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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gorgeous Papers #2

Even more gorgeous papers for you to view. This one is a gorgeous Christmas-y one, but I think it could be used for just about any occasion. After all, holly is just a lovely plant of red berries, and white evergreens (is that an oxymoron?) are abundant in many shabby, romantic homes all through the year and doesn't have to signify Christmas altogether. I'd certainly use it all through the year.

For the bird and nature lover. Notice the little bunny at the bottom.

For the lover of old ledgers.

Isn't this a lovely shade of green that complements the fruits exquisitely?

This one would be perfect for a lover of Victorian wallpaper and old wishing wells.

Lovers of all things french and that lovely "french blue" would find a good use for this paper.


  1. Connie! I just looked at your Laundry Room photos... GORGEOUS! Gee, if I could do laundry in this room, maybe doing this chore in this environment would be a pleasure! You are truly gifted to have decorated it in this fashion -- it looks like it is from a magazine. Thanks for sharing the pics!
    Best regards

  2. These papers are just lurvly! Thannkie for sharing :) Hope you are staying warm!


  3. What different and equally lovely designs. The French one is beautiful....very um, French!

  4. Connie, where do you find such lovely papers? I enjoyed this so. Thanks for sharing
    and have a fabulous Day.


  5. I love all of this paper. I have several of them - just waiting to be created into something special.
    My crazy bird is back! UGH!

  6. Hello Connie; OH I so love those gorgeous papers... they are just too too much.. I could find lots of ways to use them....


  7. Connie, I just scrolled down to check out your posts I have missed. thank you for your sweet comment and I am sorry I have not been over to see you. Time has not been kind to me this month but things are looking up.

    I love the book case change. Your living room is charming. I love the NEST sign on your fireplace. It really describes your warm decor in that room. I too love the chairs. Beautiful fabric.

    I got the biggest kick out of your hair post. I know how hard it is to take a mirror photo. Your hair looks great. Keep tipping your hairdresser. smile. I will look for that hair product.

    I bet you got a kick out of taking photos of the young men. It looks like all had a great time enjoying your hospitality.

    The papers are very beautiful. Where did you find them? Are they scrap book papers? So pretty. I know you are loving them.

    I better close and get visiting or I will never get to everyone. Sigh.

    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Hey Honey. I'm so happy to hear from you. Thank you for understanding my sorrows and riding that long post out.

    The grass will come back just like it did last year, it will be green but 80 percent dollar weeds. LOL. Well at least it's green. But I just didn't want to try anymore because I was so depressed because of the way it looks up close. I cried! But what can you expect after letting it go during 2 years of drought. I though if I stopped maybe it would push Neil out of his depression if he had to get up and out of the house. Didn't work and even though I really understood his depression, I then got angry after a couple of years and I was trying to help him. I thought maybe I was just taking away all the need for him to be useful so I changed my tactic and now the yard shows it. Oh and all those lovely oak trees are the most screwed up trees I've ever seen. The leaves really start falling soon and will fall until May or June. There's a lot of them. Do you know how to turn leaves into gold. I don't think I'd make much off composting them and selling them, Ha-Ha.

    Sorry to take up your whole page, but I Love You....Tracy :)

  9. Connie, you have some really beautiful paper. I think I have too much, but one can never have enough paper.
    Still feeling very sick, but I should know something on Friday when they get the results of the second round of tests. They put me on another antibiotic that is stronger than the first, so I have been staying in bed most of the time. I am just about finished with my giveaway, so Al will be able to mail it in case my doctor puts me in the hospital. He said if this dose doesn't work, he will have to so as not to dehydrate any further and find out why my red blood cell count is low. I hate hospitals, having spent most of my time for 5 straight years in them, but right now, I think I would welcome it, if it makes me get better. Love and hugs, Pat

  10. Well Connie, I just posted, but not sure what happened. Love all the paper you have. Wish I could say I feel like crafting---well I do actually, but my infection just won't go away and now I am on a second round of a different antibiotic and since my red blood cell count is low, I am having a hard time with this. I am tired, weak and sleepy all the time and the meds make me sicker. Will know something on Friday after my doctor gets the results of the second test and culture. Love and Hugs, Pat

  11. Beautiful papers, Connie. I agree that first one could be used year around. I hope you are having a lovely week, sweet friend! Vicki

  12. Hi Connie, Those are very, very cool! I bought a bunch of new papers last weekend. Now if only I can find the time to sit down and work with them. A million ideas in my head but first I have to make some pillowcase dresses....getting those little girls all ready for Easter.

  13. What a lovely blog! Thank you for your comments on my poetry and I will be looking for your e-mail. Kerrie I am following now.


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