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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Some Thoughts Today 9/26/2013

I realize I've not been posting a lot lately but a lot of things are requiring my mostly undivided attention. Blogging served a very high priority in my life a while back, not so much now. But I'm not giving it up so keep watching for new posts.

Now, Pinterest is holding my attention and I love posting there. It's fast, easy and I don't tell stories about my daily life. ;-) Anyway, for those interested in viewing the 11,600+ photos on my pinterest and the 9,300+ followers who deem the images worthy enough, you might like to view them also. There are only the gorgeous images I've collected from the internet. All beautiful and "eye candy." I don't think I'll ever be able to get them all on this blog, but putting them on there is so easy. Visit it and see what I'm talking about. You can just sit back and dream while viewing them. I do!

I had a friend several years ago who was a psychologist. She invited hubby and me over to her house for dinner one night. Now, her house is entirely different from mine. Actually, she had a lovely condominium and it was furnished rather starkly. And we all know I do not do "starkly" in my decorating. Her home was lovely though.

We were over there to also watch a video conference of our Church since we don't have a television and usually watch it the day after when we can view it on one of our computers. Her television was on a plant shelf so we had to look the ceiling. My neck ached so badly from watching it I never would go back to watch television with her ever again.

Then she and her hubby had a "sandbox" in the traditional Japanese style in her home. He told me to take the miniature rake and make any design I wanted. Well, I'm not into those sort of things and being kind of shy about doing such things, I felt very intimidated. I made a few strokes and that was it. I just wasn't comfortable. We've lost touch but I did get a wonderful recipe from her for a salad dressing. I doubt I would pick up the rake again and make a fool of myself though. Very nice people however.

I'm always watching hubby's speed when he's driving my car as it doesn't have radar in it as his truck does. I bought that for him so it would be a reminder to watch his speed. He always goes over the posted speed by about 3 MPH and sometimes more, mostly just forgetfulness on his part. Plus he doesn't have cruise control in his truck either. But he's gotten 4 or 5 tickets in the past 5 or 6 years and I haven't had one in many, many years. I go the posted limits but will occasionally catch myself.

So on the way to Southern California recently I reminded him to watch his speed. He said, "I'm not speeding." He was going over the limit, but I simply said, "Tell that to the cop that stops you and see how far it gets you." He was silent. I think he probably was thinking of throwing me out the door at that point! I can smell that territorial bloom of testosterone. ;-) But I did shut my mouth up at that point.  It doesn't take me long to figure out when to stop. Sigh.

Oh, one more thing: I've lost 32 pounds on my diet in the last 2 months. I'm beyond thrilled!

Love this little sign. Wish I could fine out where it came from and I'd buy it!

Another room I love.

This is a sink in a bathroom. Designer sinks are becoming very popular with a lot of homeowners.

A lovely garden vignette.

And a gorgeous turquoise pool in Asia, I believe. I can't remember where some of the places are that I find in photos. Forgive me!

A comfy French chair.

A lovely small pendant probably handmade by an artisan. This metal working is becoming very popular among Etsy sellers and home crafts people. I don't need another thing to do so I'm not even pursuing it. ;-)

Another gorgeous vintage table surrounded with more modern French chairs.

The one thing I do love is to redecorate old lamps I have found at thrift stores. However, there is only so much room in this house for lamps and I think I need to give it up until I get tired of the lamps I have now. Then I might refurbish them again. It never ends in this house!

I love these curtains. Exquisite lace with a silk ribbon threaded though for a thoroughly unique look.

Our peonies did beautifully this year.

A clever little window dressing for privacy from peekers but still allows a lot of sun to shine through. Of course, you know I love the colors.

Put a pink flower in a stunning bowl and what do you get? A gorgeous vignette for a photo shoot!

Truly, what more could you want in a beautiful relaxing room like this?

This is in another country and it's a beautiful kitchen. They mostly have open cabinets, no doors. I love the look but think of the dust. I prefer doors on my cabinets in the kitchen.

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  1. 32 lbs! Oh well done Connie! That must be a very good diet.
    Love the peonies, one of my favourite flowers.

  2. The rose sign looks like Christy Repasy design. She is a pretty painter and probably has one of those signs at her studio. You always pick out the perfect pictures to post!

  3. What kind of diet are you on that you lost so much weight in such a short time. I'd be interested to know.
    My e-mail is
    Hope I hear from you.

  4. Hi Connie, I too have not been posting as much but I will not stop blogging. It is a wonderful way to meet terrific people such as yourself. I have always enjoyed your stories and this one about speeding made me smile. Tickets are such a waste of money. I hope your better half heeds your advice. smile.
    I could never make a design with a rake in the sand either. I love to decorate but I am not an artist.

    Your pinned pics are always a joy to see. I really liked the waterfall. a different pin for you to share.
    Congrats on your weight loss. My gosh, what a wonderful feeling. I am happy for you because I am always fighting weight and it is so hard to lose it. God job.
    Have a great week.
    xo, Jeanne

  5. Keep going as you are doing great on your diet. I am sure you will feel better and make you happier. Hope you do not lose too much too fast tho. I have tried to do a Pinterest, but cannot figure out how you do it. I joined but not familiar with what you do.

  6. Congratulations on the 32 pounds!!! I have lost 34 to date now! I love the pictures you post, you pick the most interesting ones. I love reading stories about your daily life too!


  7. Thank you for sharing parts of your life.
    I myself haven't been blogging as in the past..
    I found that since I have moved to a different home, I don't have things as organized and find that time is going by quicker!
    Love the pink chaise!


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