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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shopping My Garage Sale for Pink Saturday 9/4/10

Welcome to Pink Saturday once again. Remember to visit with Beverly of How Sweet The Sound and view all of the participants.


Remember the garage sale we had in July? Well, I do and I also remember rescuing a couple of things I'd forgotten I had. This little pink and white plaid blanket was one of them. How could I get rid of this I ask you? It's so sweet, and I just may throw it over the back of the new slipcovers.

It looks as if some young girl may have stitched her initials on a small piece of cloth and then attached it to this blanket.

I just couldn't sell it or give it to the thrift store so it remains in this house looking for a spot to rest. KME, I wonder who she was. Sweet embroidery.

Random Thoughts:

Sherry from Country Wings in Phoenix said "A piece of art inside our home. Who would have thought that banners once used for sales and birthday parties would become a piece of art inside our home?" She's right. We now view them as art. I love the way she put that. What a wise and thinking woman she is.

I went to a restaurant recently and most of the items on the menu were spicy. I've never been fond of spicy foods and less so as my body ages! Even the salad dressings are jalapeno, spicy, hot, etc. I just want a salad with vinegar and oil, or a steak with seasonings that won't make my mouth a flame thrower. What is it with everyone wanting hot or spicy even on their burger, sandwiches and salads, for Pete sakes?

And speaking of restaurants, they are many moms and dads that are trying to fool us into believing that their kids don't usually act like brats at restaurants and home. I don't buy that for one minute. Personally, most of the kids I've seen are right up there with the monster in Alien. Terrorizing the patrons, running around like brats. The parents are chasing and threatening them but you can tell it means nothing to them. They know their parents and know nothing will happen. But each parent tries to make us believe they get discipline at home. The proof is in the way they run through the restaurant. I've been there also, MOMS, and my kids got taken out and bottoms paddled. They either sat there politely or they were marched out to the car.

I was listening to the radio on the way to Boise recently and heard a man talking about Finland. It was recently listed as the best place to live. Let me give you some facts about this.

They have little of the technology we have here.
They gasoline/petrol costs about $6.00 a gallon.
They live in log homes with tiny rooms.
A load of bread is $4.30.
A liter bottle of water is $3.75
Simple small log home with 5 bedrooms can cost $1,100,000.
Schools are free.
University is free.
Medical care is free.
They are charged an exorbitant rate of taxes with an extra VAT of 23%!!
A fast food hamburger is $4.50
They have one of the highest tax rates in the world.
One man said "Our schools, universities and health care are free." Oooooh, no they're not. He's paying exorbitant taxes for that "free" stuff.
Ohhh, and also they have an enormous rate of alcoholism in Finland. I kind of guess that says it all right there, huh?!

I love the USA, a country founded on Christian principles. It is by far the greatest country on earth and I and my family can attest to it having been many places in other parts of the world. I get upset when I hear people bashing this country or longing to live in an exotic country that they dream about being good and wonderful. Give it a try sometime and see how fast you return to the good old USA! It's a God-given country for freedom of religion. I could go on and on but you'd be bored.

The truth is never popular.

With that I'm going to give you some eye candy, chicks!

My personal favorite.



  1. I wish I had the vision those interior designers do!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share today. I just love it as always. Now isn't that little pink and white checked blanket just the sweetest darn thing? Perfect for the table during the holidays. I would love to see that with red accents for Christmas, I love it.

    I am not one for spicy foods either, but they sure are popping up everywhere. The other day I went to the deli to buy some turkey lunchmeat and she asked if I wanted the Blazin spicy or the regular? Blazin spicy, now I ask you why would anyone want a sandwich that opens your sinuses and makes your eyes water? Everybody is trying to get in on the HOT market.

    I don't know how many times this Mom asked Johnny to sit down and quit staring over the booth at us. Johnny must have kicked my butt a hundred times through the booth, not to mention blowing my hair with his breath. Johnny knew she wasn't going to do anything.

    I'm with you sweetie...I don't know how anyone can afford to live in Finland. Outlandish prices. WOW.

    Now as for the rooms. My vote is for #4. I love it. Right down to the cherry blossoms on the coffee table.

    Thanks for sharing sugar. What a beautiful share as always. I hope you have a beautiful Pink Saturday.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. all the pink rooms! So pretty.

    As for the kids these days...I remember just what you remember...either our kids behaved or out to the car they'd go! But it's society's fault and the child services that butt into our lives these days and try and make us 'best friends' to our kids instead of the disciplinarians were supposed to be!!! And it sucks!

    Oh and jalapenos should be used in Mexican foods...but I do like 'em on a burger. LOLOLOL

    Texas Longhorns

    Have a great weekend

  4. I'm lovin' your pink blanket, I think it would look great as a tablecloth too! I agree with your thoughts about children these days... isn't that why there's so much padding on the butt? :@)

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Connie! Love those Pink rooms great pictures. Grace xoxox

  6. What a sweet blanket. I don't know how you could ever have thought of getting rid of it. I love those pink rooms. The eye candy really gets my heart pumping on the Pink Saturday.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  7. Wow - I love that last room - don't know what's happening but I'm drawn more and more to "mid-century" modern...especially when I see it in pink! Good thing, too - 'cause my husband and friends are all mid-century modern! xoxo Nancy

  8. AMEN!! sweet Connie ... this is a country to be proud of & support ... we are so privileged to live here.

    Love your pinks. Oh, yes, Sherry has a way of recognizing things so beautifully in word, doesn't she.

    Have a beautiful & safe holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  9. Thanks for all the eye candy! I love me some pink!!

    Happy Holiday Weekend,

  10. I really enjoyed reading this posts! So many
    things ring true! Love the pink rooms too!
    Thank you for taking the time to write it!

    Flora Doora

  11. Connie, I just left a message but....where is it? I think I clicked off thinking I was done and then the word verf. thingy came on..too late.

  12. Dear, Sweet Connie....First Happy Pink Saturday and second I am standing up and cheering wildly and agreeing with everything you said, starting with badly behaved youngn's in this spoiled country of ours.

    My children were loved with every fiber I have, but they were well behaved....I can proudly say that never did they misbehave in public....if they had, they would have been promptly removed from the scene. We taught them VALUES! And, maybe that is one small reason each are successful in their own lives today...and each of their children are polite and responsible and growing up with VALUES.

    I had people coming up and saying what beautiful and beautifully behaved children I had. Parents that do not teach their children are shameful. Maybe they were no taught? I often look at them in wonder.....wondering why they have children.
    When I am shopping I am appalled at the language that is now typical of the vulgar, disrespectful of all around them, how degrading to the country. Yes, I am a grandmother, these youngsters would look at me and say old and out of touch...thing is I may be getting up there, but I am very much in touch because of my own children and theirs. I don't understand how we went so far away from our priciples that made this country what it is...of course, we have heard from those in power for the moment, say we do not have to be #1 in the world? Why would we, who have fought so hard through the generations to be strong, safe and good to the world and #1 not want to continue? It is that same attitude that I see from the naughty, undisciplined children.
    Thank you Connie for having the courage to say it and say it well....What is going on is not pink and pretty!

  13. Love the blanket and the last picture of the pink room is my favorite. Loved reading your post today.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  14. Ohhhhh, what fancy rooms Connie! I think I like my sweet cottage style decorated via yard sales better LOL! LOVE your sweet pink blanket. I would never give that up either! Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs, Patti

  15. Connie love the little pink blanket and I love the story of kids. I was fortunate enough to raise my kids with manners and discipline and just yesterday, my dil made my gd get off the computer and said " Don't you know it's impolite to get on the computer when there are guests in the house. No grumbling from her, she just got off of it and came over and hugged me and said I love you granny. They go out to eat at least once a week and there are no elbows allowed on the table, so they have done well also. Guess I'm one of the fortunate mothers who can say, I was always at ease in a restaurant with my children. Love and hugs, Pat
    ps. Love the pink and white living room. I picture my craft room all white and pink.

  16. Hi, Connie,
    I couldn't get rid of that sweet pink plaid blanket either. I like it just draped over a chair. I love America, too. I am an American gal through and through and could never imagine living anywhere else. Thank you for coming by to visit me and for your kind comments always~Happy September to you~love and hugs~Vicki

  17. Hi Connie!

    I heard the same thing. I agree, it isn't free, they pay for it in taxes. My relatives in Canada say the same thing to me about health care (they want us to move back - I was born there but lived here most of my life), it isn't free, they are taxed for it. Our country may not be perfect, but it is wonderful to me!!!! I, also, hate when people bash our country. It is the best!

    Love the pictures!!!!!!! Love that blanket! I wouldn't mind having one just like it. I just love throw blankets. i just put one around the little mom as she was cold to the touch.

    Have a good evening!

  18. OH Connie, I loved your random thoughts today..(I always enjoy them)..but today you hit a nerve or the nail on the head..when we were were seen and not heard..especially if you entertained at could come and say hi to the guests and then they went to their rooms..they didn't party with the adults..and kids nowadays have to be in every aspect of what is going on..and they hear stuff and learn stuff they shouldn't be learning at early ages..we no longer hang out with a couple as their kids had to be doing what we were doing..and not going and watching tv or playing with their toys..and we had to entertain them while mom and dad took a break..we didn't go over to entertain the was supposed to be adult time..and we don't do kids at our place as it would freak out our cats and its not equipped for kids..if they can mind and not be climbing on my furniture or touching everything then fine..but you know that never happens..our next door neighbor had to gals over with their kids and they tore up the place and the one mother said to her..that she needed to get used to this..and that was that..well you know my comment...don't invite them over..or lay down the ground rules..pure and simple..can't abide..they don't come me old school.but I don't think kids need to be in the Adults faces all the time..
    2ndly..we lived in italy..and it was not a walk in the was poor..lots of steeling going was not the dream I imagined it would be..I was thrown into a big old dirty filthy city and it was hard for those 3 years..the food was wonderful the traveling was a blast..but I wouldn't want to live there..and oh the healthcare is as you described and it was scary to go into the hospitals..they are like 3rd world countries..just didn't feel sanitary or clean like what we have here.and they don't make appts..they wait for 1st come 1st served..and they have to bring their own bed linens, nightgowns, and food...and you bathe the patient..they don't..and they sandwich them all into a room like sardines..not a pretty site..yeah I love where we live and we need to start standing up for ourselves and pi** on all this being politically correct..or hurting someones feelings..if you don't like that I say merry don't have to..its your right and its my right to say what I want..:) okay..look at what you started.:) lol..I agree with all that you said..have a great weekend.:)

  19. Hello Connie! I am so with you girl! I so love this country and the sad thing is the children are not taught their history properly to understand what they can so easily lose! We don't need that big black hole called the VAT tax!
    Just love the pink pictures too :)
    Hope you're having a fantastic Pink Saturday,

  20. Your vintage blanket is wonderful-and the intials just make it even more special!

  21. Hello Sweets and Happy Pink Saturday! I love your garage sale rescue and the pretty in pink eye candy. I showed off some darling pinks today, I know you have missed them on my site. Hope you are having a lovely day.

  22. So very pretty! Happy Pink Saturday ;0)

  23. Yes, those little ones should be marched out and paddled like my parents did. That said, one should probably be prepared to be reported to CPS. It's ashame.

    Ooooh! I love that first photo - sooo romantic!

    Deborah in NC


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