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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thinking of Classical Style Once Again

I hate to even utter the words but I'm going to admit something here: After seeing all these gorgeous classic and contemporary rooms, I've come to the realization that I miss that style. I've been thinking seriously of going with that style again, well, at least somewhat because there is no way I could change the entire house back. I love my pink walls so they would definitely stay but I might just put another cover on our bed and redo a few things in the family room to make it more classic. Just some thoughts going through my head at this point. Trust me, I have enough stuff that I could do it without much expense at all. Stuck in a closet or our garage attic are things that lend that style to this house. I might need another sofa or something but most of my furnishings would be in that style anyway.

This is my all time favorite room.
I love the style of this room. The sofa and the chairs are styles very similar to my living room.

And here is that dashing color pink, very much in contemporary style here.

In all my searching on the internet for photos, I've come across the most exquisite shop in the Netherlands called PiPStudio. If you are smart you'll run, not walk, to this darling shop. The prices are in Euros so you'll have to equate the prices to dollars, but they have the most awesome towels, stationery, kitchen items, sheets, etc. you have ever seen. If you google PIP towels, Macys comes up first but they don't have them. I checked. I think they're just rated higher in google standards. Go directly to PIP studio to see all their delights.

See, even this classic French sofa is pink.

Designers are using lots of bold colors in a lot of homes including pink again.

Love Bunny always plants more radishes than he can eat, so I'm gonna show him he can make radish wreaths with the extras. Okay, so they'll only last a short time, but they are still cute for that short time. ;-)

I'm not fond of this color but the room is lovely.

This is an example of PIP's stationery. Darling.

More bold color in rooms.

This is another one of Pip's towels.

And, yes, I love that chair exactly as it is. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

I like this room very much also.

This has given me an idea of what to do with a little table I have that the top isn't so pretty anymore.

While I'm not big on big spaces such as this, I'm showing you how leather can make a room look so good. I just love leather, but not a total room of it, just a chair or two would do me.

I'm not big on these draperies but I love the furniture in this room. I like simple draperies, elegant but simpler than this.


  1. I love the room with all those windows! that would be a dream to me! If only I could change the wall of my bedroom to windows! I do have 2 windows in the bedroom, but a whole wall of them would be ever so nice!


  2. As much as I love LOOKING at white rooms I couldn't live with it. I like colour and comfort and like you, I think one or two leather chairs is quite enough in a room.

    Thanks for sharing all these lovely rooms with us Connie.

  3. Thanks for the lovely photos, Connie. A change is sometimes welcome. People often change their mind about what sort of decor they like. Myself, I do like the shabby chic look but I don't like it too shabby, not even very shabby, really. Perhaps it's just the assortment of pastel colours that I like. I think I like romantic country best. It has a bit of everything in it.

  4. I love all of these rooms, but my very favorite is the cozy living room with the neutral walls and large floral painting over the sofa. So, so pretty!

  5. Hi Connie: I'm Connie at, a new GFC friend. I would love if you stop by and be mine, too. I just took your house tour, I love it all, but what really stood out was (of course your awesome computer room) that window seat. I love it. You did it up nicely. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I too am a lover of classical decor. It just stands the test of time versus fad after fad.

    Thank you for introducing me to PIP towels. They are indeed lovely.

    I so appreciate you linking up have a blessed weekend!

  7. I loved all the images! Thanks for sharing.PS I got here via DECOR to ADORE.Karen

  8. Hi Connie..

    thanks for visiting me..
    love love love the room with all the pale grey seating and the basket of shells on the coffee table.

    I'd move right in it and not change a thing.. well at least for a month anyway:):)

  9. Connie,
    I am popping over from the Friday's Favorite Pin Party. I tend to stay away from trends and decorate by surrounding myself with things that I find beauty in or serve a purpose. Traditional is a classic look that has withstood the test of time. I love the rooms you featured and could curl up comfortably with a good book in any one of them!


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