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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Favorite Rooms #3

These are some more of my favorite rooms. I think you'll agree they are pretty, comfortable (without the overstuffed reclining sofas you see in so many homes).

This isn't very colorful but it's still a gorgeous room in the Northeastern-style of antiques and early American colors. But the room is comfortable with a sofa and enough comfortable chairs for good conversation and not centered around a television.

In fact, notice that most beautiful and cozy living rooms are not centered around media; they're arranged for comfortable times with friends and talking. (Understand I have an attitude about this; family and friends should spend time talking, not texting or watching television so much they're brain dead to conversation.)

This is one of my all-time favorite rooms also. I love the white sofa, the drapes on a rod separating the room from the dining room in a beautiful way and that large pillow on the sofa has definitely won my heart.

Charles Faudree is the designer of this room. It's one of his more simple rooms. I haven't yet found a room of his I haven't liked, some more than others, but he is one fantastic designer of French style.

Mario Buatta designed this room. I love his light and cheery style with the kind of fabrics I love also. This is a very pretty room sort of the Traditional style loved in the Eastern part of our country or even England. I especially love this use of colors.

Another Charles Faudree room. He's very famous for doing French decor almost exclusively. I haven't found any rooms of his I didn't think I'd love to have.

Another Anthony Baratta room. He has such clean, crispy colors and rooms. I think he decorates more for women as does Charles Faudree. I love this room with so many seating areas and the living florals with green walls and white wood in the room.

Another favorite room I could easily live in. Cozy English looking with beautiful colors. Not prissy but homey.

Mario Buatta room. You can see why I love his rooms so much, just magnificent!

A Mario Buatta room. Beautiful colors and comfy furniture. This is the yellow I love the most—a gold yellow. Beautiful.

This is actually the very first photo I saw of Faudree's work. I was smitten immediately. The actual photos shows more of the room but it intrigued me with the dutch-style door and the blue colors. At that time in 1980 I was decorating with blues. That didn't last long but I do remember the first time I saw his work in a designer book I purchased. I still have that book and still love all his decorating.

Another designer I admire is Mario Buatta, who is known as the "Prince of Chintz" and I love chintz. I've never, ever seen a room of his I didn't like. He knows a woman's heart with the decoration of his rooms.

This is another of Buatta's rooms. Clean and beautiful. Very feminine but a room a man would be comfortable in. At least, my husband would be. He likes clean looking rooms.

Sister Parish is a doyenee of the decorating field. This is one of her rooms and I love it! She was always partial to the English country look and one of the very first designers to decorate the White House.

Another Buatta rooms. Small by most standards but done beautifully. Another of my favorites rooms.
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  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie! I agree with you concerning the texting and TV watching. What fabulous rooms! I love the C.F. English style although they really are all lovely. Thanks for sharing and wishing you the best in 2014.


  2. The country room with blues and the room with all the red. Love those two.
    Hope your holiday was wonderful.
    Happy Pinks...

  3. Connie dreams are made of sights like this. You have a lovely home I am sure, but it is okay to enjoy other beautiful homes. Best wishes for a great New Year.

  4. Lovely and Happy New Year Charles Faudree just passed away right before Thanksgivng 2013 I had attended a lecture he gave in Atlanta in Oct or maybe Sept.He was a sweet and very funny man just a natural wit and so good at design.

  5. Hi Connie, I agree the TV should not be the center of the room which definitely leaves conservation wanting.
    Wishing you a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year.

  6. We share admiration of the same designers. Each room is gorgeous.

    Happy New Year, dear Connie.♥

  7. Connie, I'm a fan of Faudree too. I will continue to enjoy his style though the wonderful books he published. I also agree about rooms and media. We have one small TV in our home, but it is rarely on. Gave our big screen TV to friends because we never used it. I'd much rather read or stitch and visit with my husband. '-)
    Happy New Year!


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