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Friday, December 9, 2011

Pink Saturday Apron Giveaway #12

First of all, the winner for last week's apron is:

LV of Thoughts from Meme's Corner


Join all the pink lovin' chicks on Beverly's blog today. Thank you again profusely, Beverly, for helping me give away these aprons to bloggers who will appreciate them. It was most generous and very kind of you to do this.


This is the last apron to be given away. I'm done! I trust they all went to good apron lovin' homes as I put my heart into each one of these. Originally, they were for sale but these didn't sell for some reason. They are adorable in person. ;-) So in the effort to declutter our home I thought I'd give them to bloggers who appreciate this sort of thing. I love aprons and wear one all the time when cooking or crafting. Trust me, I'm a slob when it comes to those 2 things.

This one is actually canvas like a butcher's apron so very sturdy. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post right here. I'll draw a name during the week and post the winner on next week's blog. I actually notify the winner before I post it here. But since Pink Saturday actually debuts on Fridays and we go to Applebees, Olive Garden or Outback on Friday nights, nothing is going to interfere with that! Good luck, chicks.


A few thoughts from this past week.

About 3 years ago a pizza/Italian sandwich shop opened up about 2 blocks from us. We went in and had sandwiches when it opened and I was very unhappy with the service and didn't particularly like the food. (I am very, very picky about my food.) So I told hubs I wasn't going in there anymore.

Well, he said it's been getting great review on their Philly Cheese steak hoagies on his iPhone. Yeah, you can get rating on your iPhone for restaurants. So he wanted to try it again since it might be better after 3 years—actually, he just kept bugging me until I gave in at a weak moment. I kept saying no. But the other day I decided to show him who knows best. We went there for lunch. Service was long and pathetic and not good in the least. Hubs agreed with me. I knew I would be right and I told him. But it was a sandwich out and I love eating out, but we definitely will never to there again.

Then a few days later we went to a place that had liver. Now, I won't even have liver in my house but I relented for hubby's sake. I had a BLT with fries. A real treat for me but the BLT was horrid also. I think hubs trust me now when I say I told you so! He won't ask me to go there ever again. ;-) However, this waitress must have been new because we've never seen one that had all her teeth and no tattoos swarming all over her body, arms and face.

We're still both on WW program, but I bought a pie to take to a Thanksgiving party. It missed a slice when we took it so I told hubs the gremlins got into it. I lied; it was ME. Why can't we have pie before the main dish? I've always liked that idea so this time I did it. The hostess just giggled at me when I told her I needed a pie fix early that morning. I love pie for breakfast!

I'll be back soon with what's happening in the Living Beautifully household.


  1. I'm sure that everyone who won an apron will appreciate it so much.Please enter me for the last one!

  2. What a story on eating out. It is hard to find a good place with good help. My sister and I eat out each Saturday and invariably we will get a new waitress. I seldom eat where they wait on you. I like buffets pretty well. Get what you want and move on. I am pleased even more after seeing the apron I won. Love it.

  3. I LOVE your apron!!!thanks for the opportunity to enter!!!
    best regards,

  4. You SOOOO tickle me, Connie. We go thru the same issues on restaurants here. There is a newbie in town. We stopped by & bought 2 pcs of pie for our dessert ... they were the worst EVER!!! I love Reubens & he said 'they advertise them as the best in town'. Well, heck ! I could advertise myself as the best in town ... I am not willing to take the gamble. Chuckle!

    Sweet friend, your aprons are just the meow of aprons. All these lucky gals getting a little peice of loving from you.

    Hope you are both enjoying this Christmas season.
    TTFN ~

  5. Love this apron, Connie. You are such a sweet blogger to be giving them away!!

    Enjoyed your dining stories. I had a similar one today. I was at Barnes and Nobel and decided I needed a little snacky for my trip home, so I headed to their coffee shop and ordered a sinfully rich Orange/Cranberry Scone....and asked the girl to heat up up. She was new (I determined that from her handling of the orders of the two folks in front of me)....and didn't seem to know how to operate the microwave. After putting the scone in it and finally setting it for 2 min., she started helping the next person in line....taking his money. Then when finished with him, she opened the door to the micro and, placing a germ infested finger a top of my scone, she tested it to see if it was warm!!! my jaw dropped...and I'm thinking "DUFUS why are you putting that germy finger on my scone?" As she placed it in my "to go bag"...thoughts of how I should handle this just whirled in my head...."I don't want to say something to get her in trouble..she's young and probably really needs this job"...."BUT what she just did was NASTY and she needs to realize I SAW her!!" she handed me the bag, containing my contaminated scone, I blurted (softly) "YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T TOUCH FOOD WITH YOUR BARE FINGERS....THAT'S REALLY UNSANITARY" to which she continued to thrust the bag at me while saying softly "I know".

    As I shuffled across the parking lot to my car, the warm scone was talking to me from the bag. "Just scrape the top off of me and I'll be OK to eat"....and that's what I did! I was STARVING. So, if you find out later that I got really sick from food contamination, you will know where, when and why it happened to me!!

    HPS!!! Dana

  6. I would love to win your apron give away. Please enter my name.
    Enjoy the holidays.

  7. I do love your aprons! They are so pretty! LV was a delightful lady to win! I love her dearly and she is a very cool friend,I know she was tickled with her win!
    I had a horrible experience at a McDonalds today! I am not rude or hateful but I think managers should be able to speak the English language and not make snarky hateful faces at customers! A bunch of these McD's are owned by a retired NFL player! I am going to call his hotline and give him an earful! I know 10 people who would love to have that job! Plus I am sure they would not become bankrupt by giving their customers the appropriate amount of barbeque sauce for their 20 pc. chicken nugget meal! My son loves those nuggets and we have to sign a bill of rights to get two packets out of those cheap skates! Argh....
    I hope you dining experiences are better in the future and I hope your holidays are "living beautiful". Merry Christmas Anne

  8. Reading your gremlins makes me smile, that's my son's favorite word ever since he watched that show about the gremlins.

    Hearty Pink, come and see when you get a chance.

  9. I KNEW I needed to copy and save my comment before I went further. I lost it - just disappeared into white space . . . not even an error message. Huh! How about that. And, it's always hard to come back and repeat the thoughts when they flowed from my fingers to the keyboard anyway. Let's see - Love the apron you're giving away this week. Oooo. I'd like that one. I'm so glad LV won an apron. I just love that she blogs and her attitude about it. Why won't our husband's believe us? And, pie anytime of day is fine with me. Pie before the meal is good too. Just wish I wouldn't do those kind of things so often. Ugh. WW - that's a good idea. I enjoy seeing you around the blog world by your icon. I'm pinking by 4's today since I'm link #104, that's how I got to stop by. Good to see you again! Take care! Hugs, Jenn (I'm copying my comment just in case. I use open ID and it gets dicey sometimes.)

  10. You are so kind to have this giveaway.I think pie first too. Laura

  11. Connie, I want to state on this post about that adorable apron
    I recieved from you. I haven't seen anything so sweet. Thank you so much, My neighbor said she goes
    to craft shows and has never seen someting this cute.. Thanks so much, you made my Christmas. Best wishes to you and all you wonderful bloggers.

  12. I adore aprons! I love to bake with my little girl and we always make a mess! We keep saying we need to buy some aprons, but we just have not got around to it! I would love to win this apron! It would be my very first one! Exciting!

  13. My daughter would love this apron and her birthday is coming up. It would be awesome if I won and could gift it to her.

  14. hahhhaaa...I like pie for breakfast, too...and cake..cookies...:))

    Cute apron...I sure am enjoying the one I won from you. You were so sweet to offer these to all of us.
    xoxo bj


  16. Merry Christmas Connie,
    Loving the apron, my quest's
    all made a comment. When I said I had won it they couldn't believe it..
    We have a Restaurant here , the people that work there have one oar in the water. If you know what I mean. Tolally incompetent and
    just don't care.

  17. I love your aprons. I wear an apron every time I cook so at least twice a day. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Happy Pink Saturday. Hugs. P.S> please stop by Katherines Corner and add your lovely blog to my new blog list page ( if you haven't already) and don't forget to enter the Tis The Season Giveaway it ends tonight.

  18. what kind of pie for petes sake???


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