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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Washington State and Blue Bedrooms

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Washington state is the prettiest state I’ve ever seen. Oh, I love California and our new state of Idaho, but Washington has such a lusciousness that it muffles noises. It was one of the first things hubs and I noticed the first time we went to visit our granddaughter when she and her family moved there—the quietness of it. It’s also very, very lush. Foliage everywhere. Wet. Dewy. Lush. I’d live there in a heartbeat if it wasn’t so expensive. But their first home—their starter home—cost them $600,000. That’s beyond my budget. Too expensive for us retirees to live there so we just visit a few times a year. It truly seems as if the traffic is quieter also.

Anyway, we’ve noticed there and in Oregon that they build the house down from the street level. We first noticed it in Oregon when we went over to a niece’s wedding. A lot of driveways off the street to the houses would slope down. Now, I don’t know about you but it would seem to me with all the rain Washington and Oregon get that the water would drain into the houses and garages. Just doesn’t make sense to us. I’d never seen that until then because in California all the driveways I’d ever seen go up or are level but certainly not sloped down from the street.

I know a lot of women prefer blue so here are a few blue bedrooms for you. Aren't they stunning?

This one is ethereal. Absolutely stunning.

If I had this door, I'd use it as a door on my office, and I love my office door now, but this one is my kind of door.

Cute vintage kitchen items. This is an English kitchen. I can tell because the cookie jar is called biscuit jar. Darling.

I adore this little étagère. The woman has all her little items displayed lovingly.

If only. Right? ;-)

A unique custom paint job on a vintage dresser really gives this pizzazz.

A quaint small bedroom straight out of an Agatha Christie novel.

A pretty pantry with all sorts of items showing through.

A small European apartment patio. They don't come any smaller than this I think.

Pretty garden surrounding a pool

A dream place we all would like to go to relax and while away a bit of time.

I. Love. Polka Dots.

A beautiful entry to a home or to a garden pathway. I absolutely LOVE moss growing between stones on a walkway.

Lots of pink and white.

While this looks like a wedding canopy, it could well be an easy place to have in a back yard.

Just something about this entry I like.

 I like my pancakes with enough syrup to cover my Camry!
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  1. Hi there...hope you are doing well. :) I love the vintage kitchen items and the polk dot forks are darling too....okay..all the photos are great! Come on over and say hi...come see our newest babies on our farm. They are darrrrlllliiinnnnggg!!!

  2. Fun inspirational photos!
    Mary Alice

  3. Ooh, a couple of those really caught my eye. So much to swoon over!

  4. Thanks for the lovely photos, Connie. I love the Agatha Christie type bedroom very much. I was especially attracted to those shelves with the lovely pink dishes!

  5. Gorgeous Post - that blue room hss made me your newest follower!!!!
    Would love to have you visit and follow back :)

  6. Connie, great piece of work. I always enjoy your post and seeing so many lovely things. Read the tutoring updates. Thanks.

  7. Ah, the inspiration... stopped by cause I didn't want to miss the blue bedroom, and then I was mesmerized looking at all the other goodies too... Yum!! HPS :)
    Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  8. I agree about Washington and Oregon ... I spent some time there a few years ago. I also remember the wonderful blueberries that just grew wild. Everything so green and lush !

  9. How beautiful! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Polka Dot Pink
    Have a great weekend.

  10. OMG, fabulous pictures including the blue bedrooms. They are truly amazing, never thought of blue for the bedroom. I was quite inspired with all of your pictures. Enjoy your weekend and week....Lu

  11. Beautiful variety of photos. I especially loved the cabinet with the biscuit jar and the wallpapered bedroom.

  12. I love these shots! The polka dots are my favorite too! That biscuit jar, delightful!

  13. .thanks for sharing


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