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Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Ivory Soap Story

That bar of Ivory soap in the third photo brought back a memory to me.

When I gave birth to my son, I was extremely ill, not expected to live actually. But after 9 days in the hospital bed hooked up to IVs and given about 21 shots a day, I started feeling better. I think on the 9th day I was able to see my new baby. I was also allowed to take a shower even though I was extremely weak.

Since I had come to the hospital after 3 attempts at labor and being sent home, they kept me the 3rd time. There were 9 doctors in that examining room looking at every single part of my body, even my fingernails. I was in serious trouble. My kidneys weren't functioning properly and I was dying. I rallied after about 9 days and the doctor even bought me a Coke. It was so good to be able to drink something. My new baby and I went home on the 11th day. Hubs had taken care of our 11 1/2 month old daughter and had her potty trained and broken from the bottle. He's a miracle worker. And yes, she was potty trained at 11 1/2 months old.

Finally, I was able to get out of bed and look in the mirror. Ghastly! Then, the thing I needed most was a shower. Coming in as an emergency, I had no personal items with me when I got in the shower so I washed my hair with the soap they had in the hospital—Ivory. Have you ever washed your hair with a bar of Ivory soap? Trust me, it doesn't work well. My hair felt like it was coated with something. The first thing I asked hubs when he came in to visit was, "Bring me some shampoo." It was horrid and when I washed it later the next day it felt wonderful to have clean hair. Every time I see that soap I think of that incident in giving birth to my son. I still love the smell of that soap and don't even know what kind of packaging it has now, but I never used Ivory after that. :-)

Another beautiful rustic village entry way somewhere in Europe.

We're heading into this season so I thought I'd show you what cottages look like with snow-covered roofs, stone fences and grounds. I don't think they get much snow in Great Britain.

Remember when Ivory soap looked like this?

Always beautiful roses for you.

A tropical veranda overlooking the ocean.

Laundry hung and drying on the line.

A quaint European kitchen. I like the all-white cabinets and the splashes of pink and blue. Looks like a cake!

I cannot tell you how many times I've tried duplicating this ribbon rose. Many!! I'm not giving up though, just have to find more ribbon.

Real candy for "eye candy" today!

A beautiful white lingerie laundry bag.

Prettily wrapped packages awaiting transfer to the recipient.

I like this sign. It's darling for a kitchen.

The purple rug drew my attention. My great-granddaughter's room is pink, purple and brown. She's drawn to purple like her mummy. :-)

I know I am. You are also, trust me on this one.

If only my school lunches were like this, I might have eaten them instead of the cafeteria fare. I'd pack a bologna sandwich and to this day, I cannot touch bologna. Plus the beautiful packaging makes them even yummier.

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  1. Sweet story about the Ivory soap. And the eye candy in this post is soooooo wonderful....yet another post of yours I've bookmarked! :D

  2. Hi Connie! Most appealing lunch box I've ever seen! I was lucky that I never had to bring a lunch to school. We lived so close to the school that I always went home at lunchtime. I love that sign about us being beautiful! I think sometimes we're too hard and demanding on ourselves! I love the colour purple and it's family and I'm crazy about cobalt blue! That pastry sign is so special! Beautiful packages. Very inspiring for the next time I need to wrap something. A friend's birthday is coming up and I'll keep them in mind. It must be so restorative to sit on that enchanting tropical verandah and just be, just be, just be! They say the sea has such a calming effect. I've never seen it but I believe it. Those Great Briton snow-covered cottages are a pure delight to me. Reminiscent of so many novels that I've read. They make me happy just looking at them. There's beauty in that rustic entryway but can you imagine trying to climb that with grocery bags? It's like climbing a mountain. Beautiful but not practical! But, beautiful, for sure!

    What an ordeal that you lived through with the birth of your son! I never knew that. I'm just happy that you pulled through. That was so exceptional that your husband toilet-trained your daughter and broke her from the bottle. Amazing man! Take care!

  3. My favorite picture today is the snow cottage! Living in AZ, we have two seasons - hot and hotter. I miss having 4 seasons. I must make dh take me to the mountains this winter. We used to take a drive the day after Christmas, just to 4wheel in the snow for a few hours. Unfortunately, there is not always snow available every year. So glad you survived your ordeal at the birth of your son.

  4. I am also glad you pulled through when you had your son. Wow, potty trained that early, go hubs! We used ivory soap when we were small in the bathtubs because it floated. Now I use the body wash liquid stuff. I love the snow covered house. That was beautiful. I love the roses picture too.


  5. I love your beautiful pictures of all the lovely homes. I can relate to the balony sandwiches..I feel the same way about tuna sandwiches. I ate them every day for 3 yrs. of high school. Haven't touched one since then. LOL

  6. Boy, that must have been a terrifying time. I hope you found peace with the Lord, while struggling with you birth.
    I have washing my hair with Ivory or should I say, waxed it. lol Tide works better. (that's not my preference) blessings Paula

  7. Hi Connie--What an ordeal, giving birth to your son, how scary, glad it had a happy ending! Love all the pics...Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  8. As always, enjoy hearing your personal experiences, good or bad. Sometimes the struggles of life make us a better person. You are doing just fine.

  9. Hi Connie, Did you think I dropped off the edge of the earth. Not so but we have been in Florida a lot for the Gator games. We are here still for two weeks. Two of our dtrs live here and 4 of our grands.

    Your story about the birth of your baby is scary. It wasn't your time to leave this world Connie. I can't imagine using Ivory soap to wash my hair. Or anything else really. It does leave a residue and it doesn't suds very well. My aunt used it in her wash because she was allergic to everything. I'm very happy you are still around to be a blogging friend. Smile!

    The ribbon rose you shared is stunning. A real art. Keep trying and I would bet you will create a rose that is just as beautiful.

    Don't forget to get your mammogram. Go Pink for Cancer.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  10. Hi Connie,
    A lovely post and yes, I remember the Ivory bar of soap ever so well. Mom and I used it all the time, 99/100% pure. Sorry about the difficult time giving birth to your son and thankful you came out alright from it all. My first two were easy but the third was not.
    You have beautiful pictures up, love that white kitchen. Hugs, Lu

  11. Beautiful photos, of course! Love that you share yourself with us and so happy you are here to do it. I still eat bologna, like to fry it up :)


  12. Hi Connie -- You have so many pretty pictures here -- I can't pic a fav -- so mine are the wrapped boxes in a chair, the candy, of course, and who would have thought I'd adore a picture of hanging laundry. Please stop by No. 55 over at PS for givewaay in honor of BCAM. Blessings Terri

  13. Hi Connie! Your story reminds me of my own story years ago, but I did not bring that beautiful baby girl home! My dad was allergic to everything and he used Ivory soap. When I see it I am reminded of my father. What a beautiful strong man and provider he was. I always love your shares! I always loved bologna too! Today I can not eat like when I was young! LOL!
    Those lunch kits are quite lovely. I am having a double giveaway! You are welcome to come by. I love knowing you here! Have a terrific weekend! Hugs Anne


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