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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just Randomness 6/26/2012

My daughter is a mosaic artist and has given me many things she's made. She did not make the table top below but it is gorgeous. I just love eye candy so much and want to share as much as possible with you.

I like this kitchen, at least the part we can see, but the small niche we see here is darling. The homeowner has made art out of her rolling pins and has made use of the space above her refrigerator in a very pretty display of cake plates. Beside the refrigerator is also cute with shelves for her cook books.

Another room I'd love to make my craft room, but trust me, those bricks would be painted pink!

A bright yellow sunny porch to cheer up anyone.

A girl can never have enough pink, ruffles, bling or pink stripe sofas. Never!

I'd buy this if I knew where it came from. Shabby chic rag quilts.

Even this room has pompoms like I do in my office, family room, craft room and bedroom.

Berkeley, California typical house.

Beautiful claw foot tub with antiqued feet and green painted outside.

A small sweet country kitchen.

An absolutely gorgeous pillow.


Random Thoughts:

Envy is a mistake that keeps on giving. It is not often that I'm envious of someone. Truly. I just feel so blessed that it's hard to be envious. When I do get those thoughts, I remember all that we have instead of all that we don't. Works every time.

Have you read about or seen those women who are having b*tt implants? I cannot for the life of me figure out why! Just ask and I'd give them half of mine. Who in the world wants a tush big enough that it requires its own zip code?

I've heard people ask "why me" when something bad happens to them. Well, why not you? Who would you select for something awful to happen to? Perhaps you can weather the trial better than your neighbor. Maybe you'll come out stronger with the trial you've been given. I don't think I've ever said that and if I have it's been a very long time since I uttered those words.

We cannot change the past but we can shape the future.

Brighten the corner where you are and you will lighten the world. Let your light so shine!
Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.


  1. Hello Connie! love all the eye candy and especially your random thoughts :D
    BEAR HUGS ~victoria~

  2. Hi Connie! Hope you're well! Some of your random thoughts have inspired me. I feel down lately because I'm stuck where my dollhouse is concerned and I need to finish it. I search and search for inspiration and it's not the eye candy that's missing, it's just that I'm so overwhelmed with everything that's out there that I can't decide what I want for it. I hope I'll soon be able to settle on something and just do it!

    That pink cushion with the pearls and lace ruffles is a rare beauty! I love the claw tub and blue ornate mirror! That would look amazing in a doll house. It would be hard to find a mirror like that though in 1/12 scale.

    Those two pink cushions and the pink shabby chic rag quilt are unbelievable. What imagination some people have! The mosaic top table is one of the most beautiful table I've ever seen. I love that colour combination.

    Ok, Connie! I'm feeling overwhelmed now. Just so much to take in. I have saved some as examples for my house. Thanks so much for all these beautiful pics. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Connie!!

    I love your random thoughts! That mosiac table is beautiful and I love the house that is painted light purple. Pink and purple are my all time favorite colors! I love them both so much! I hope summer is going well for you!


  4. Silvia maria de BarrosJune 26, 2012 at 7:57 PM

    Seu blog é um colírio para meus olhos.

  5. Connie,
    Visiting from What's It Wed's.
    Oh! my goodness! What beautiful photos!
    I love them all.... but, those amazing French rooms.... Ooh! La! La! And those pink ruffled pillows!!! I LOVE the mosaic table. I too, am a mosaic artist and will be featuring some of my latest projects on my blog. I recently bought an antique dresser with amazing wood applique on the front that I am going to turn into a bathroom vanity with a mosaic top. Guess I better get busy!
    Thank you for inspiring me!!
    Will visit again soon.
    The Porcelain Rose

  6. Love your random thoughts.....thanks for that!!! hugs...cleo

  7. Hi Connie...

    I love all your photos - especially the ruffly pillows and the slipper chair and ottoman. Your thought - about asking WHY? I can honestly say I haven't asked that this time, since I got Bell's Palsy almost a month ago. Never thought about that til you mentioned it. I've been posting updates and getting to talk to a few other people that have been diagnosed with BP.

    Jan ♥

  8. As always, I love your humor! Beautiful eye candy today. I just noticed on your sidebar the "eat chocolate or you will die" may enjoy my post from today. Pop on over for a visit if you get a moment! Angie

  9. Hey there, Connie. I've been so busy that I haven't been able to do much visiting. I've missed you.

    Ooh, the eye candy you are sharing is gorgeous. So much pink that you had me thinking it was Pink Saturday.♥

  10. I love the cookbooks in the kitchen, the yellow rocking chairs on the porch, such a great variety of beautiful images!


  11. Hi Connie,
    A great post! I enjoyed the beautiful photos..
    Have a sweet day,

  12. Your photos are wonderful and your daughter's mosaic is to die for. This is the cutest post and very inspirational. I would love it if you would link this to our What’s It Wednesday blog party. Hope you can join us!


  13. Always a delight to rad your randomness, Connie. Have missed you ... Love the kitchen & of course, all those gorgeous PINKS!
    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~

  14. Connie, you post the most amazing photos! Ah! The Berkley cottage! I often purchase hats from the Berkley Hat Co. there. Liberal as it is, they sure have some lovely sites to see!

    All this pinkness makes my head swim! Ah....

    I will need to post my daughter Hannah's 21st birthday cake on Tuesday! She is a pre firework baby! She wanted a specific kind of bd cake, lots of hot pink and zebra print! She is going to love it! I tried using a fancy bakery for Rebekah's birthday back on June 13th! Sigh! Too expensive and very dry cake! :(

    My local Albertson's did a great job on the boys graduaiton cake last month! So I took a shot and Terri and I and my hubby came up with a terrific looking cake! I think those cake ladies deserve a huge round of applause! They are going to create a perfect bd cake for my baby girl! Hugs and love for all your eye candy!


  15. sono senza parole... bellissimo ...sono nuova baci a presto lu...

  16. I seen the Beautiful Rag Quilt, and I just had to join. It is just beautiful. I hope I'm not to late on following you.


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