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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Prize, A Birth and a Tribute

The winner of the Cottage Charm Giveaway of 6 paper roses is

Debbie of Debbie-Dabble

Congratulations, my sweet chick!!

Oh, and for those of you who commented on my Pink Saturday post about the paintings, the artist is Marty Bell (she's a fantastic artist), not Thomas Kinkade. I didn't think to mention her name and didn't mean to mislead you.

Now for the 2nd event...

Fresh from Heaven

Introducing our first great grandchild—a great granddaughter. After having gone through 9 months of trying to select a name they've decided on Caroline, probably Caroline Emperatriz. When I told Love Bunny today, he replied, "Huh? That wasn't even on the list? Where'd that come from?" Total surprise after Isabella, Violet, Natalia and numerous other names. But it's a beautiful name. I told Mandy I was going to call her Rosebud, and she said, "Nana, you can call her anything you want." Great grandmothership has its privileges. :-) I think her little mouth looked like a little rosebud in the womb. I think she's a beauty and there is absolutely no prejudice in that statement, right? :-)

Here she looks like she's smiling at her mom on the right. I'd recognize that nose and cheek anywhere! ;-)

She has light reddish brown hair just like her mom did when she was born 30 years ago. Her dad is from Guatemala and has black curly hair and he's very pale. So she's Hispanic on both sides of the family!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our military fighting men and women for the sacrifice they give for this darling little baby above and me, hubs, and the rest of the U.S. for protecting our freedom. Tears roll down my cheeks at the thought of what they endure for me. I am so grateful for them and their wives, husbands and children who allow them to do this. I can't imagine what they go through when they lose one of them. I've been fortunate that the Marines and Sailors in my life have returned. I don't think some of us realize what it is like for these families. I would gladly pay more in taxes if these men and women could pay absolutely no taxes for the years they are in the service.

I was thinking about them yesterday as we were driving to WM. Did you realize that during World War II we here in the USA couldn't even purchase candy bars or chewing gum? It was all saved for our troops. It wasn't even available, but some of the troops would send care packages back home to their families of chocolate bars. Even fruit like bananas weren't readily available either and you had to be the first one to the store when and if they happened to get them. How fortunate the people today can freely have what we sacrificed for our men and women fighting for us.

As so many of us believe today, freedom and justice and good will prevail. I know Jesus Christ is in charge here and when He comes it will be glorious beyond all imagination. I pray that day comes quickly. My tears wet my desktop this day for all the love I feel for those military men and women.


  1. What a doll baby...she's so pretty, how much did she weigh, we need the vital stats, great grandma...I remember when our first great grandbaby was was heaven on earth. I know you are proud beyond measure that she is here and that all is well with Mom, baby, and Daddy.
    Sometimes we forget Daddy.LOL
    I stayed up a little late hoping to catch her birthday post. grin!
    I am so happy for you...
    btw..I posted the second time on Pink Saturday because I had never been to a party before and did'nt know what to do...
    love ya, kiddo..

  2. Hi Connie! Caroline is BEAUTIFUL!!! How wonderful that you are blessed with a great granddaughter! That is just wonderful! I've missed you and need to spend some time catching up. Rachel is not married yet, thank goodness, but time sure does fly when we're having fun!!

  3. what a cute little great granddaughter..I like the name as well..Tell Love bunny thank you for his service..and our military folks are in our prayers on a daily basis..:)

  4. She's a beautiful babygirl! Congratulations!! XX

  5. Caroline is absolutely perfect. Congrats great grandma! I never knew that about the candy bar and gum...

    Congrats to Debbie also. She is such a sweetie!


  6. Beautiful babe and name! Enjoy!
    and kudos for mentioning our troops. Yes, IN GOD WE TRUST!!! and thank you for all we have due to them!!!! Past and present! You should read: Once upon a town! You would enjoy the WWII memories of our great nation - when we all worked together!

  7. A huge congratulations....absolutely adorable...Caroline is a fabulous name!! Great Grandma...WOW and with fantastic eyelashes :)
    Enjoy the rest of your Memorial DAy weekend...lovely tribute!!
    xOxO Nerina

  8. Ohhhhhhhh...Caroline is a sweetie!! She is adorable.


  9. Hi Connie,
    OHHHHHHHHHH your new great grand daughter is gorgeous beyond words. Her features are simply perfect. Love how she is looking over at her mother. So sweet! Blessings to you all!

    Thank you for the dear tribute for this Memorial Day weekend. You know how I feel and second all that you write.
    Have a safe and happy weekend. God Bless America.

    Love, Celestina Marie

  10. Connie, what a little beauty! You must be so thrilled with this sweet g/g/daughter!

  11. Connie, congratulations. She is a little angel. I am so green with envy. I love the name they picked Caroline, it sounds so demure yet strong. What a heavenly gift you have received as did her parents. Love and hugs to all of you. Pat

  12. Congrats, congrats, congrats on your lovely rosebud.

    In honor of Memorial Day weekend, I volunteer at an annual Survivors gathering in Washington DC and try to spread the word.

    Please remember those they leave behind. TAPS ( offers resources and hope. They help our military's precious loved ones heal and thrive if tragedy strikes.

  13. Congratulations on the new baby, what a beauty! Makes me want another one. Thanks for the sweet words about the military, we live in a military town and almost everyone I know is either in the military or once was! How much they have done for our Country. Have a great weekend!!! Kathy

  14. Hi Connie :) Oh my, what sweetness is she!! She is adorable! Congrats to you Great Grandma!! And to your whole family :)

    Warmest Hugs, Brenda

  15. Caroline is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl!Congratulations to everyone and I am so glad that mommy and baby are doing so well:)

  16. Hi Connie, she is adorable!!! How precious, and I love that you will call her Rosebud....she sure is one! I still can't believe you are a great grandmother, wow, you look marvellous!!!! congratulations!
    Margaret B

  17. What an adorable baby girl and I love her name too!! Connie, I too long for our Lord's return!! Until then, we will wait patiently and stay happy and hopeful and you will be enjoying each precious moment with your new little one!! Happy Memorial Day!! Remember to fly our flag!

    Susan and Bentley

  18. What a gorgeous little babe.. and caroline suits her ... mind you rosebud fits too! lol

    My little boy loves playing soldier and I fear that when he grows up he might want to take it further... there is a town over here in England that pays tribute to the military dead that fly into the airbase near them and they crowd the streets to pay last respects on behalf of us all... the religious group did threatened to stage a demonstration on those days, but thankfully they did not... I hate to think what could have happened.. we do seem to accept and allow minorities to walk all over us but on this occassion I don't think we would have been walked all over...
    the reason for our boys and girls being over there is constantly debated but at the end of the day they are there and we should all be proud of the sacrafices they make to protect our freedom..
    but on the whole the british people are apathetic about most things with it all being to much of an effort... so sad and something I fight hard to change in my own every day way...

    big hugs

  19. Oh what a sweet blessing, congratulations on your new grandchild!!

    I'm glad i found you blog, it's so inspiring!

  20. Oh she is beautiful!

    Congrats to Debbie!

    I am just getting around to PS! on Sunday....Better late than never..right?

  21. Hello Connie Dear!

    Little Caroline is precious! Yes, her sweet lips look like rosebuds! Congratulations Great~Grandma! You must be proud and what a wonderful day it will be when she is blessed!


  22. Oh, Connie!! Congratulations, Great Grandma! Little Caroline is absolutely beautiful! Look at that little darling! She looks so alert too! I love it - straight from Heaven! I'm so proud for you and hope your grand daughter is doing okay.
    Congratulations again. She's adorable!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Connie, I LOVE that name Caroline, my daughter's name, my Mother's name.

    Miss C is absolutely pink perfection, Connie ... how blessed you all are ... & now you are gr-gr'ma. Congrats & blessings to the entire family.

    You may wish to pop over & take a peek at my write today, sweetie.
    Please express our deep appreciation for the service the men in your family gave for us.

    We bought our poppies today when we went to breakfast after Mass.

    Hugs of love, Marydon

  24. Caroline is so lovely...just as lovely as her name. What a joy she will bring to all of you.
    Congrats to Debbie, she will the package coming her way.
    Thank you for a beautiful tribute to those who have given their all for our freedom. We are a blessed country indeed.

  25. Your little Caroline is beautiful! It's hard to believe that you are a great grandmother. Congratulations to your whole family on her arrival. Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  26. She is beautiful! My middle name is Caroline, after my grandmother who was named Caroline. And my great-niece is also named Caroline. It is a big name in our family.


  27. I love the name Caroline and Rosebud..Congratulations on this precious little girl! Have a great Memorial Day~ xo, ann

  28. How lucky to have a baby .They are the best. Come visit. Laura Q

  29. Amen!
    Jesus is our true freedom and I am anxiously awaiting the day He arrives and frees us from this planet!!
    What a beautiful, heavenly, Rosebud Caroline!
    How blessed you are, not only to have children, but grand-children, and now great-grandchildren!!
    My father is a vet from the Army, as are many of my relatives.
    I even have my uncle's WW II uniform!
    Tear roll down my cheeks, too, as I love those soldiers who put their lives on the line for mine!
    This was a sweet post, chick ;)
    Hugs to you!

  30. Oh my gosh! What a beautiful little girl! She is perfect looking and I think Rosebud is a darling nick name. She is so alert and lovely, I can't believe she is a new born. Picture perfect! How excited you must all be.

    Love your tribute to the men and women who protect us, save us and fight for us.


  31. Connie,
    I am so excited to have won your giveaway!! Yippee!!

    Congrats on your precious great grand baby!!


  32. Congrat's to you G-G !! as my Kailee calls her Great Grandma.
    Congrat's to the winner of your roses...
    Deb :)

  33. OOO, your new baby is so precious. That little rosebud mouth, that pink "so soft you can't even feel it" skin, and I just KNOW how sweet she smells....ummmm...there's nothing in this whole wide world as sweet as a baby. Ya'll are gonna have her spoiled rotten...I just know it. And...won't it be fun!
    Ain't live grand!!
    xo bj

  34. Congratulations Great Grandma! Miss Caroline is wonderful, adorable, sweet, charming, pretty and cute as a button! What a sweetie.

  35. Hi Connie - Came across your blog through Shelia and thought I would check out the new baby. She is gorgeous. I am a new nana as of May 20/10 so I am still 'over the moon'.You have a great looking blog. Love the photos. I'd say drop by but besides my busy life and my dish-addiction,you will have to like cats (just a warning). Enjoy that baby. Deb =^..^=x5

  36. Baby Caroline is sooooooo beautiful! Just an adorable little Rosebud with such dainty features. She is such a lucky little dumpling to have YOU as her Great-Grammy! Now, what else was this post about? Caroline just eclipsed everything else!!

    Oh yes, our dear military ~ very touching.

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  37. Oh, she's BEAUTIFUL!!! So glad I checked to see if you'd posted pictures - since I'm so keeping up on blogging these last few months! lol Congrats again, Great-Nana!


  38. Precious Rosebud! Congratulations Connie! Rachaelxo


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