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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Candy

Recently, I picked up 2 boxes of candy at the grocery store to give to our mail lady and our trash man for Christmas. Delivering mail isn't so bad; we all love to see her or him coming down the street. But being a trash man is probably one of those jobs not many would choose to have. However, we in this house, are grateful for them. It's a thankless job but someone has to do it. Plus they are always grateful when hubs goes out and tosses a box up to them. (My great granddaughter looooves the garbage man and has to go out and stand and watch them in their cul-de-sac even in the rain, but it is always raining in the Seattle area. They wave and honk the horn for her. She even has a toy garbage truck she loves.)

But when I brought the boxes in the house I told Love Bunny to wrap them immediately. He didn't. Later that night I took the 2 boxes in to him in his home office and said he'd need to replace one. He just looked at me. Well, I did offer him a few pieces! He's just as bad as I am with sweets so he chastised me only a tiny bit! Next time he'll listen and wrap them immediately. ;-)

I tried to get a good clear shot of the sofa fabric outside. Here's one where it looks goldish.

This one looks more taupe from another angle.

This is probably the truest colors as you can see how it shades from gold to taupe depending on the angle you're looking at it. It's really very lovely in person.

A beautiful old world apartment in luscious pink.

Another warm climate home with vivid blues.

A cute way to display your cupcakes for a party.

And yet another presentation for cupcakes. This is gorgeous!

These little huts have to be on a tropical island somewhere.

And I always love good closeups of flowers, especially vivid ones.

I've seen this kitchen in a magazine. I think it's adorable. But I think I'd paint the whole kitchen pink, but that's just me. It's still lovely.

Imagine having a lunch on this pretty restaurant balcony.

This has to be something done for a flower show. I doubt I'd want to sit my tush on that many flowers.

Aaahhhhh, pretty pink, yellow and aqua vintage tins.

I've been looking for some Aubusson pillows but most of them are expensive. I'll just keep looking until I get within my price range.

This chandelier hung in a bank. When the building was made into apartments, they kept the chandelier and put it in a foyer for the occupants. What a nice thing to do with this beauty. It has 1500 lights on it!

I gave this advice to my friend several weeks ago: If you don't fly first class, your heirs will. I promise you I'm trying my best to leave them next to nothing. They don't need it! My friend is thrifty to the nth degree so her kids will probably inherit a lot. I plan on spending as much as I can before I leave this earth!


  1. You should always sample something before giving it just to make sue it is okay. You are so fun.

  2. Hmm, Connie, we do seem to have the same problem! I have to ask M to hide chocolates from me.......

  3. Hi Connie! I agree with the above follower. Also, perhaps you should always get an extra box since you like to sample the goodies! I love those pink, yellow, and aqua tins. One of my favourite colour combination! That chandelier is really unique! Thank you for the lovely photos!

  4. You always post such beautiful pictures! That is too sweet that Caroline likes to watch the garbage men do their job. I, too, am very thankful for them. I can't have any candy or sweets in the house as it would be gone in a second. If I want some sweets (not including fruit) I have to go get some because it is not in the house. I am sure the mailman and the garbage man appreciate the candy.


  5. I have been making butterd toffee for the postman, snowplow man and garbage man, we
    can't leave it alone. It's gone before I wrap it. Love that Kitchen and the pillows too.
    Have a very Healthy and happy Christmas,
    warm wishes, hugs etc etc.


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