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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Girl Time and Looking for the Perfect Toilet

Love Bunny, better known as Mr. LB—Living Beautifully—was out of town recently. I missed him terribly that week, but I got a lot done in my house and craft room. He went to a train convention over in Oregon and called me twice a day (when he remembered!), but I could tell he was having the time of his life. Can we say "kid in a candy store" here? Yep, that's him.

Anyway, I went out to lunch with a friend. My friends are all younger than me but this one was younger by 30 years. And we had a great time! We think alike on just about everything. I tell her what to expect in old age and she tells me how the kids are doing. LOL We really mesh quite well.

Anyway, we went to Sizzler for salad bar lunch as she and I are both trying to lose weight. She's doing well; I'm a Weight Watchers drop-out! We sat for 2 hours and then the waitress says she's going on a break. I'm guessing that was a hint for a tip right away. We didn't fall for that.

I had a full schedule planned for that day before and after lunch. Before lunch was a few things at WM. After lunch was a search for a toilet.

I went to Lowe's and wasn't too thrilled with their selection so went to Home Depot (one of my favorite stores) and asked for a one-piece toilet that could flush golf balls. I found one that could flush 24 golf balls and had an EverClean surface (My kinda toilet, I tell ya!) but it was a 2 piece. Okay, I can live with that if it doesn't leak. When hubs called that night, I told him about the new toilet he's buying and the price. He was fine with that. He'd better be because we're getting it. I'm tired of builder's standard grade toilets and ugly plungers behind the toilet in that bathroom. If I could afford one that washed off my backside, lifted and closed the lid, lighted up at night, took out the smell and did all the other stuff, I'd get one but they're several hundreds of dollars and that just won't fly with th' hubs! Sigh...

Is this a pantry or is this a pantry?!

What a sweet chandelier-type hanging. You know, of course, I want one.

Oh. My. Gosh. This is stunning but I know absolutely I could never bathe outdoors. What if a boat was out there? Yikes.

Beautiful. Looks like a corrugated roof so must be in the warm climate, but it is stunning.

Grey is my favorite neutral color right after white. I do like this setting and that Chesterfield sofa.

Squeeeeeal!!!! Isn’t this adorable? It has my name on it—almost. My name isn’t Constance but Connie, but that’s close enough for me. I’d love this to camp in if I have to camp!

Sigh, sigh and sigh again. A perfect spot in my opinion.

I found this photo and just thought the little ottoman was unusual and you’d like to see it.

Glitz and Glam.

See what you can do to jazz up some ugly stairs. That’s a yellow I like.

I also love this little ottoman.

Can you believe that chandelier?! I’d never have thought of that. Lovely though.

Proving to you once again that your laundry room can be a place you’d like to be with just a coat of paint even.

Cute and sassy!!

This looks huge so it can’t be real but it’s gorgeous. I wonder how many petals it took to make it.

I’d love to know where you can buy something like this. How gorgeous is this?

Someone’s sweet retreat.

Find an old Mason jar, wrap it in lace, decorate the opening and attach a flower and some ribbon. Instant gorgeous!!!

Did you know chocolate makes your throat feel better? Yes, it does. Especially the Milky Way Caramel bar. True! I eat one about 2 times a week and my throat never hurts. Truly.  ;-) I think I should inform the American Medical Association of this miracle cure, don't you?


  1. Hey Connie! I think all women deserve self-cleaning tolit. Especially since men seem to think the job is beneath them and it's relegated to us. Great photos to inspire us all. I pinned that same laundry room. Thank you Dr. for the chocolate tip. Not that I've ever needed an excuse but I'm ready now.

    Hope everythings great on your side of the world.
    Hugs… Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  2. Wow...Beautiful and super-inspiring...what a stunning post! I want that pantry..fabulous..and that little charming ottoman stole my heart too!

  3. Glad you had fun while hubby was away. But really, toilet shopping? I'd make him do that and you and I would hit a few more interesting shoppes!! :0)

    BTW, I just KNOW you could make that sweet floral and pearl drop hanging piece! And I just might be tempted to bathe outdoors if it was that beautiful.

    I'm gearing up for my Wedding Blog Party, so ya better be thinking of what to share......

    Love and Miss you!


  4. Hi Connie! That little ottoman stole my heart. I adore that grey sofa. I'm just like you. After white, grey is my favourite neutral colour and I also wear it well. I always think I should get more grey clothes.

  5. Hi Connie!

    I simply love the pictures you posted! The pantry was simply wonderful! My pantry is actually in the utility room where the washer and dryer and big freezer are. I love the ottmans too. I have a nice one that is in the living room. My favorite place is to sit in my chair and put my feet up and take a brief nap! I love that chair and the ottman. I love the bathtub picture too, but I would be afraid to bathe in it too incase there were boats out there.



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