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Sunday, January 25, 2009

China Cabinet Has a New Look

I finally got around to papering the inside of my china cabinet recently. I've been wanting to do it for some time now but other things keep cropping up. You wouldn't understand that now, would you???? Hmmm???? *Smile*

Anyway, Love Bunny told me if I ever used Mod Podge again on something and then asked him to "get it off" - meaning to sand it off - he was absolutely NOT going to do it. Sigh....... So I had to use regular ol' Tacky Glue to hold the paper up. Men!! Well, it seems to be holding up just fine and I bought about 25 sheets of it and only used about 11 or 12 of them. I plan on papering a little shelf in this office/computer room also. I find this the easiest way to do it while preserving my marriage.

The paper is PINK and a roses kind of swirly design. I didn't want to go overboard with the roses, ya know! LOL


  1. I really like it, Connie.
    MEN indeed, lol

  2. Nice Connie! I bought Mod Podge for the first time today, I am so excited! Its the little things that count! Rachaelxo

  3. Ummm, I love the pink in your china cabinet...I agree that too many roses would have kept your pretties from popping. It looks great!!

  4. It looks gorgeous to me, Connie! You did a wonderful job!!!


  5. Good Morning Connie... Wow that looks just beautiful... I had to laugh a little because it looks like it matches your blog background... How beautiful... Have a blessed Sunday


  6. It looks great! You've inspired me to paper my antique cupboard...someday.

  7. Looks great Connie as do all your pretty dishes!!

  8. Come on Connie, GO OVERBOARD with the Roses, Love Bunny won't mind! lol

    xo Cath

  9. to many roses...too much there such a thing Connie ???? Nah......come on girl don't lose your edge....
    I just bought a china cabinet off of Craig's is oak....needs to be soon as this lady is feeling better...had to miss church due to this cough..hacking like I have endless Fur-balls....aaaARGH...your cabinet is BEE-u-tiful...come on over and help me with mine...LOL...

  10. Great job, Ms. Connie - great job!!

  11. Ohhhh lala connie! LOVE it!!!!!
    You did a awesome job sweets!

  12. Connie, that is really pretty. Wish I had the energy, because you sure gave me inspiration to pink things up! Hugs, Pat

  13. Hi, Connie~~~ Came by to visit for the first time~~~ and how delightful this all is~~~~ Such PRETTY PINKS~~~ I love it all!!! THANK YOU!, Linda

  14. Happy Pink weekend!!!
    Sorry I am late to visit...Lovely cabinet;0)

    Have a wonderful day.


  15. Looks lovely, Connieness!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  16. Connie:
    It looks great. Where do you find the pretty lace trims?
    Have a great Sunday,
    Roberta Anne

  17. It looks really elegant Connie. Great job! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  18. So lovely!!! I think you made a wonderful choice with the paper! It's so soft and pretty and really makes your lovely things stand out!!


  19. you could also use liquid starch and goes on just like wall paper and you can change it out anytime you want to with out sanding etc...and you can just throw that fabric in the wash and it is as good as did a great job and I love your china...:)

  20. I like the look that pink paper gives your cabinet. I never thought about papering the inside of a piece of furniture. Good idea!

  21. Hey Connie; Love love love the pink paper in your cabinet. What a huge difference it makes. Great job.


  22. Connie - I think that it looks really nice. I remember years ago my Mother papered the inside of her China cabinet. It was really "in" then. As nice as yours looks, it will probably be "in" again.

  23. Connie,
    Ths was a great PS post! It looks like putting the paper in the back wasn't the easiest arms would be aching!! But the background certainly makes your pretty things stand out! :-)

    I have been seeing your comments in a lot of my favorite blogs and now I know you have a great blog yourself! I will visit again!!


  24. conniee huneybun! very nice! pretty! and you make me want to redo mine! xo

  25. Hi Connie,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    I love when you came to visit me, as you are always in such good spirits.
    By the way I love your china cabinet!
    I too added some lace to mine... I think it adds such a pretty touch!
    Hope to speak to you again soon!
    Much Love,
    Debbie Moss


  26. I love the cream color lace! Complaints about Mod Podge, really? Has he ever used the amazing stuff with on any of his trains? Just think of the things you could put on a locomotive engine!


  27. Hi Connie, I really like your cabinet, it looks so neat and orderly. I like the pink background, it looks so feminine. I was wondering about the lace, is it fabric or paper? Very pretty!

  28. Your china cabinet came out beautiful! I love the way the paper looks. Very nice job!

    You're so funny with the story about hubs refusing the get rid of modge podged stuff. The things they do for us - and we for them!!

  29. Very pretty. I found some scrap book paper I want to use in my china cabinet but I think I'm just going to shove it in there and let the shelves hold it up. I have commitment issues. I am inspired now, Pam

  30. Connie

    It turned out beautiful. Gotta love Mod Podge.


  31. It looks fantastic! Good job girl!

    xox Sharon

  32. Love it!! I may try this once mine is out of storage.

  33. Hi Connie,

    Nice job! I can't believe we have the same china pattern...Old Country Roses!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  34. Connie what a fabulous make over.
    It looks so pretty

  35. Connie its just beautiful.A job well done.Hugs Marie Antionette

  36. WOW! That is so pretty! Great job.
    The things we do to make our husbands happy!
    Have a wonderful day,

  37. Hi Connie,
    Looks great and I love the added shelf lace. Always love the details. The pink is soft and pretty too.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

  38. Ooooh! Perfectly lovely! I think we have that clock in our front entryway...

    Thanks so much for sending me an email today about my post. I was sooooo fired up and still have much to blog I just might start a separate blog about the things swirling around in my head! :0)


  39. Looks really makes your china look great too...


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