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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Dreaming 2/2/2012

Once again it's Pink Saturday so go on over to Beverly's blog and see all the other participants and their pink stuff.

I did promise you photos, didn't I?

This is my daughter's hand and her new engagement ring. While it may look like she was rolled in Doritos making it look like a fake tan, I can assure you she is not. She lives in California and is an avid gardener and it was taken with her iPhone, which does not give the best photos.

Anyway, if you read this blog, you know she's been widowed for almost 2 years now. She met a nice man online about 6 or 8 months ago and they're getting married. It's a pink diamond and very gorgeous. She's like me in that she likes pink also.

This is a photo of another blogger who lives in North Dakota and is married to a farmer. When I saw her wedding gown I gasped. While she is a cutie, that is absolutely the most stunning gown I've ever seen. It is also very modest. See, you don't have to show most of your body to be stunning. But I won't go on and on about modesty.

Can you imagine a ruffled cake for your wedding? Isn't this adorable?

I think I'm doing to immediately decoupage a few wooden hangers I have. These are so cute!

Now this is a message board! I doubt that even I could fill my messages boards this elegantly and I'm very good at it.

This wreath could hang anywhere in my house all year long. It's not Christmas-y, just girly.

This is a wreath I made and it does hang on my red front door.

Oooooooh, how cute this is. I am definitely going to have a luncheon of that chicken salad on croissants soon for a few friends.

I only wish I could do this on our patio, but it is much too small. However...some evening this spring I'm going to plan a picnic for hubs and me as a surprise and try to replicate this scene.



  1. Hey Connie! It looks like your excited about a new wedding in the works. I know how happy you are for your daughter. That's wonderful news. Her ring is gorgeous.

    Big hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute ♥

  2. Congratulations to your daughter, Connie. It is lovely that she has found happiness again...and what a beautiful ring1

  3. What beautiful "eye-candy" today!!
    Your daughter's ring is gorgeous. I am happy for her she has met someone nice to share her life with. I too was a widow who met a nice man and we have been married thirteen years now!
    The wedding gown was indeed lovely..
    that train was wonderful! And the bride is very pretty, too! The wedding cake was an "over-the-top" beuty!! What a great idea to make it with all the ruffles....very chic..
    The outdoor patio scenes are so pretty. I agree, wouldn't it be a great place for a picnic with hubbs!! And an escape spot to lie and read or nap and dream!!???
    Thanks for sharing these today...
    Hope your day is a happy one!!
    Hugs, Francy (Yasmin)

  4. Congrats to your daughter on her new love & awesome ring. May she be blessed with many years of sweet love & happiness, Connie.

    Have a gorgeous day~
    TTFN ~

  5. Awesome pink ring! My daughter received her engagement ring at is in the air :)
    I put up the pink bird house that I won from you and will "show" it off soon as it's in my new craft room!

  6. Hi Connie, your post today is lovely from start to finish. I am thrilled for your daughter. Her ring is stunning. I am so happy she has found a new love. Blessings to them both.

    My sister was widowed and found a wonderful guy on the internet. They have been together for over five years now. He is a blessing to all of us but especially for my sister.

    The wedding gown is stunning and so is the girl. A beautiful share for the month of love. Beautiful flowers in the photo as well.

    I hope all is well with you and yours my friend.
    Hugs, Janne

  7. congratulations to your daughter! How beautiful! the ring is simply gorgeous! I love the wedding dress. What a beautiful train! that was so awesome! I also would love the cake.


  8. Your daughter's ring is beautiful. :)

    I still love my's my husbands glasses I can do without! haha the time...they were in..not so much anymore. ;)


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