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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The World's Ugliest Ottoman Transformed!

You get an extra post this week. Isn't that exciting? LOL Anyway, Happy Valentines Day to everyone and hope your sweetheart makes you as happy as mine makes me.

This is the world's ugliest ottoman and I am almost ashamed to admit I bought it in 1973. Yes, I did! But the upside to this is that as ugly as it is, it's been used every single day since we bought it and hasn't lost its foamy-ness (just try to figure out how to spell that since there isn't a word) or its usefulness or its cushiness. It was well worth the price. The chair it came with is long gone. I just couldn't stand it anymore. Gone to chair heaven with all the other hideous stuff I've bought over the years. Remember, when hubs was a Marine, we took hand-me-downs and whatever we found cheap at garage sales. This was the sixties so you can imagine what we had. This ottoman and its matching chair I actually picked out myself new. Bleecchhhh!! Must have been cheap because I wouldn't even consider it today. That's why I gave it a new cover. This is what I made for it a couple of years ago. It's in the forefront here.

Here it is uncovered, ready for a new fresh cover.

I used a $20 drop cloth from Home Depot and had some left. Now, here's the story.

I used the old cover as a pattern so that worked out well. But when I put the skirt on the two seams were inside out. Now, I did this over a couple of weeks to not get frustrated and hurried and make mistakes. Sigh. Mistakes happened anyway. I ruffled the skirt and them sewed it to the border around the middle with the seam showing on the outside. Hubs told me to just take it apart at the two seams and turn them. I started doing it for then I realized I not only sewed a straight seam but I also sewed a overcast seam and that wouldn't come out as easily. So I thought I'd be creative, leave the seam inside out and add a feather stitch up the seam. Turned out fine. I simply didn't want to take it completely off and turn it around after sewing it on and overcasting all the edges.

This is the top with a ruffle of rose and cream stripe. I still need to iron the whole thing and hem it. But it's pretty much what I wanted to do.

Here is the seam if you look closely. Just a cute embellishment, I must say and there are only 2 seams so that's a bit of luck.

A fence with a plethora of roses on it.

I thought this wintry snow-covered road was beautiful.

Look at those darling little crocheted shoes for a little baby. And those little legs? Adorable!

Just a beautiful look at fall foliage.

Another look at a European village and the beautiful homes and walkways.

A lovely study in blue.

Just can't get enough of these thatched cottages and will display them as long as I can. They are so serene-looking.

And I love looking at dining chairs now that I am on another quest to find 2 more chairs for my dining room.

I love this setting but I think it's more than one tablecloth. I could do this and think I shall when I get some time. First come the dining room table and 2 French chairs, painting them with some chalk paint. This may take a while though. I'll be looking for some old cotton sheets for making the 2 cloths.

I thought this was one of the cheeriest 2 rooms I've ever seen. Just so bright and cute.

This has also given me an idea. I have a chandelier just like this over my dining table but done in pink. But I am going to add some little roses to the lower arms like this. Truly, I can't get enough roses! :-)

Worldwide, Norwegians drink the most coffee and have the highest rate of anxiety disorders.
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  1. These things with seams happen. I've done it myself and spent hours unpicking and muttering!

  2. Good day Connie - I like your ottoman, especially the pink and white border. It just adds the right amount of pretty. Love the picture of the crochet booties on those darling chubby legs! Take care. Blessings Paula

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Connie. Congrats on using your imagination to spruce up the ottoman. Lovely images- Where do you find them?

  4. I love what you did with that ottoman. I totally agree that it needed to be covered. I hope you are having a great Valentine's Day! I love the roses fence. That was so beautiful. When I was younger, Mom had climbing roses on the side of our house. She loved roses as much as you and I do.


  5. Connie,
    Such a cute cover for your are very creative! I used to sew a whle lot more...i'll consider doing that again!
    And though I do not and haven't had much caffeine in my 52 years...I still have anxiety....occasionally, but when it's bad it's HORRID!
    Just like the little girl with a curl in the middle of her forhead....
    hearts to you,

  6. Omgosh, that tablecloth is stunning.... love it!

  7. Connie I always have to come back again and again you have the most wonderful posts and photos.

  8. Oh, the photos are gorgeous. And I love the ottoman. Great idea to use the drop cloth. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  9. Your ottomon turned out beautiful! I like the pretty trim work. Wonderful post! Love the little baby booties! Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Your ottomon looks wonderful - great job!!!! I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to tackle such a project. I love all your sweet pictyures, but the lavender chandelier is by far my favorite ;P

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  11. Your ottoman is beautiful and so is the rest of your blog! Thanks for sharing!
    Smiles, cyndi

  12. What a lovely, uplifting post. I'm glad I stopped by via "Inspire me Monday."

  13. You're ottoman transformation turned out perfect for your décor and I love it! However, for someone that's into boho, "hippie chic" décor, that ottoman could be upscaled with some boho trimmings...It sure was an eyesore!

  14. You did great on your ottoman...much better! :) Thanks for the info on the crack me up :)



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