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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Painted White and Some Random Thoughts

I bought these in June but didn't know what I was going to do with them, but that hasn't ever stopped me yet, and they were a fantastic steal. Squeeeeeal! They are both metal but the small one was tin colored and the large one was a coppery color. I painted them both white and am waiting to receive inspiration.


Random Thoughts:

When we go camping, to look at me is to see the definition of boredom. Luckily, Love Bunny has purchased a camping oven for me. Squeeeeeal!! Now I can take some clay to make little roses for crafting. He does love me so!!!

Several months ago on a trip to Washington to visit our granddaughter we were listening to the local radio station in La Grande, Oregon, about a woman in Oregon begging/panhandling for college tuition by the side of the road. Has she never heard of work?! A new concept, perhaps, for her. She can't get a loan and family gave her as much as they can. Lazy! You want an education, then find a way to pay for it, not beg. Work for it; don't beg for someone else to pay for it.

Mothers remain unshakably convinced of their babies being gorgeous or breathtakingly beautiful even if she lives to be 100 years old and her child has been harrowed by 8 hard decades of gravity and experience. She will also believe that her baby is smarter than other babies. Sadly, time and the child's choices in life usually require her to adjust her opinion on intelligence as she never will in the matter of physical beauty.

Bugs, spiders, birds, etc. will NOT nest on blue. So if you paint the ceilings blue (I use a faint Wedgwood color.) it keeps them away. Great when you have high ceilings, and yes, this works (oh you have an occasional probably colorblind subject, but it does work!!! I just thought I'd share this with you... HUGS, Donna... [This is from a fellow blogger I thought I'd share with you.]

Why do some people not follow the covenant they make in marriage that says for better or worse? I've had friends and acquaintances whose spouses left them when they've contracted a serious illness. It breaks my heart to hear of such things, but I know personally of situations where it has. I know Love Bunny would never abandon me if that happened. I certainly wouldn't consider it if he were struck with a serious illness. What is the matter with some people? Does for better or worse mean just until the going gets rough to some people? It's a covenant you make with God. To some, it is meaningless and that's truly a shame that they can abandon someone so easily.


  1. I read a statistic that men are like 10 times more likely to leave their spouse in the case of a serious illness or injury, than women. SO sad.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I think I will paint EVERYTHING blue! hehehe! I HATE spiders.

    I know people too that have left their spouse once they got sick, and I could never understand how they could live with the guilt. I realize it's life changing and very difficult, but I LOVE my husband, and could never leave him if he got sick. I want to spend every possible moment of my life with him that I can, and I know that he feels the same way.

    I guess maybe they didn't have a good relationship in the first place. It's very sad.

    I can't wait to see what you do with the metal vases! I like them painted white, but then I like almost everything painted white!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. Thanks for the great tip, never new that one!

    Oh, goodness, it's really a sad state when a spouse leaves one that has a serious illness. Heartbreaking. Vows don't mean a thing, sad and awful, I could go on and on. Will stop.

    I love your metal vases Connie, what's the plan, I know have a clever one!

    Have a great day.


  4. Your tins would look great with some labels on them, Connie! I've seen a few blogs where people have done similar {different colored tins, too}. You can print labels off from The Graphics Fairy blog. She offers up so many images for free and many of them are gorgeous French labels that would look wonderful on these. A little Mod Podge and your set. In fact, I have been keeping my eye out for tin containers like these just so I can do that!

  5. You have some great tins. Would love to see your finished project!

    Wishing you a great day!

  6. Hi Connie,
    I don't like it either when I see people begging...I always say if I can get up and commute 5.5 hours a day to work, they can work too.. any job is a good and honest job, begging is not..
    I don't understand it either when a marriage goes sour due to illness, maybe the love was really never strong enough.Very sad indeed.
    so now your for your tins, I love them painted white and I know you will come up with something very creative for them. You could always make your flowers for them and decorate the tin maybe try a mosaic.
    Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

  7. Hello Beautiful Lady...wonderful post! I so agree with it all. Hate to see the begging and I am so grateful my husband believes in for better or worse too. Otherwise, I might have some problems;)
    Hugs, Suzanne
    P.S. Love your whites, too!

  8. Good Morning Sweet Connie,

    Oh my stars do I love how your random mind works!!! My brain opperates in much the same way.

    I completely understand your sentiments about...
    "for better or worse". Some people I fear, truly do feel that marriage is only until things get worse then they get going.! How sad it is, when a spouse becomes sick/ill, and during the time in their life when they need to be able to count on the one they love...that person they love says...."see ya"!

    Oh my, how that other spouse will answer to God for what they have done.

    The pain and devistation that the one who is left behind has to deal with and begin to rebuild from is beyond overwhelming, and seemingly impossible. Yet, with God at their side (and prayerfully that they do have a relationship with our heavenly father???)their moving forward will be a bit better. They merely have to learn how to whole-heartedly trust in our Lord.!

    But I totally get what your talking about. I've seen it happen in the lives of a few of my friends also. One becomes seriously ill, and the other hits the door! Sad...oh how sad!

    Other than that my dear, please have a fabulous day, a peachy keen day, and JOY filled day!!!

    Love & Prayers,

  9. Love the flower buckets! I have over 30 of them (all vintage....) I'm still trying to find a use for them all. One of the biggest ones I plan on usings as a waste bin in my almost finished master bath....Have a great week! I'll get a new post up as soon as my intenet is net at home for a week now!

  10. Love those vases!! Boy you really struck a chord with me today! I totally agree about the panhandler. My husband and I work for everything we have. If we can't afford something, we wait until we can!! Secondly, marriage is a a covenant between a man and a woman and Our Lord. My Mom (bless her heart) stood by my Daddy while Alzheimer's destroyed his brain and his body. She fed him, changed his diapers and made sure that he was comfortable. She let him know every hour of the day that he was loved by us all. If you have ever seen two little old people in love, it is the most precious sight.

    I'm in your "camp" Connie! Now about that hamstring? What did you do to it?? Hope it's better soon dear friend!!

    Lots of love and healing thoughts,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Hi Connie,
    I agree with all the gals, "We did say, In sickness AND in health"... If it were true real LOVE they wouldn't leave! and NO Begging! LOVE those white flower containers, I think you should keep them neutral and add the color with "FLOWERS"...Once I bought a flower vase that I really loved that was beautifully decorated, WELL I couldn't ever use it for flowers because they always clashed with the painting on the outside of the vase, so I just display it empty... I'm anxious to see what you'll do with them...
    Giant HUGS, Donna


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