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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Laundry Rooms Can Be Very Pretty!

Okay, here's a giveaway for this darling little ribbon tree. I made it months ago and gave it away but never heard from the winner. So I am trying again. I simply can't imagine someone entering to win this little cutie and not checking back, even after I sent them an email that they won. Oh well, let's try it again. You know the drill. To win this, you must leave a comment and be a follower. I love my followers and they get priority for their loyalty.

I am also including this Alexandra Stoddard book I mentioned a week or so ago.

The winner will be announced this coming Friday, the 27th. You can tell your friends to drop by and try winning it also. But Friday I'll draw the name, put it on here and notify the winner. Ooooh, there will also be some of those coffee filter paper roses included also. Very nice prize if I do say so myself. Here are what those roses look like.

In our house before this one I had a pretty big laundry area in the pantry of the kitchen. It was much nicer than the one in California as that one was in our garage. But the one we have now is really made up pretty. I like doing chores in pretty and charming places, no matter in what room the chores are done—office, bath, studio, bedroom, kitchen, wherever. I like pretty! So this time I'm showing you my present laundry room. Soon I'll show you some other laundry rooms that are lovely and some even huge and exquisite. Nothing in your home need be ugly or uninviting. You can do whatever you want to do with a room if you have the desire. Hardly any money went into my laundry, just thought and things I had around the house.

This is a decal I made and put on our laundry room door leading from the hallway into the laundry room.

I bought this little bucket to hold laundry detergent.

A little tin holder I bought and painted white. It holds clothes pins or little packets of laundry detergent I've received from friends. The little wood basket I painted rosebuds on. Not the best but it was my first try.

A shelf above a little green bench I painted white and made a bit shabby. It holds greenery, which makes washing laundry a nicer chore in a beautiful place. The walls are pink of course. The bright pink clay pot on the left I painted and decoupaged with a beautiful rose and put a faux plant in it. I saved pretty seed packets and just tacked them on the wall with Fun-Tac, easily removable when I want to change something in there. Other photos that have been given to me by JoAnn Coletti when I helped her with her computer a couple of years ago. She sent me several little cards of her pictures of her rose garden and some of her paintings. I love them; they're gorgeous.

This is an old redwood board from the fascia boards of our old house. I saved several boards, which were 50 years old and well-seasoned and made signs out of them to go around our house. I made the decals on my computer and printer.

I saw this gorgeous rose border and had to have it. It is in my laundry room. My laundry room doesn't look like any I've ever seen. Just shows you what you can do when you want it badly enough. I did! It's a unique laundry room and my style also.

Rather than the kitschy stuff you'd usually find in a laundry room I wanted this picture of a cottage in the woods with a lovely garden. When I wash clothes this is what I see. Much nicer than a wall.

I bought wood letters and put different kinds of roses, polka dots, plaids, stripes and paisley fabrics and gussied them up with rickrack, lace, bows and ribbon roses.

I made several clothespin bags and gave a few of them away in giveaways here on my blog. This should tell you how nice the items I give away are. No junk here. Handmade crafts. I also gave away some of those letters once. The three clothespin bags I have left are hanging in the laundry with clothespins and various other things a laundry would have.

Iron hangs on a holder on the wall next to some old french packets of soap given to me.

This is the door to a pantry in the laundry room. It hold fruits, cereals and cleaning supplies along with paper plates and napkins and other sundry stuff.

This little plaque has knobs to hold my decorated hangers, baskets or keys. Also notice I use lace scraps in this room or lace trim.

The rose border goes around the whole room except over the washing machine and dryer. It has shelves that hold detergents, cleaning supplies, bleach, spot removers, etc. I chose to hide them behind a pretty curtain.

Notice I even covered the pole with fabric to hang clean shirts out of the dryer.

Much nicer not seeing all that junk up there. All this was very easy to do and it adds a lot of pizzazz to the room. When a room is pretty, you tend to enjoy doing chores in it more than if it was dark and dank and a mess.

Even the ironing board has a cover when I'm not using it to iron. It's really a lovely laundry room and a great place to decorate and not have it so boring and ugly.

These last 2 photos are ones taken by my young best-bud-forever with that wide angle lens she had rented for a couple of weeks. She just popped over while I was doing laundry and I didn't think nor have time to set it up for a photoshoot. This is what it looks like on any given laundry day.

I'll show you some other laundry rooms I've come across on the internet. Some are fancy. Some are cute. Some are gorgeous and huge. Some are simple and small but with great design features. Soon, very soon, I'll show those to you. Just keep a lookout for them in the next couple of weeks or so.
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  1. Wow, Connie, you put a lot of work into your laundry room. I love the idea of using a canister for the laundry detergent! I just may have to go look now for something beachy to go with our "At the Beach" themed bathroom/laundry room. (Yes, they are two in one!)

  2. wow,love the laundry the soap powder container.

  3. wow! I love your laundry room! Please enter me in the giveaway! I love that little ribbon tree!


  4. very lovely place...invites to wash and beauti-full loaded.

  5. Who would want to LEAVE your laundry room .. it is gorgeous, Connie.
    Miss you,
    TTFN ~

  6. I love this laundry room, Connie. It would be a pleasure to sort darks & whites!
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  7. Your laundry room is so cheerful! I am living in a house withOUT a laundry room for the first time since we got married (32 years ago) and it's miserable! I have so many cute things from my past laundry rooms that are just sitting in a box. As a result I have a laundry room obsession on Pinterest! Can't wait to see what else you showcase!

  8. I can't believe the winner did not claim their prize. I would love to claim it for them! Lovely laundry room! I can see why you don't mind doing laundry now. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the clothespin bag too! So pretty!

  10. What a pretty room. I am hosting a Giveaway where you can win a 50 dollar gift card to the store HomeGoods. It would be great if you drop by My Dream Canvas :)

  11. No sure I could ever get enthusiastic about laundry, but if anyone can make it beautiful, you can! I love what you've done - those letters especially. Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Oh, I am envious!! What a lovely laundry room, and your clothespin bags are soooo pretty!! Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  13. What a nice laundry room. Mine is in the garage and certainly looks nothing like this. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting our giveaway. I may not win but put my name in the drawing.

  14. Hello sweet Connie! I adore your lovely creations and your laundry room is just yummy!

  15. Love your family room. Would be a joy to do laundry there. Happy weekend.

  16. Well I've said it before but I have to say it again, Connie you really do live beautifully !
    and yes that plate is Old Country Roses ... you have a good eye (())

  17. Your giveaways are always so inviting! Love the little tree!
    I would love ot win!
    I really like all the pretty pinks here.

  18. Oh Connie, I would follow you everywhere! HA! Ha!

    Seriously I do follow you!

  19. Hi Connie,
    You have done a beautiful job decorating your laundry room in pretty pinks. Everything looks amazing! I wish mine was that nice. Maybe some day! Have a nice weekend!

  20. Connie - very, very inspiring! I love that you have taken the time and energy to outfit your laundry room to suit you. You've listed some ideas I wish I had thought of. My laundry room is really a closet, literally it's behind bifold, wooden louvered doors. I have a cute little applique window frame hanging in it . . . but suddenly, I feel the urge to redo it and see what I can come up with. Hmmmmm. I'll have to do some creative thinking and doing perhaps.

    Ohhh, love the paper roses . . . . hmmm, maybe just maybe, being a follower and making a comment I'll get the winning draw and then use some of those things to redo and inspire in my own laundry closet. Hmmm. Now that's a thought.

    Good to see you - take care! Hugs to ya! Jenn

    PS my husband was walking past my "office" and saw your pink-background blog paper. "Must be Pink Saturday" he said. I told him yes, but this just happens to be a pink background on a Pink Saturday. :)

  21. That little topiary is adorable! Would look perfect in our guest house : D

    Your laundry room is just so sweet - reminds me of cotton candy!

    thanks for sharing,


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