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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random Thoughts 9/9/2012

Read the top line just under my logo. That is my utmost belief.

I hear about summer breakfast programs at the schools now. Since our kids have been out of school for many years and only one grandson left in high school now, I don't get much information about what's happening in our schools. But to have to feed them—and I love kids as much as anyone—is beyond my comprehension. That's what parents are for! I fed my kids; you feed yours. Again I lament, what's this world coming to when the schools have to feed them breakfast and a lot of times lunches and sometimes dinner? And even during summer vacations? This came up in church several months ago but it just crossed my mind recently because of the start of school and the billboards announcing the programs. Puhleeeeze, feed your kids so I don't have to. I mean I'd absolutely have them over for lunch anytime, but feed your kids, parents.

Recently while shopping with Love Bunny, I spotted Eggo waffles. I wanted some. He said he'd make me some from scratch. I said I wanted Eggo. We got some. They were a comfort food when I was a young mom. I love those little waffles you just throw in the toaster. Easy peasy. I also love the smell of maple syrup in the morning.

I don't know if you've ever noticed but I almost never post pictures of children on my blog. I'm astounded at the amount of photos on websites, not just blogs but all over the internet. Fashion sites, etc. I just don't want some p*rv*rt somewhere viewing them. I want to protect them. I only post my grandkids and great granddaughter with my granddaughter's permission. And I always ask if I can post a friend's new baby or something like that. But to post pictures all over the net of little munchkins posing is not something I think is appropriate, even as cute as they are. ;-) I'm not big on posting clothing much either. I'm just not into fashion at all. If I have my body covered, I'm fine.

A few weeks ago we were shopping for beets. (I love beets with macaroni and cheese. That's how my mom and dad did it and it just seems natural to me now to have that combination.) But th' hubs was helping with the shopping know where this is going, right? I've lectured that man so many times about shopping I have lost count. He said the store was out of beets. I told him to calm down and I'd look closer. I found th' beets! He started loading them into the basket. I never, ever buy one of anything. I hate not having something when I need it, so when I'm down to my last 2 cans, I put them on the list and buy 6-12 cans the next time we go grocery shopping. Well, he put one can in after I saw they were actually beets and then he started throwing more cans in. Needless to say, he didn't read the labels and started throwing pickled beets in. I do my own pickling of the beets and don't buy the pickled kind in the store. I had my little hissy fit about shopping. My stomach is roiling now just typing out the words!!

What is it about small villages that entrance us so?

And if you're new to my blog read this sign:

I think this is the most gorgeous bed I've ever seen.

A lovely bedroom for you.

Teensy weensy cottage for ya.

Lovely patio I'd like to have in my back yard.

I have no idea where this is but with those palm trees outside definitely in a warm climate, but would you look at how high that glass wall is!

Cute and colorful.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Ya wanna go to France now, right? ;-)

Our country is so blessed to have such bounty as lush and beautiful as these raspberries.

Cute vignette on a back wall.

This old stone house is made lively with all that vivid red.

Tea, anyone?

Clipboards made gorgeous with beautiful fabric.

I don't usually post clothing but this is so feminine and pretty I wanted you to see it.

Words of Wisdom

What you are doing thunders so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you are saying.

Be the example you want others to see. I need to be better about this also. Truly.


  1. I so love that pink and lace dress,the cottage,the tea shop and much, much, more here.

    I don't know that I agree totally about not feeding the school children because many of these children come from not very nice homes an would usually go hungry.
    My son is a school teacher in the country (Australia) and organized breakfast for the children as most of them are from disadvantaged backgrounds and came to school without anything for breakfast and never any lunch either. It is very sad. The welfare payments to the parents would be spent on alcohol. :( When I was a child growing up in England children in school received a bottle of milk for recess. I think this was started just after the war because of so many malnourished children.

  2. Good Morning sweet chick..Love this post today..I would rather stick a sharp pencil in my eye than go food shopping with Lenny..but were retired also so he feels he needs to go every where with me..
    Now the sunroom with the palm trees is Otto Preminger Hollywood home 1925..just seen it the other day on Pinterest..
    I pray all has been well in your world my dear friend..How is your daughter doing?? I have not been blogging much just been spending time with my Great Grandson and loving it girl..Take care my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. Connie,

    You are so right about posting photos of children... I have wondered a couple of times how "wrong" people could see even an innocent photo.

    Anyway, thanks for the note you wrote a while ago -- so very much appreciated.

    Of course, I would love to welcome you back to my blog. Currently, I even have two giveaways -- details are on the sidebar of my blog.

    Sunny greetings from Munich,

  4. You always have the most delicious photos for us to drool over. I LOVE that second bedroom. It is very close to a bloger's bedroom but can;t remember just WHO. :)

    Mr. Sweet was reading over my shoulder and said a big AMEN to your take on feeding the kids at school. It has always been such a sore spot with him....

  5. I'm sitting here with a heating pad on my back that is out of sorts today so it's a lousy day except for the bright spot of your blog. I always enjoy it from your views on life, your stories to your pink candy goodness. It is sad how parents are today - they just expect everyone else to raise their kids and provide for them. I'm certainly not happy if my tax dollars are feeding kids their daily meals. I don't care what their income level is there is no reason they can't feed their kids or they shouldn't have any. They are living high off the hog on food stamps too I bet. Oh, my gosh that sunroom with the palm trees and wall of windows is fantastic. I'm not surprised it belonged to a Hollywood producer.

  6. I love the bed that you posted. That says "Heather" all over it. When we were young (about 4th, 5th, and 6th grades) we had free lunches for a few years because my father left us. Since Mom was a displaced housewife (as they called it in those days) we did qualify because really, there wasn't any more money for food. Yes, we also had foodstamps. Mom got into a program at our community college that helped her get her associates degree and work as soon as possible. When she was working full time, we left the food stamp program and the free lunches. However, without them, we would not have been able to eat. Also, my mom never used the food stamps for ANYTHING other than food. You couldn't buy pop or alcohol or anything other than food when we were on the program. It is very hard to study in school when you are hungry and there were times we didn't tell mom (at the beginning before we went on the programs) that we were hungry because we didn't want to upset her. She was doing the best she could for us and I am thankful that there was the safety net of food stamps and free lunches for us. Sometimes, the lunches were our best meal of the day and near the end of the month, it could also have been the only meal of the day. I just wanted to let you know about our brief experience. Mom was a fighter and as soon as she could, we left the programs because she could take care of us herself.


  7. I like your saying at the end of your blog. I have been working on that too. I do find, that my husband, girls, are more attentive when I speak in a low monotone voice. The pink dress reminds me of my youngest daughter. She puts things together that I wouldn't even think of and looks gorgeous. My oldest is working on her style finally.
    I am so on the same page with you regarding meals in school for certain children. It just isn't right. And most of the time they throw most of it out! It infuriates me. Oh well, enough on that. Have a nice day. Paula
    Oh, and the beet thing, it's in their genes. I sent my husband to the store many years ago for Lipton chicken noodle soup. He came home empty handed, said they were out. Yeah, right....he still hasn't lived that one down (we laugh about it now!)

  8. TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!!! I am overwhelmed by absolute amazing cuteness!!! Where did you find all these sweet shots? LOVE them all!!! Made me smile! :D


  9. It is so easy to judge others, so I guess that is why we are told not to. I know as a President of Relief Society 3 times, that help offered only works when each individual is taken separately. And to stop the endless welfare needs, a change of heart must be achieved. Education and support are necessary. And yes some people do milk the system, but the ones that are trying with all their might deserve our help. Hope not to preachie.

  10. You are funny. A technical writer? I took one technical writing class, and phew! was glad to check that off my list ;). Guess there has to be someone out there willing to do it! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  11. I agree with you about the privacy...after all they are showing so much online it is crazy. I think the home with the glass wall is my favorite!!! I want to sit there and just relax for hours.

  12. So, so pretty....every single photograph. Thanks for inspiring me today.

  13. Let's all catch our breathe and go to tea! Would that be fun or what? I was shopping at the ARC this morning and found 4 pretty teacups and saucers. I love them! One from China, two from Japan and one from England! I LOVED getting such terrific bargains and helping the handicapped.
    I think life is so sad that we have to have summer breakfast and lucnh programs.
    I am withmy Sweets at his office. His day for Saturday mail! We saw so many homeless on the way over. I am unnerved by the amount of veterans littering the streets! It should not be that way! One day was in the middle of the sidewalk with his wheelchair and saw a bunch of runners come at him. He was struggling to move and we noticed he only had one leg! Had we not been in the middle lane of traffic we would have stopped to help! My heart breaks that our world is such a mess! Lets take care of America before we go trapsing around the world! Can't the world help itself too?


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