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Friday, April 19, 2013

Getting Rid of Stuff

Another reminder of my pinterest page. There are now over 8,500 photos/images on there that are not necessarily on here yet. If you wish to view them, I suggest you go there and become a follower as I pin on a regular basis, usually at least a couple of times a week.

We're still working on downsizing our stuff in this house. The other day I gave some solid oak dining chairs to a friend and hubs asked if I really wanted to get rid of them and I said yes very firmly. It seems like he likes all the stuff I've bought over the last 35 years, but there is just too much and at our age; it's time. I don't want to have my kids to have to do it for us if something happened. That's not fair to them and they pretty much don't want anything. They have their own "stuff" and don't need any more. I understand that. Just a few personal things will go to them and the grandkids. I'm just tired of having so much that we can't move things around in this house. My daughter is doing the same thing at her home in California.

Nice weather the past week. Today I asked hubs what the weather was going to be and he immediately pulls out his iPhone. He checks his iPhone for the weather every day. I look out the window and the thermometer on the patio to see what the temperature is. Much easier. He drives me absolutely nuts with the hundreds of apps he has on his iPhone. If I mention something, he has an app for it. Sigh. I may take up drinking and never be sober again!!

It's so pretty today that it looks almost like this around here. Curtains billowing in the breeze, clear skies and a beautiful day.

Everyone loves stone houses and the atmosphere that it brings to a home. This is especially cute, I think.

Isn't this decorative egg exquisite?

Our irrigation canals around here for irrigating our yards aren't this pretty, but they can come close in some areas around houses here for being shady. But I love the flowers and bridge in the background.

A quaint little guest bedroom in the French style.

A rather plain little living room but it's kind of cute with the French feel.

I like the pink in this room but it looks almost like a setting in a furniture store the way it's set up.

This room certainly asserts itself. Fabulous.

I've always loved rooms like this: huge windows, settee, ruffled tablecloth, pretty curtains on a window and a chandelier.

This is absolutely adorable. Black and white with touches of red and pink. I could live in this porch or sunroom easily. Darling!

Just a sweet dining area in a kitchen done extremely well.

This room belongs in a warm climate with its monochromatic color. Very pretty.

A fancy entry way. Two different chairs done in the same fabric to pull them together.

A cozy pink, white and gold sitting room.

What a relaxing room to dream in. French doors to the patio and a chaise lounge to sit and read. Great room!


Henry Ford's son received his first Ford when he was 8 years old. He drove himself to the 3rd grade.
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  1. Gorgeous pictures!! I want to lay on the chaise and just dream all day long! I love that Ford's son got his first Ford at 8 Years old!! lol Happy Pink Saturday Grace

  2. Thank for another trip down rooms of beauty. I really like the one with the stream in it. Also, agree with the downsizing. I have been doing the same thing.Told my son I was going to have a living estate sale. Not sure if that went over too well.

  3. Really, really pretty settings! I hear you on the purging. I wish I could. I just don't have it in me right now. When the time comes, though, I'll do a thorough job because I know no one wants to be stuck sifting through all this "stuff" of mine!!! You are really doing your kids and grandkids a great service.

    If you take up drinking, let me know and I'll be happy to come along for the ride! :-) Have a great weekend, and thank you for sharing such pretty pictures and amusing thoughts! (Visiting from Pink Saturday)

  4. They're all so pretty! The last photo is my dream of what a corner of my bedroom should look like. I've got my perfect reading chair - just not the bedroom that opens onto a quaint patio through french doors. Until I saw you post how many pins you had I never even thought of looking at my number. I went over to Pinterest and discovered I have 10,828! My goodness, I have been a busy bee!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. I love all these. You delight us each Sat. with the best photo to make us drool.
    The adorable dining area in the photo, 5th from the bottom, with all the red belongs to Tina of Cherry Hill Cottage. Her entire house is just like adorable and cute. I stalk her a lot. :))

  6. Hi Connie! How are you my dear? Love your pretty pictures today! I love Tina's house too!


  7. I like the red and whites checked chir in the kitchen you showed us
    I have wanted a wing back chair recovered in BIG red & white checks that convinces me to do it

  8. Such pretty rooms with some wonderful ideas ~ thank you for sharing them with us. Have a great day!

  9. I have been following you on Pinterest for awhile and come and re-pin as often as I can! Thanks for all the great stuff!


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