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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day at Macy's and Cute Shoes

Let's begin first with a couple of pink rooms I thought you'd enjoy seeing.

I LOVE this pink bathroom!

This room reminds me of something Sister Parrish would have designed. I loved her decorating.

Yep, as you can see by the police officer, this is a detention center for teenagers. Pink is a calming color for hyperactive children and I love this pink room, but I doubt its occupants would love being here.

Be still my heart! Isn't this bedroom darling?!?!?! I'd love it for myself, not just a little princess.

You would have to be "seriously into pink" to live here and not many men would, but I truly think it's gorgeous.

I went to Macy's in Boise the other day to get some makeup. Actually, I wanted some concealer for my eyes that are getting pretty dang old, chicks! Now, I've recently discovered Bobbi Brown makeup and let me tell you their brand is something else—as in fantastic! I've never had a makeup where they could match your skin shade so well. My foundation shade is cool sand 2.5, but the concealer (pale yellow/cool sand - a 2 part applicaton) and corrector (light bisque—a pink) are altogether different. The makeup artists there are truly well-versed in how to apply makeup. But I'm digressing from the experience.

I simply wanted for them to look at my chart, which is on file, and grab the correct color and pay for it and walk out. Nuuuuuuuu, couldn't be that simple.

The makeup girl was just starting on another woman as I walked up. I said I just wanted to purchase the concealer. It ended up being about 25 minute deal, taking her away from the other woman. I said when I walked up that I was in no hurry and could wait but she spent almost a half hour putting more stuff on me! I apologized to the lady, who was gracious, and tried to get out of there quickly but the makeup artist was having none of that! I was very embarrassed that she took me before that lady.

I ended up with her applying eyebrow color, cheek color, fixing my eyes herself, more foundation to cover what she was doing, mascara, lip color, lip GLOSS, eyeliner and eyeshadow—MOST of which I ever wear! Now, you KNOW I am very brave, or a shameless hussy, if I put a photo on here of what I looked like when she finished and I got home. Okay, it's a very upclose photo and I really don't look quite that red/bright naturally but the flash can only do so much that close up. Needless to say, I put on my sunglasses and went home to immediately wash my face. I'm just not used to a lot of makeup at all and certainly not the "extra" stuff she put on me. I use foundation, concealer, lipstick and mascara when I go out.

Here is all the Bobbi Brown makeup I have as of now. There moisturizer is wonderful also! The little pink container on the upper left is a "face illuminator" my granddaughter sent me yesterday from Seattle and is NOT Bobbi Brown but Wet n Wild MegaGlo. It's very nice also to give a shine to the eye area and conceal the dark areas of the eye. She tries to help me too. She is great at applying or helping me choose makeup. But then she's 40 years younger than me!

Let me just say here that this stuff ain't cheap but it is truly worth it. What you see here is about $240.00 worth of makeup. This includes the eye brush, foundation, moisturizer, concealer and corrector.......oh, and the powder puff. ;-) The Wet n Wild was a gift. Hah!


I found these at WM a couple of days ago and needed a pair of "house shoes" to tromp around in the house since podiatrist said I needed to wear shoes more. Yeah, I'm a barefoot kinda chick, but these old feet need more support so what are ya gonna do, huh??? But when I saw these for $9.00 I knew even Love Bunny would have thought that was a great deal.

And, yeah, that's me with these big feet resting on my desk and yeah, that's a bag of Lay's Maui Onion extra krispy potato chips on the desk. *Sigh*.............


Random Thought:

You younger women will identify with the first part of this but it takes us older women to truly understand.

When we're young women and mothers we are "careful" when we wear white pants, but did you know that us over 60 women have to be just as "careful" when WE wear white also? Hmmmm??? Same area, different location, chicks!!! *Sigh*................... Notice I'm wearing white today in these photos.


  1. Thanks for sharing all the pretty pink rooms. The little girl's was my favorite! The new shoes are too cute, I would have bought them for $9. I'm 34, but completely understand about the shoes. The comfort level for my feet matters to me, especially if I'll be out shopping for a long, long, long time!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend!

  2. Love the WM shoes! Your eyes look very pretty in the photo and thanks for sharing so many wonderful makeup tips. Cute canopy bedroom but pink cell would make me crazy!

  3. Oh Connie you are a hoot...I would have loved seeing you all done up..I love love love playing in makeup and love getting my face done...I am wanting to try that bare naturals stuff they have at macys..but it isn't cheap..will have to go small and work up to your little yellow shoes...have a wonderful weekend..")

  4. Ooo! I just love Bobbi Brown. I used to want to be a make up artist. But my parents made me go to college first LOL. It looks very nice! Expensive make up is totally worth it! LOL Cute shoes too!

    All the best,

  5. My sweet Mumsie has a very pink bathroom! The first image reminds me of home:) Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Oh Connie great post. Favourite part is the last part - definitley the funniest and best part.

  7. Love all the pink rooms, I could totally live in each one, (well not the detention center), but all the others!!! Lovely lovely.
    Have a Pretty in Pink Saturday!!
    ♥ Teresa

  8. Love all those pink rooms! Oh I would have wanted to see how you looked with all that makeup, expensive stuff huh? Have a wonderful weekend!...Christine

  9. I loved that bedroom with the draped bed. It looks so cozy!
    When I switched to wearing Birkenstocks my back and feet felt so much better!

  10. Hi Connie, I am honored to be the first post of the day. I have seen Bobbie Brown make up but never went to the counter. Now I think I will, you look great. Also love the Wally shoes, they were look wonderful in your new bedroom!! Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  11. Stimulating... way to go!

    I've only had my makeup done once and that was two years ago. Well, okay... I had my makeup done for my halloween party last year, but it wasn't pretty if you know what I mean. Eyes look good.

    Shoes! How cute in yellow. I'm scared of colored shoes. Love them, but scared to actually wear them. I suppose I should get over that. lol


  12. Happy Pink Saturday and hugs to K and the entire family! Wow those pink rooms are intense aren't they?

  13. I am so with you on so many things on your post today. I loved every bit of the pink...That canopy bed is to die for.

    I too spend my money and time trying to make the dark circles go away even though I can't remember a time when I did not have them.

    I am also a bare foot girl and your little slippers are so summery sweet and I am going to look for them today when we are out shopping.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    The Raggedy Girl

  14. Your story about the makeup was darling. I love going to the cosmetic department, and Bobbi Brown makeup is awesome. I want to live in that pretty pink Princess room. I'm with you, move over kids, let me have it!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Thanks for taking us on a pink tour! Loved the little girls bed!!

    Too funny and unfortunately, too true about the last part of your post. heheheh!

    Your slippers are very cute!!

  16. Yes...The pretty pink bedroom + adjoining pink bath = Heaven!!
    Happy Pinkness!

  17. I think your eyes look wonderful! I use Bobbi Brown too and Laura Mercier. Have you ever tried her stuff? It's great. HAPPY PS!

  18. Hello Connie,
    Your post is a hoot, as usual! I love visiting your blog. The pink rooms were lovely to see. Thanks a bunch for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday.


  19. The pink rooms are beautiful. I Love the shoes you bought. They look really comfortable. Have a wonderful PINK day..julie

  20. I love all those pretty pink rooms! I think that little girl's bedroom is my fave too. Hmmm, for all the girls that have to sit in the pink cell, well it least it would be complimentary to the complexion! You could actually look good in handcuffs! lol

    I once went to a makeup party that a fellow church member was holding. She was selling a popular products line. Well let me tell you, she put so much makeup on us all that we looked dreadful! Can you say harlot? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of looking like Christian wives? lol Like you, I couldn't wait to get home to wash it all off. She got all the colors wrong too.

    I do like your eyes in that pic though!


  21. What a great pair of shoes! love the bright cheery yellow......I also like your pink pics too......Hugs, Jennifer

  22. Hey Connie;;;; Happy Pink Saturday.
    Love all the Pink Rooms, the living room is my favorite.. OH and your shoes are do die for, love love them. Hey sweetie your eyes looked so pretty, you have such pretty eye brows what a lovely arch in them... thanks for stopping by and sweet comment,, what doll.....


  23. Hey I just might have to try the Bobbi Brown. Great Pink Post today.
    Have a great weekend!

  24. Lovely pink post today! Those rooms are great! I'd go nuts in that pink detention cell. Yikes! Happy Saturday!

  25. How come no one told us what life would be like after 60? Love your blog! Have fun this weekend, Esther

  26. Love your house shoes. When we first got married in our first house it had a pink toilet and sink and baby blue
    Now I guess I would have had a vintage bathroom.

  27. Great shoes! I have heard wonderful things about Bobbi Brown makeup. Since there isn't a place to shop close enough, and since I ended up at a Mary Kay party (realtor's daughter), I found the Facial Highlighting Pen. 10 years gone off my face immediately. That and my hair highlights and lowlights are a must. I will forgo new clothes, food, anything to keep those in the budget. Happy Pink Saturday!

  28. I always enjoy the comments you leave for our dear Elizabethd in France.

    Now ... I realize that you are also a fan of the wise Bobbi Brown. Yes, she still is quite in charge of that line of cosmetics (no matter what the Estee Lauder company might think) and just wants us all to look our best.

    Best wishes.

  29. Happy Pink Saturday!
    I love the first Pink Bathroom! It is my favorite of the ones you have shown.
    The make-up looks good.I met Bobbi Brown when I was 13 at my first fashion show. I haven't worn the make-up since.
    Your house shoes are WAY cute!! I might have to find myself a pair.
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  30. I want to move into that little girl's room too! So cute! I say, if your feet hurt, you're not happy! I LOVE comfy shoes, and those look so cute. I may have to try that makeup. I tend to wear very little makeup, but I know I've reached an age where I need whatever help I can get! laurie

  31. Cute shoes! Happy Pink Saturday.

  32. Make-up and shoes - what could make a better day!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  33. Love all the pink and love your blog...I will be back often.

    I enjoyed reading your blog today.

    I am still new to the land of blog, but so loving reading others stories. Everyone has a story and so many of them are so touching....
    Hope you will stop by for a visit.

    The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners. I will be blogging from Disney World soon...

  34. Oh Connie, those shoes are cute! Your eyes look very pretty in the picture! Happy Pink Saturday!

  35. I swear the dandlions have all but multiplied this year already..and its only gosh..I am running around with my straight head screwdriver digging them out of the ground...the part that sucks though is my neighbors in front of us and the side of us aren't taking care of theirs...but so far mine is winning..just gotta get em while there is only a few..have a great rest of your weekend Chick!!!
    Gina :)

  36. Cute post. I'm a barefoot girl too. I just had a pedicure today........ a little embarrassing for a barefoot girl !
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  37. Ohhh, how fun ~ I've got a sister that is a shameless hussy!! Can you teach me how to be one, too!?!

    I think your eyes & brows look great! I don't wear lots of makeup but never NEVER leave the house without concealer & mascara.

    Cute shoes. I just wore white pants yesterday, too. Had to giggle at your comments!!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  38. Oops, forgot to ask a question about the bright pink living room ~ is that real coral lining that mirror? You know that this inquiring mind will want to know....

    Love ya,
    Angelic Accents

  39. Love all the pink here!!.. and the shoes! I have more fun with accessories than I do the outfit! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hats, purses, shoes, and jewelry!!.. and it's catching up with me. I think I need another room just for ACCESSORIES!! Wouldn't that be awsome?! Do you think Ivana Trump has one or two of these?? Hmm, I wonder..

    Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  40. all those lovely pink rooms, even the detention cell! i never heard of that makeup-i rarely wear any and now that my face is doing lovely things (like roseacea) i need to find some concealer sometimes when i go out. another rare thing since my feet hurt too-i have orthodics that don't fit too many cute shoes of course. anyway, as they say-getting older is surely not for sissies! happy pink week!

  41. Hi Connie,
    Love the pink rooms. Your eyes are lovely and the shoes are so cute and look so comfy.
    You just made me laugh with the makeup counter episode.
    Have a special Sunday.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  42. Connie, I love your posts! They crack me up! The white pants issue... could you please include us 50-somethings? (: Love the shoes!

  43. Pretty pink rooms - love your shoes! Happy Pink Saturday!

  44. Running late this week visiting blogs....Hope you had a Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan

  45. Love the shoes and the pink rooms! Have a good week!

  46. Hello Connie, I'm still making my pink saturday visits. Thank you so much for stopping by. These rooms are all so pretty, even the prison! LOL Love those shoes from Walmart. Are they comfy?
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  47. Hi Connie Happy Pink sat!All those pink rooms are so pretty.Love those slippers.I love that little pic you have on trhe side of your blog that says working on the camper.Its so adorable.First time that had loaded on my computer normaly I get all red xs down the side.Have a great week.Hugs,Jen

  48. Cute shoes.!! I too love that pink bathroom. LOVE LOVE LOVE rooms decorations. Especially the #4 one.


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