging, but it is so much fun! It does aggravate my hands using the computer a lot, but blogging is addictive.
    I really enjoyed getting to know you better with this post.
    I hope you are feeling much better very soon!

  9. When you wrote that "my blog is for me", I agree with you, since that is my philosophy too. I aim to have fun with blogging, writing posts and leaving comments. I hope your arms and newer problems are healing quickly. When you are feeling tip top again, come on over and say hi.

  10. Blogging is for the writer...I have learned lots and met some wonderful people BUT if I was doing it for popularity or a pat on the back - I don't think it would be so fullfilling. I love getting visits - it always puts a smile on my face but if I had none - I believe I would continue. Hope your aches get better! I would miss you if you left blogland.
    thanks for always sharing. dana

  11. Oh Connie,your Pearls of Wisdom have truly struck me today. I was one that was going to quit blogging because of rare visits, but I know that when you do visit, it is so welcomed and I cherish those who visit and post. Some just stop by and look, but lately, I cannot blame them. I have bored myself but as you said, it's my blog and one doesn't have to comment if they don't like it. I visit blogs and always try to post something, because I figure if I have the time to go to it, I can post while I'm there. Some of my blogging friends have just dropped off from blogging, because of busy lives, one with 2 daughters getting married at different times. You are a sweetheart and I love your honesty. It's one virtue, I truly love in a person, that and respect. I am truly sorry you hurt your back. I know what that can feel like and I hope you are better soon and the arms and elbow get better also.
    Love the baby pic. How sweet is that and the perfect Kodak moment. Love and hugs, Pat

  12. Blogging should be done for ourselves first!
    If we're doing that, then it really doesn't matter what else comes of it! But I find, that if I take the time to respond I have a better audience and return visits.

    The sad truth of it all is, that the bigger your numbers get, the harder it is to visit unless you sit in front of the computer all day long...and I am having trouble keeping up. It's a lot of work just being creative and posting as it is, but all I can do is my best!

    Thanks for your recent visit....Connie!

    Hope your day is smile filled!

    ciao bella

  13. I love the picture. My eldest boy sucked his thumb and this reminded me of him.

  14. Connie, I'm so sorry to hear you had a fall, and hope you'll be better soon.
    With being away in the UK my time on a computer was limited, but now I'm back I shall enjoy pottering around my friends' blogs again.

  15. Sweet Chickie...

    Very well said... And, I hope you DON'T stop blogging... I'd miss you.

    I'm so sorry to hear you fell. DARN. As we get older it's just a bit different to take a tumble, isn't it? Those little ones splatter themselves all over the place and pop right back up no worse for wear.

    I hope you recover soon and that you're more comfortable....


  16. So sorry you had a fall... happens to the best of us, no matter how careful we are. I totally empathise with the hand/wrist problems - I had the op on both wrists (carpal tunnel) and they've never regained dexterity and strength.

    RE using the computer, I just do as much as I can. Sometimes I just don't have time to do all the visiting I'd like... and just have to live with it.

    Even when I've managed to get through the entire PS list, it's amazing how many people I visit have never visited back, so I do admit to going to all my favourites first, then seeing what time I have. When the computer lives in the living room and the husband is demanding SOME conversation and attention on a Saturday, it can be a little difficult to concentrate!

    I love the baby pic - just adorable - and a very good photograph in and of itself, not just because of the subject. Great composition, lighting etc - I know you got a new camera fairly recently and goodness! what great results. I still don't know my way around mine (head hung in shame) but sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do.

    Don't worry if you don't reply to my comment, I know you love me (lol lol lol).

  17. This is a great and much needed post. It is nice to know we are not alone...and I think if one has been blogging for any length of time..they have run into the burn out thing.

    Gloria of Happy to Be...and I were recently discussing retiring from blogging..but like you, I love it. Even when I have nothing to post..(just Wednesday) I still love to visit and do what I can.
    Thanks for this!! We appreciate your candor.


  18. Hi there Connie!!!

    First of all, I want to wish you much relief from your fall...I do hope that everything starts feeling better for you SOON!

    Now for this post...I want to say AMEN!!!! You expressed yourself perfectly and I believe that we can all relate to this.
    I blog because of ME. I work. I have a family. I have friends. I HAVE A LIFE. And...if someone out here in blogland looks at me as if I have to give 110% of my time sitting at the computer returning comments on a daily basis...well, simply put...they are out of their minds!!!!!
    I love to pop in and out but I cannot leave comments on each and every blog that I visit. Matter of fact, I really visit sporatically and then stay a while and catch up on SEVERAL posts (like I did today). To's like a "true" visit and I can sit here and read (which seems like we're visiting over coffee...or a Dr. Pepper!) and not be rushed into "having" to leave a comment.
    Most of all, I feel that we should never have to explain ourselves. I have received emails from bloggers letting me know that I haven't visited for a while, etc. Those really make me uncomfortable because of the fact they are "expecting" me to visit them and everyone else. They are not "like-minded" as me as my computer is NOT my number one interest! I do love blogging but it doesn't rule my life. It's only for FUN and it is NO addiction, believe me!
    So all in all, I just wanted to let you know that you hit the nail on the head Connie and I truly admire you (as I've always) for sticking to your guns. You are as original as they come!!! :))))
    I loved the visit here today.
    I loved seeing your "new" living room.
    I loved seeing your "new" precious grandbaby!
    I loved seeing you "new" kitchen cabinet.
    I loved seeing your last two tomatoes of the season...yum yum.
    I hope Love Bunny's doctor's appointments have had good results and your therapy is doing you good.
    Again, I've enjoyed catching up with you girl...
    Even though I don't visit every day, I sure hold dear the time that I do have to visit with you!!!!!
    Happy Halloween and Happy Autumn...the leaves are changing and I hope that it becomes a better time for you. Just think...we need Autumn to have a beautiful Spring!!!!!


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