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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Celestial Home and Celestial Language for Pink Saturday 6/6/09

I've said many times that my home is a refuge from the world. It is. In doing some reading lately I want to speak to the issue of beautiful homes and beautiful language.

I know of a man who determined to please his wife by sharing a specific compliment each night as he returned home from work. One night he complimented her on her cooking. The next night he complimented her on keeping a lovely and clean home for their family. Another night he complimented her on her sweet influence on their children. Then one night before he could speak she told him she was aware of what he was doing and thanked him for it but she then said, "Don't say any of those things to me; just tell me you think I'm beautiful." Captured my heart! I praise hubby regularly for being such a good provider for us and I sincerely mean it. He works hard so I'm able to stay home and take care of it and him.

As my close friends know I am a stickler for proper language. Oh, I sometimes slip and say a bad word but I know better. I hear filthy language all the time when out shopping or in some restaurants. It's become the "cultural" thing to do. My advice is "stop it" and stop it now! It shows ignorance when we use filthy language and allow others in our presence to do it. I've heard conversations that include the word "like" so many times I thought I'd scream. Yes, it's the teenagers and young adults and they have no verbal skills whatsoever. It shows that the teachers are not teaching them proper language skills or correcting them because it's "insensitive" to do it. Rubbish. I correct people as much as I can without being totally obnoxious. I think it's very sad that as an English speaking country we can't form proper grammar in our sentences. And the fact is that they have no clue they are incorrect!

Let's talk about music now. I am in shock at some of the songs I'll hear from MP3 players or at some homes today. (By the way, "awe" means a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear OR wonder. It does NOT mean what the cultural norm is intending it to mean today. I refuse to use it in any other way than what it is supposed to mean. I do not use "awesome!" to describe every little thing that I find astonishing.) Have you ever listened to classical music even by some of today's composers? Beautiful. It will almost always bring me to tears. Shouldn't we be allowing "beauty" in our music to permeate our homes also? I think yes. Your home is only as good as the things you allow in it: music, books, language. Think on it. I want my heart and my mind to be "heavenly" and I strive for it. I am NOT perfect. I happen to love the Air Supply, Dionne Warwick and Credence Clearwater Revival and always will but they don't play on my CD player all the time. The other day I was listening to a blog that had loud music and quickly switched it off. I then found one that had adagio music playing and it brought my heart to tears.

There is a story about Audrey Hepburn when she was making My Fair Lady and she was "disheveled and unpolished" with her face besmirched with charcoal in the opening scene. She told this man, "But I was wearing my perfume and inside I still knew I was a lady." She had to feel self-respect and pride in her appearance even for a movie role. That's how I feel about myself. I must feel clean and good inside.

Let's look at some of these pink rooms in homes.

This one takes pink a step above pink into almost fuchsia. Gorgeous!

A traditional home in pink is a rarity today but oh so lovely. Who says you have to have dark colors in traditional style?

Chartreuse and pink?? Yesssssss!

Movie star gorgeous bathroom. Clean, simple, pink.

A "gray flannel suit" wrapped in pink. Very striking.

The proverbial little girl's room in pink but with a "grown-up" twist.

A library in pink and gray. I truly believe, because some men have told me they love my home, that men do love pink romantic surroundings. The room below is a masculine room as well as a feminine room.

Ditto the above description.

A very inexpensive way to make a dramatic statement in a room.

A tad "Jetsons" style but very cute.

Drama in the dining room here. Very french and froufrou-y pink.

I would probably have fabric on the sides of the windows but I absolutely love this room and would live happily in it. Very stylish.

Random Thought

The world doesn't need any more coarse women. It needs women of virtue, strength and softness.


  1. Connie, I SO agree with your opinion about today's language used by so many!! Bodyparts are shouted all over lately, terrible!! And yes Audrey Hepburn was STYLISH!! she oozed style with whatever she was doing, saying and whatever movie she was playing in. She is still missed by me and many others.

    Also ADORE the pink rooms you showed. so pretty.

    Hugs from Marian

  2. Happy Pink Saturday! I enjoyed viewing all the differnt styles in pink. Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. Hi Connie,
    What a beautiful post full of wisdom & pink bliss!
    A post to make us all stop & think of what we as women can do to make the world a better place & our homes a better place!
    It is so very sad to see how the world has come to accept anything & everything be it good or bad!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie..
    As always, your post is wonderful! I always look forward to what it will be!

  5. Amen to all you musings. I don't have that kind of language or music in my life either. That is what I love about not being in the work world anymore, I can choose what I see and hear at any time. The pink pics are so soothing. What a gift of the men in our lives.

  6. Good morning, I'm stopping by to say hello, and Happy Pink Saturday! Wow, lots of great pink rooms to drool over. Well, I say sh--. It's my word and I know how it sounds. I mean I quit smoking, quit drinking (well, for all intents and purposes), quit eating horrible stuff for me, I believe in Jesus, know I'm saved, I love people and forgive them, I floss, exercise - can't I have 1 bad word?



  7. Three cheers for Connie! Whenever I hear the use of improper grammar it is just like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears. I correct my children CONSTANTLY. I also keep a dictionary right on my computer desk.

    As to the fun pink rooms, I adore them all!

  8. Oh, Connie!

    You're soooo right! No more coarse women. Whew, some of them don't even LEAN toward femininity and loveliness, do they?

    Loved your pinks today. The bathroom with the beautiful mirror was my favorite......and the Jetson's one made me smile. I couldn't live with it, but it was sooo cheery.

    I think you're right about men too. Somewhere inside a man is the joy that they are married to a woman who loves the pretty things they wouldn't be able to enjoy if they were a bachelor. :-)

    Big Pink Saturday Hugs,

  9. Beautiful homes, I love it. Very stylish. Great post.

  10. Hi Connie thanks for the visit. I agree STOP the insanity of foul language, who needs it.
    I like your pink rooms especially the elegent bathroom. TTFN

  11. Lovely pink rooms. I like the "grey flannel wrapped in pink" very much!

    Love the story about the husband coming home each day.

    While I agree with your point about language (my pet peeve? "no problem" instead of "yes."!!!) I fear you might find my pink post today a bit naughty. A delicate balance is probably the best I can achieve.

    Thanks for some good thoughts! Happy pink Saturday.

  12. Connie, well stated! I often correct my own children, even with friends, when they're talking amongst their friends about using "like" too many times. And I agree with the use of bad language in any normal conversation. I, too, choose to keep my home and soul with clean thoughts so that I am not easily influenced by the world.

    Those rooms are beautiful and stylish in their own right, but on that first one, the first description that came to my mind was "awesome" because it is a wonder to me that anyone can truly feel calm in such a room and I fear that if I slept in one, I'd be awake all night! Yikes!!! I like my neutrals when it comes to a bedroom. ;-)

  13. Oh, pretty rooms Connie! Pink can make a space so lovely and enchanting. I like pink in my living room. It relaxes me to be around pink roses and lacey things! Pink Hugs!

  14. hi connie!

    happy pink saturday to you and thank you so much for the super-sweet comment on my blog. it made my pink day!

    loved your pink parade and sentiments.


  15. Look at all of those pink rooms! I love the pink bath...very soothing!

  16. I especially like the gray flannel and pink. Very sophisticated. But I still enjoyed looking at the others. Thanks for sharing.


  17. I so enjoyed your thoughts and postings of pinks today. They were wonderful. Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely weekend.

  18. I loved reading your post on the way our language and interpretation has taken a turn for the worse.

    Wouldn't it be fun to have one of the rooms at least for a little while?

    Enjoy your day!

  19. I totally agree with your observations, and I adore your room sets. That chintzy one is very English. Happy Pink Saturday!

  20. Hi Connie ~ I agree about the way people talk these days. I am so glad I don't have small children anymore - between TV and going out I feel as if I would always have to cover their ears! Happy Pink Satuday.

  21. beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi Connie, I think the photo titled "grey flannel suit wrapped in pink was my favorite room here today!.. but I can definitely dream about a movie star bathroom! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful week!

  23. Language...AND respect... I am lucky to have very respectful kids...

    Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

  24. Hello Connie; Happy Pink Saturday. And yes I agree with you, the English the young seem to think is ok makes me cringe. I could go and slap the English teacher's some times.... Any why, love all the beautiful Pink Photos you shared, just lovely. Have a great weekend.


  25. hello there, I found your blog through Rhea's. Your last post is so true. And yes, please correct my English since it is not my first language. :) I also agree with you that stay at home women are the happiest of them all. I am one also. :) Happy Pink Saturday!! Tereza

  26. Happy Pink Saturday, Words of wisdom! Love that pink bathroom.

  27. I think the story you shares is sweet. Most of the times we often compliment other people base on what they've done. This good. But i guess there are times when people . . . we just want to be appreciated by just being us and who we are :-)

    As to "teenage language" I really wouldn't witness such things since I don't live there. But I do hear it on movies and tv shows.Then again, it's just a movie or tv . . . I guess I thought wrong.

    Happy PS!


  28. Offensive language in public is one of mu pet peaves! I sometimes just do the "stare down" when it is really bad. In my opinion, that is one the differences between just a woman and in being lady. You can't buy class!

  29. The various pink rooms were lovely and really show how pink can be used. I am planning on doing my scrap room in the colors of Neapolitan ice cream soon.

    I too try to keep my language above reproach. I would add to your list that women should dress carefully and not go out in public looking like Rag-A-Muffins.

    The Raggedy Girl

  30. Hey! Happy belated Pink Saturday! You do find the most incredible pics I tell ya'!

  31. Thanks for your sweet comments!
    I love pink too! I'm going to paint my old bedroom furniture pink! I bought some Dutch Boy satin paint at WalMart. The shade is "Pink Slipper." It reminds me of pink cotton candy! Can't wait to get started!
    Your blog is so pretty with tons of inspiration too!

  32. Happy Pinkness to you, Connie.

    I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Your pictures are great. I love the fancy mirror. I collect the 1950's barkcloth and the pinks and chartreuse are my favorites!

    Thanks for talking about your concerns for our world. It's definitely a very deep subject. I definitely have my opinions too but would probably need another blog altogether just for those concerns..LOL


  33. Connie
    beautiful pink rooms, and yes men have always responded positively to my pink home! That is except for the sons! Lori

  34. I thought it was so precious...I just found your site and was looking at the beautiful pictures. My daughters ( ages 4 and turning 7Thursday)saw the pictures of the pink rooms and swooned. They particularly loved the first one.

    What happens when little girls grow up? So often they stop loving beautiful, feminine clothing or surroundings. I just don't understand it!

    Blessings to you as you spread a little beauty in blogland! :)


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