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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Salute to My Heroes and Eye Candy

During this past Memorial Day weekend, hubs was busy at our local stores along with other veterans distributing Buddy Poppies. He's done this for years now and loves doing it. He is a vet. That money collected, and it's all donations from pennies to 20 dollars and more, has been donated as they never set a price for the poppy and even give them to kids for free. It is used to help our local vets. Each city in the U.S. uses it locally to help vets who need help with utilities, gasoline, food or whatever is necessary. So he donates his time and I stay at home doing nothing. It's something I don't really mind doing because I know it's worthwhile. So, I found this video for you to watch. And if this doesn't make you proud of the men and women who protect this great country and the ones who bring them back to us on their final journey, then I'm not sure what will. I honor them now. It's dedicated to the friends and relatives we've lost in wars through out this great country of ours. We've never, ever conquered countries; we've helped them to live freely while wanting just a few plots of land to bury our fallen heroes who couldn't come home on an Angel Flight. Please watch it to the end. They're on the Angel Flight, coming home for the last time. If this doesn't touch you, then I can't think of anything that would. And let me thank any of you who are here now watching and have lost a friend, hubby, wife, brother, sister, uncle or anyone else in a war, you have our heartfelt condolences. They are truly heroes in this house. Truly!


I love this pink and yellow kitchen. I bought a yellow Teflon frying pan recently as hubs’ request and he wasn’t crazy about the color. I loved it! It fit our criteria in that we wanted a big one and a good heavy one, and the yellow one fit. I may try to do more yellow in the kitchen along with the pink but I doubt I’d ever measure up to this beauty.

Another quaint cottage probably in Carmel.

What a lovely setting for a luncheon for friends. I especially love the top tier of the cake stand with the pretty pink teacup.

I think this home is lovely even if it’s not pink. It reminds me of my youth when visiting with relatives and their homes.

I absolutely love these fuchsia cabinets.

This darling little scale would look wonderful in my kitchen. I wonder if Williams-Sonoma sells them. I’ll check next time I go to the mall.

The pink walls, white cabinets, window and the view caught my eye more than anything.

The pink Kitchen-Aid mixer and curtain on that window is adorable.

Who would have thought this dark blue and sage green would look this beautiful together?

This is somewhere in the French countryside.

Another small cottage in France.

This is a shopping area in Carmel.

I know you’ll love this rusty circular staircase. ;-)

Cute little patio. Just imagine sitting there in the shade every evening.

Remember these from the 50s? I do. I doubt we’d find them anymore, and if per chance we could, they’d cost a small fortune to buy now.

Remember girdles? I do! I can’t even believe we wore them, but I did a couple of times to hold up my nylons. Torture comes to mind now. But I know there’s something new out called Spanx, which I’ve never seen and have no desire to but somehow the description brings to mind those girdles. Never again! However, this homeowner was very creative in using them for decoration. Personally, I’d never want them hanging on my wall. Nope. ☺

I used hankies for a window once. These look darling over a piece of lace curtain.

These windows are adorable also but not secure enough for me. Burglars could break the glass and unlatch them in a heartbeat.


  1. Thanks, Connie. I had already seen it. NanaDiana had it on her blog on Memorial Day. It's hauntingly beautiful. It breaks my heart when I watch it.

    Beautiful photos as always. I agree about those windows. Safety first, please, especially when we watch shows like Cold File. Do you remember when we used to wear those elastic bands to keep our nylon stockings up! Ha Ha! That had to be bad for the circulation. I was so glad when pantyhose came out.

    Those canisters bring back memories. Of course, we took them for granted in those days.

    I can see myself reading a book on that spectacular patio! That rusty circular staircase is a dream to look at but I would not like to climb those steps every day especially with a bunch of grocery bags.

    Love the pink kitchens and those cupboards with glass windows. I love the blue door and shutters on that cottage in France. All your pictures make me happy! Have a nice weekend!

  2. What a wonderful cottage presentation. I would enjoy any one of them.

  3. Love the eye candy and I have one of those pink mixers, think I need that scale to go with it! Laura

  4. I loved the pink kitchens and those cute cottages! My daughter assures me that Spanx are very comfortable but anyone who wore a girdle can't imagine! Of course, I had a hard time seeing all of your lovely pictures today through my tears - Angel Flight washed my make-up into my eyes. It is wonderful that they have those now. In WWI and even many in WWII had to be buried where they fell and loved ones didn't have closure or a final good-bye. Bless those men and women who have fallen and those who bring them home.
    OK, happier thoughts...have a lovely weekend!

  5. Connie~
    This is one fabulous post!!
    Am loving that super pink kitchen!!
    HPS and have a wonderful weekend!
    Cricket @ gypsea nurse

  6. Hi, Connie, I enjoyed seeing all the eye candy you found for us today.
    Hope your week is going to be a good one.
    Happy Sat.
    xo bj

  7. You always have nice pink .Have a fun good Week End
    Happy PS

  8. How pretty your PINKS! I've used hankies over lamps, and once as a delicate valance over sheers, just like this one; I've seen Betsey Johnson's home with its curtains of all sorts of filmy lingerie, but I've NEVER seen anything like that headboard with all the. . . um . . . foundations.

    Happy PS!


  9. Always such nice eye candy Connie! Love the garter belts over the bed in the one picture! I am sure whoever owned those would be horrified to see their "clean" laundry aired!!

  10. I love your site, the fuchsia cupboards are my favorite. I just joined Pink Saturday and I'm super excited to see all of the great pictures that people post.

  11. Lovely eye candy!
    Greetings from Australia♥

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