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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Day In The Life Of....3/24/2010

First of all, some eye candy for ya because it ain't purdy after this, chicks! Still experimenting with paper roses.


Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes as you've planned? Ooooops, sorry, I know that's a silly question, but this was one of those days and when it happens it just feels like you're the "first and only" woman in the universe to have experienced it. I know, I know, it happens all the time to moms. I said I was sorry! Oh well. So a scheduled trip to the chiropractor for a monthly adjustment turned into a day spent out and about and not home doing the things I wanted: changing sheets and crafting.

Since we were right next to a new optometrist and optical shop new to the 'hood, Love Bunny and I decided to stop in and get new glasses. A new exam was in order since it had been a 12 to 18 months since our last exam and glasses. This total today cost us $475.00 total for both of us. Do you see little dollars flying out of my debit card at this point?

Luckily I had my new camera along to photograph this happy event for posterity. ;-) The first photo shows the "retro" tray I was interested in.

This is the pair I selected. Look at my photo on the "About Me" page and you'll see me sporting almost the same glasses about 40 years ago. I loved those glasses and things cycle around every 30 or 40 years, so what the heck. I'll model them soon.

This is the pair Love Bunny decided on with a little nudging and much flattery from me. He looks darling in them. Not so old-manish.

Now, we all know how thrilled LB gets when I drag th' cam along to record for posterity my daily activities. Bleeeech is pretty much his attitude. See the darling man smiling for me below. Uh huh. Yeah, ya got it, chicks. It took a lot of coercing just to get that good a picture of him. Actually, I think he was trying his best to ignore me after chucking him under the chin. I promised I'd crop his "waddles" out of the pictuuuuure....DUH! Isn't he caaaauuuute, chicks???? :-) And he's all mine, at least he was before I started the picture taking. We'll see later if he forgives me, but he knows how I am with my camera. Sigh.....

This is Love Bunny "smiling." Can ya see th' smile? Trust me, it's the best he could muster up for me. I think murder actually came to his mind during this excursion.

Aha, there it is: the smirk. He's warming up. These are the new glasses. Rounder and most in fashion.

And another smirk that turned into a smile. Yep! He's back in his good mood.

Now, not to be done embarrassing him, I proceeded to take photos around EyeMart to his further mortification. Aren't these little eyeglass cases adorable? How could I NOT photograph them, hmmmmm?! Fuchsia polka dots! Whooooooa. Darling.


Black and white polka dots. Perfect fashion accessory for spring.

Yellow retro.

Soooooo 1960s lime green retro. Gag me with a spoon.

Orange and black retro for that halloween look. Gag....... But cute!

And it was all I could do to not buy this little red eyeglass caddy. Squeeeeeeeeal!! But I figured I'd done enough damage to our bank account for one day and LB wasn't looking too lovingly at me by this time. I think I embarrassed him. Nuuuuuuu, couldn't be.

Here is the optician tech that helped us. AND LB actually invited her to go to lunch with us at Olive Garden which was just a short walk from there. I'd have certainly welcomed her to go along but she refused. I think I'll go knee-cap him for sure tonight.

Okay, I finally took a shower and got this picture of the new glasses. Ain't I caaauuuute?!?! *Wink* and *Grin*!! And if you think getting a flattering photo up close like this is easy, guess again. *Sigh*.....
Either I need to brush my hair again or I need a haircut. Sheeeeesh....

Okay, this is even better when I took it as I was getting ready for church another day. Full blown closeup with all the wrinkles showing. These glasses are almost like the ones on the 40 yr. old photo on my profile page. Maaaaaan, have I changed or what!!


  1. What an adventure you make of life, all that just to get glasses.
    I had to laugh at your sweet love bunny, he is probly embarassed enuf by the LB. Just tell it could be LH (love handles). Yuk/Yuk
    It's so good that he is so good to ya and indulges your Ummmm..
    quirkiness might be a good word.ha
    Oh, and your roses are very pretty.
    Gotta love roses...

  2. love the new glasses..but not the price tag..I need to get in and get mine done are one hot mama,,,er I mean have great hair too..and I saw no wrinkles.:)

  3. Love the new glasses and I must say your husband is just adorable.

  4. You do make me laugh! your husband has exactly the same long suffering expression as mine when asked to sit still for a photo!

  5. Hi, Connie! One of my favorite bloggers! First of all, love the pics of your hubby - so funny that you finally got him to smile and laugh! Also, you are such a nice person that I did a little "investigating" for you... I looked on ebay (I LOVE ebay!) and guess what I think I found? Your little red eyeglass holder you wanted to buy, but didn't! I wonder how much the eyeglass place wanted for it? Well, check out this link and see if it is cheaper for you here! Good luck!
    (cut and paste it into your browser)
    Best regards,

  6. Love your new glasses! What a sweetie you're married to. Have a great day!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  7. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Girl I love the new glasses. Are they cute or what? They really do look like your older pair, but I sure do love them on you. They look so pretty. Great color too.

    I don't think Love Bunny likes getting his picture taken in public, did you notice he wasn't looking directly at you in some of those pictures sweetie? Please tell him that I agree with you, his new glasses look very nice, and that you made the perfect choice for him.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. Thanks for taking my on your eye glass outing. It wasn't that fun the day I got my new eyeglasses.

    Love the roses you made also. Great job sweetie.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  8. Ooooooooo, me love the new glasses.

    I especially love the pink lipstick you are tell, what shade/brand is it? Lurve it!


  9. Eeeeeeeeek! I forgot one thing...your husband is such a cutie!!


  10. Hi Connie,
    The new specks look wonderful darling!!!.
    I need to have mine adjusted they are leaving indentations on the bridge of my nose, not to pretty!
    Take care and have a wonderful day,
    P.S. Yes we do commute to the bay area. Menlo Park for me.

  11. OH My GOODNESS you have such beautiful skin!! I love your hair also. I'm 48 and just starting to get some gray, but for now I'm thinking about letting it take it's course. For now are the key words my mind may change anyday.

  12. Hi, Connie,
    Your love bunny is a cutie and a sweetie too, I can tell. I do like his new glasses very much. You look cute in yours, too. Buying new glasses is one of my least favorite things to do, but you trip to the optometrist made it seem a lot more fun. I hope you are having a great week, my friend! Vicki

  13. Forgot to mention, Love your new glasses and yes things do come back every 20 to 30 years, because the A line dress is back.

  14. Connie,I just love reading your blog and it always sounds like you make a bad thing into good. I adore the paper roses. We made those in high school to decorate our floats for Homecoming. I think we may do it for the float our high school class will ride in for the Rice Festival. Guess we better use tissue paper instead of crepe paper---just in case in rains. I think we will need about 1000. Guess I better get a flower party going. Hugs, Pat

  15. Actually, Connie ... you look better now than you did 30 or 40 years ago ... you are gorgeous! Don't blush! The glasses are perfect.

    LBs look pretty snappy on him ... love those 'shy' glances you get.

    I posted your giveaway gift on my blog today. Again THANK YOU for that beautiful tassel.

    Happy Easter!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Marydon

  16. Dear Connie, please forgive me for not visiting very much these past two weeks. I have been on a break and now in Florida. I have sooo not had time for my computer.

    I am so glad I picked today to say hello and a look see on your blog. I have laughed and smiled the whole time I read your post and viewed your photos. I do love your sense of humor. My hubby is sooo like yours. Would it kill him to crack a smile. HA! Love the glasses choices and your glass case photos. I think you look fabulous darling!!!

    I too am getting new glasses and I am giving up the narrow glasses look. I want a new look. My puppy chewed the heck out of mine and I am tired of the discomfort of wearing them now. It has been two years so it is 'time.'

    I will be back home in NC on Monday. I hope spring has sprung by then. Smile!
    Hugs, Jeanne

    PS; I love your paper roses.

  17. Ahhh.... What a cute little Love Bunny.. :-)

    I hate picking out new specs. I have to have a second opinion. I bought two pair last year. I've never had a couple pairs to switch off before. And, I STILL feel guilty. Love yours and Love Bunny looks pretty darn good in his too.

    Adored the glass cases!


  18. Oh Connie,
    I am a bit weepy myself after reading the two posts you linked me too. I am so sorry that your sweet daughter had to watch her love that heart aches for her and her Bill. All I know is that God is in control and all things happen for His glory.

    I have found that in hardships we are strengthened, and your stories prove such truths. Oh the trials we all have experienced!

    I am so sorry your son was brutally beaten- oh that makes me so angry, as he was just being an honorable man. I also am sorry that a reader took out of context the race issue, but we live in PC times now. I will parse your race definition down one step more if you will allow me...we are all man...if we peel back the skin we are all the same underneath. Same as cows to be so blunt. I mean we don't look at a cow and say that is a African American Black Angus do we? Or Look at the horns on that Mexican American Texas Longhorn!! lol how silly would that be? As God says in Genesis-kinds man is a kind with variables and diversity, but we are man none the less!! in laws are LDS and this is an article link about my husband's cousin Jose who was killed while serving a mission in Russia

    Have a blessed weekend:


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