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Saturday, February 2, 2008

My New "PINK"!!

Okay, I've been teasing my PRH sisters for 2 days now telling them I'm making something "pink" and will post it. This is it! Noooo, it's not a bathrobe. It's a coat.....a pink fleece wrap coat! I have 2 others I've made through the years and love the ease of making this coat. I've gone around the edges with a "trapunto" type stitch and then "pinked" it. Not a single thing is done by hand. Well, except for cutting it out. But it is "pinked" around the whole thing. The sleeves, the hem, the lapel - everything! So easy to make and it keeps me super warm when wearing them. But this one isn't the blue or gray from previous years; it's pink fleece with roses on the big pockets. (I think the store clerks are weary when they see me coming because it looks like a "shoplifter's" coat! Hah. But I downsized these pockets from the other coats and think I like it better. I could get a six pack of Pepsi in the other pockets!


  1. Oh so nice Connie! Very toasty warm looking AND shabby pink! Katie

  2. That is beautiful Connie. I love the pockets, so cute and the color is beautiful! My favorite. And what I love most is how comfy it looks!! Great job!

    Love ya,

  3. Oh Connie! I love this coat. Looks comfy and warm, too. My favorite sweatshirt has "pinked" hems. This one doesn't look like a shoplifter's coat!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  4. Cute !!! Very warm and Pink !!! Great job Missy !!

  5. Connie, you are such an excellent seamstress. I had a pink spring coat and it was ruined in the dryer. My dryer left a big burn mark on it, :( Your's looks cuddley.

  6. I Love Pink, What a Pretty Coat and I Love The Rose Accents too.. Gorgous :)


  7. Hi Connie, that is so pretty. I love the feel of fleece. I would love a sweatsuit made of fleece! This is so sweet in pink! Love it, thank you for posting it for us to see!
    Shirl, Shirls Rose Cottage

  8. It looks like a fuzzy wuzzy cuddly comfy coat for sure! And of course PINK!!! YEAH!!! It will keep ya nice and warm!

    Love ya..Lorena

  9. Connie your coat is so pretty. I love fleece myself. I wouldn't mind a pink coat again. I love the little embellishments on it so pretty.

  10. Connie, what a gorgeous pink coat. So warm, cozy and shabby pink! You are a very talented sewer girl!!Love it.
    La Rea Rose

  11. Love this coat, Connie. Now you need to take a pic of yourself wearing it and post it for us!


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