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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Book Tea Party

Several years ago I had a book themed tea party. I served some coconut shrimp and cooked cucumbers and scallions in a cream sauce. The ladies were astounded as it was a great surprise to them. The picture above reminds me of that day.

I had to invite them with something less than the truth because they weren't into afternoon teas, but they came. And boy were they surprised. I had the menu all written out for them in french on little menu cards at each place setting. There were the requisite place cards and lovely china, shiny and sparkling silverware, gorgeous stem ware because it really wasn't really a tea but more a luncheon with sparkling beverages.

The theme was books and I have old pages torn out of old but not valuable books put down as their place mats. They there were stacks of book all over the table. I had lemons in a bowl for a centerpiece on my finest white linen tablecloth. It was spring I believe. They had pencils and note paper to write down their observations, feelings or just about anything they wanted. I had old eyeglasses strewn about the table. We had candles on the table but I had a glorious huge chandelier in that house. It was delightful.

But the most fun part was watching these women experienceing something they'd never experienced before. Most were middle aged and some were younger women who had never attended anything like this in the small town we lived in at that time. We'd moved there from a very large city and it was enlightening to see how small towns lived. Actually, it was a real eye opener. But I decided to do this for them to have the experience. I believe they loved it. I know I did! I didn't eat with them. Jack and I waited on them just like a maitre d' in a fine restaurant. They were astounded when they left my house and I was lifted up because of what I gave them that day - a luncheon they'll probably never forget. I know I won't. I loved it and them!


  1. Connie, that sounds like it was so elegant and sweet. I bet those ladies walked away from this experience with a song in there heart and something they will never ever forget. What a wonderful person you are.

  2. How special this was for your friends! How sweet of you to provide them with such an experience! Too bad you don't have pics. Great ideas you had! Love, Esther

  3. Connie, what a wonderful luncheon. I would have loved to be a guest. Is that a pillow like my new apron I see on the sidebar? Oh my gosh, it could be trouble! LOL

    La Rea Rose


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