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Friday, April 2, 2010

Studio Shelves Redo and A Bouquet of Roses

At the risk of sounding redundant, I'm partly done with the reorganizing of the studio (that's what I'm calling it from now on). There was a lot of stuff I've had to take to thrift stores, sell on craigslist and make room for with the garage sale Love Bunny wants to have in the spring. There is still more I can't find ANY room for in the house.

Redoing the studio this time has taken rather a long time—and I'm still working on it—because I want to take the time to stop and think about what I need and don't need and will be tossed out. Also I want to make sure it suits me this time. But I thought I'd give you just a small peek at what the shelves are looking like so far. There is much more to do throughout the whole room.

I found this little garland at Hobby Lobby, which is new to our area and the only one in Idaho so far. Then I got a 500 yard spool of curling ribbon because I want my area I am in the most to be cheery and girlie. I made little curls to hang along the 2 extra shelves Love Bunny put up in there for me recently. I want it to look like I'm having a party, girls! :-)

Oooh, and the little vintage clock is done and I shan't miss another bedtime pill taking from now on. The little pink roses on top! ;-)

And a bouquet of roses to take to our granddaughter. I may sell these as bouquets so stay tuned if you have any interest in them.



  1. My stars...Connie amor, now wonder you love to spend time in there...look at all those treasures, what fun you must have creating in there! Besos, Rose

  2. Looks like a great, organized and pretty space! Love the garland!

  3. Perfectly Pink Organization! I'm inspired!

  4. WOW! Your craft room is so beautiful! I don't think I would ever leave it. I would tell my husband~~kitchen what kitchen :)
    Have a beautiful day and a happy Easter,

  5. Hi Connie, It's me the Pink Hater, come for a visit!!

    We have something in common - organization!!! Tres chic!!!!!

    I have other pink blog friends, so don't think I won't be stopping by.

  6. Hi Connie, I love how everything turned out. The shelves are terrific and so organized which I love. Everything is right at your fingertips and so pretty too.
    Love that little clock with the addition of roses.
    Happy Easter my friend.
    Love, Celestina Marie

  7. I love the way you have organized everything by color - that makes so much sense. Your studio is awfully pretty, Connie.


  8. are the queen of muchness. Love your studio. Now get over here and help me with mine! I hope you and yours have a fabulous Easter weekend.xoxo

  9. I'm in awe Connie...I love your studio. Any chance you can come to Wisconsin and help me with mine? First I have to find a room tho...darn, guess I could kick Cassie or Mark out of the!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  10. Great Job Connie chickee! ok, I am a little scared to ask this.... well here goes... Connie- Just how many CLOCKS DO you have girl??? You are making me itch!
    But I really wish a little of your organization and computer skills would rub off on meee!
    Sparklee Hugs,
    Tobi and the pixies...knee deep in cluttery goodness!

  11. Love your craft area... so froo froo! Your roses are so pretty... I used to love making tissue paper roses. Your little clock is so pretty.... wake up! wake up! Take your pill!

  12. Connie, you are a lady after my own heart. I try to stay organzine also and love being in my craft room, but not right now. As soon as I get to move back into Al's house, my bigger craft room should be almost complete, so organzing will be re-done. I just love the way you label your colors. I put mine by holidays and colors. I have almost 100 cubes right now just waiting to be put in order, then giving away some of the things that I have too many of. If there is something you Need, let me know, I probably have it. I have a box full of sample fabric pieces that are large enough to cut out the flowers or use on journals. Happy and Blessed Easter, Pat

  13. Sweet Connie, you are the girliest girl I know....I love everything you do...and you have the kindest heart I have ever seen..
    sistah glenda~*

  14. Looks great--very cute!

    Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Easter. Come say hi!

  15. Wow Connie that is a lot of stuff. You have arranged it all so beautifully. The clock turned out so cute.

  16. Well there is no doubt about it! Your space is VERY girly and beautiful. I love the little pink clock. So you!...and me.


  17. Hi Sweet Sis! I'm back home and trying to catch up on all the housework, blogs, Easter, etc! Hope to be into the chats tomorrow ~ tell all the girls hi for me til then. I soo love the fun progress you are making on the studio! Gotta laugh tho, because I read your post about your dry dry cracking fingers, then quickly looked at the pic, and thought, my gosh, she is shriveling away! I didn't realize those were latex gloves at first ~ silly me!! Love your modpodged clock!! You ROCK!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  18. The studio redo looks fab Connie. So pretty and girly - just like you!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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