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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Sweet Story and Pretty Plates

I found these plates the other day and just hung them. I'll post pictures of where they are later, but aren't they cute?? I adore each one - roses and chocolate.....just doesn't get any better than that!!


I had a doctor's appointment the other day to chat with my doctor and get refills for my prescriptions and just general chit chat to see how I am doing. I love my doctor. She's not only a beauty but she listens to me! Anyway, I had the blood work done early and went back after running some errands before the appointment.

When I got there a lady and man were checking in with the receptionist. (I'm trying my best to get through this without tears running down my face......and not succeeding very well, chicks! I haven't even told hubby this story because I'll lose it the minute I start telling it to him.)

Anyway, they looked to be about our age or maybe even a tad younger and he was a very handsome man. He stood with the aid of 2 crutches, the kind you put your lower arm through. He was dressed nicely, tall and distinguished - almost regal-bearing - and didn't utter a word the whole time. I noticed he shook a bit. She was conducting the sign-in for him and she was holding a very thick foam square pillow of about 10 or 12 inches. I wondered about it but when they were through registering they went to sit down. I signed in with the receptionist and watched them. She gently placed the pillow on a chair and helped him sit down. This took longer than it would for most people to sit.

I didn't want to stare but they were sitting to my right across from me and I couldn't help but notice the way she took his hand and held it. It was all I could do to not break down right then and there. I don't think anything touched me any deeper than that moment. It was so touching to watch her take care of her sweetheart. She held his hand and each finger while she gently massaged each one lovingly. Even now - 12 hours later - I can feel that love that knows no end of two people who just try to make it through life helping each other.

Marriage for me is for eternity and I hope and pray I'll have the patience and love that woman had today. I can't even put to words how beautiful that was. I think I was put there at that time to witness it to make me see the gift my hubby is to me.

It also makes me wonder where commitment is today in marriages. I see people get married and divorced so rapidly it's almost like "drive-thru" marriages and divorces. Hubs and I have stuck out many rough times but today marriages are just something they want to do until something "better" comes along or the "going gets rough." Then it's thrown out the back door. I feel truly sad for those people.

I knew a woman a few years back who had MS and her hubby left her when she got it. Just couldn't take it after being married for many years and having children. Just boggles my mind to see sacred covenants trashed so easily. I think he'll have to answer for his action some day.

But for me it transcends death even. I'll be with my sweetheart forever and while here on this earth I hope I have the courage and love that lady showed to me today by her actions toward her sweet husband. I weep for her but I doubt she feels it's any sacrifice at all. I pray I feel like that if I'm put in that position at some point in time. Hubby has told me he'll take care of me no matter what.

There may come a time when one of us is incapacitated and won't even know the other is there taking care of the other one, but the one doing the "care taking" will know and that's all that matters.


  1. Oh Connie, that is a sweet and sad story. That man is lucky to have such a good and caring wife.
    I can't believe that other man would leave his poor wife when she needed him the most. That is truly heartbreaking.


  2. Connie, As I read your post, I wiped tears from my eyes. Reading about the lady and her husband warmed my heart. I could almost feel the love that they have for each other. I'm sure that there are bad times in each marriage. However, if couples cling together and stick it out, they would be closer for the bad times. I was in high school when Johnny and I fell in love and started going together. I was a mere 17 when we got married. We did have bad times. I think that going through those times together made our love grow. We were married for 46 years when he left this Earth. Marriage does transcend death. Love is eternal.
    With love,

  3. What a lovely moment, how good to see that depth of caring.

  4. Connie,
    Yes my eyes are leaking. I can related to this story on a very personal level.I'm a nurse I've seen some great acts of LOVE and some not so great. My mom passed away when I was 19, the same year she passed my dad was diagnosed with MS. He remarried my stepmom is a nurse she has taken such great care of my dad. He's 70 and his health is slipping, lots of care but, his wife does it ALL. She is part of way he has stayed here with us for so long.
    Well the eye are still leaking now, well really more like a waterfalls...

  5. What beautiful plates & what a sweet story...true love endures!

  6. Love the plates and the story!

    My dh Tom, took care of his wife, she lived the last few months of her life with cancer. He took care of her through everything. He had NO help at all and she was almost totally incapacitated the last month...all that time staying in their home together. She died peacefully, with him right next to her, one quiet, sunny, Saturday morning.


  7. What a beautiful post, Connie. To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth! My mom took care of my dad right until the end and it was hard and treacherous, but she never wavered as she always loved him so. It is a truly beautiful thing and anyone with that kind of love is very blessed.

  8. You didn't have a tissue warning for that post! How sweet and lovely and I ain't talk'n about the plates. Though chocolate would make me feel better after a touching story like that.

    My moms good friend, I have known her for as long as I've walked the Earth, has MS. She's in the final stages right now. Her hubby, as far as I have seen, has not treated her with all the care and kindness he should. My mom visits a lot, does errands, fixes her hair. You can tell how strong their friendship is. Sometimes it really upsets my mom, her friend is still the same in her mind, just her body doesn't work and its hard to watch her go through it.

    Anyway... I need that tissue!


  9. Thank you so much for sharing this story of love and devotion ... it's what life is all about after all.

  10. What a wonderful post that needs no additional comment, you said it all!
    Roberta Anne

  11. Connie, I do the same thing when I witness a sight of beauty, weep. I have been married 40yrs. and my husband has diabetes and failing eyesight, and horrible arthritis. I am having a blast taking care of him, cooking and spending valuable time to be with him. We go everywhere together. I cannot imagine life without him.
    great post.

  12. Such a sweet glimpse of their love. I hope I will have the strength to love that much.


  13. Connie this was a very sad and touching story....Thank you for sharing it with us... Love ya


  14. now I can't wait to give my hubs a hug when he comes home tonight..that was a sweet story..thanks for sharing...:)

  15. What a precious story Connie.Thmk you...Ann

  16. Connie,

    What a beautiful story. I can relate to that couple in many ways. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of how blessed I am.

    love ya

  17. Thank you for sharing this beautiful love story.
    I certainly enjoyed my visit here and will be back.

  18. Sweet post, dear Connie.

    I left an award for you on my blog post today!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  19. Oh Connie that is so sweet! It makes you wonder what there life has been like up until now.
    Your story certainnly made me tear up!!

  20. Connie, I share your sentiments. A very touching story - thanks for sharing it.

  21. Connie when Tony walks in the door tonight I'm going to try and remember your beautiful post!
    Like so many others we've had our rough patches, it's part of the process. It's very sad to see families break up over sometimes trivial little incidents.

    Thankyou Connie for a wonderful, thoughtful post

  22. What a beautiful picture of true love that is!

    I know of a woman who left her husband when he was diagnosed with MS, too. My heart broke for both of them. For him, for having the one person in his life he thought would care for him and love him through it, and for her for not being able to bear it. I thought at the time that she was cold hearted, but now I realize that she was just a very unhappy person.

    I'm glad that we get to have glimpses of what true love is all about, every now and then! Thank you for sharing this story!

    Have a lovely day!
    Margie :)

  23. Connie, reading this story reminds me of my hubby and brought tears to my eyes. I am one of those fortunate women whose vows are strong and I might have to copy and tell my story. My cousin has MS and her husband did the same thing. How sad that people just have a wedding, but not a marriage. This is truly a beautiful story of love. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Pat

  24. I wish I could say that my marriage was still intact; however, there are times when your hubby buys himself a Corvette, gets a girlfriend and then calls you on the phone, yes, the phone, to tell you that he isn't coming home anymore and that he wants a divorce. That was a long, long time ago and I have remained single to this day.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop by to tell you I'm still interested in the camper and to invite you over to my blog to see my newest and sweetest creation! (And, to show you that I am a good "stuff" mommy and will take very good care of my camper when I get it!)

  25. Ohhh Connie... What a sad, yet beautiful post... God bless that sweet couple you saw... I agree with you about many marriages today... it's a shame, isn't it? In 2003, at the age of 45, I was diagnosed with several diseases 'n disorders after many years of not feeling well... As the years went by, more illnesses came upon me. I depend on my dear husband for soooo many things that I used to be able to do for myself... shower, dress, walk, shop, cook, etc. He never complains, and each day he tells me that I'm beautiful and that he loves me. Not a day passes that I do not say to him, "Thank you, and I love you." Of course, I thank God, daily, for allowing me to be married to this amazing man. Certainly I wish things were different, but we deal with what is before us with as much love and respect as possible. I am so glad you reminded all of us of the the truth, value, and importance of marriage vows. I am so thankful that God allowed you to witness that precious, loving couple, too. May we all be mindful of the many blessings, large 'n small, that have been given to us... God bless...

    ~hugs 'n prayers~


  26. Hi Connie, what a sweet story. I always notice when people care so much for each other like this. Working with the public you saw sweet and sad. I loved to see the sweetness in people. I heard a cute story on the Fox news similar to yours. He was on an airplane, they had a problem with the plane and feared it crashing and this older couple sitting across from him just held hands and started into each others eyes, not for one second leaving each other until the danger passed. He cried when he told the story. Just so touching!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Love you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  27. Such a sweet and touching post. I wish it could be required reading for those who look for the easy way out when the going gets rough!



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