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Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting It Off My Chest

Update on our son for 4/12/09

Oh, and just in case you didn't realize this: his eyes are open in the photo of him after the beating.
I chatted with him last night and his voice was stronger but his headache will not subside. He now has vertigo (dizziness) and just can't stop the room from spinning. But he's getting better slowly. He neglected to tell me that the attackers punched his mouth and destroyed some front teeth so he now has 4 temporary caps in there until the permanent ones can be put in. Each day I learn something else that happened. I'll see him this coming week. I thank each and everyone of you who prayed for him and for your remarks. I know prayers work and especially those of a mother for her children. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I just cannot thank you all in person but if I could I would. I also thank those who wanted to send him a personal note at his home. He'll get a kick out of that.

Update on our son for 4/10/09

I am so ready for this season to bloom, aren't you?! A fresh awakening of mother nature. Ahhhh............... I don't think I could post without a picture of eye candy or glorious beauty even as it was singing its swan song last summer.

(Imagine my voice very soft and lovingly saying these following words as that is how it is meant and not harshly stated.) *Smile*

First of all I need to say something in response to Anonymous about her comments and I only wish she would have revealed herself so I could "sympathize" with her (and please, my fellow bloggers don't pick on her because I know she meant no harm or ill will and I certainly have taken none): You are absolutely correct and I apologize. There are absolutely, unequivocally good and bad in every race in this world and absolutely race has nothing to do with it. You would have to know me to know I am no racist and neither is my son. This is not said as a need to defend my beliefs or myself; it's just a simple statement of fact. I never said what ethnic or diverse group they were at all. To assume I meant the group you are mentioning is a great leap because there really is no hint as to which one it is. California is such a mix of different/diverse groups of people it could have been any number of them. As a matter of fact, we are part Mexican and Spanish through some great-grandparents. My grandsons are part Asian. I know it doesn't show in our appearance but it is absolutely there, just the Dutch side appears more prevalent. In my church, you will NEVER EVER hear a word about hate!!! It is all about love for our other brothers and sisters. Always!

You are right: as a people and a nation we are becoming divided. I feel profoundly sad at this. You have no idea how many days and nights hubs and I have talked about this as a family and what we can do on our part to help others come to this realization or the tears shed on pillows as we see these things take place in our beloved and wonderful country. It will not get any better however until there is a turn towards God and we learn to have love in our hearts. No amount of "legislation" can force us to love one another or treat one another equally. It has to come from the heart. This can only happen when we turn to the Almighty Superior Being. Do not argue with me because what I espouse is truth. Have you seen or heard any politician introduce any kind of legislation that makes us love one another more? No! It comes from the heart. No one can have any clue how many conversations, tears and stress this has brought to this family's life or how many pillows have been wet from tears or how many have rolled down my cheeks and dropped onto my shirt on how this glorious and wonderful country is being torn apart from this. Again, it will only get worse. But through all of it I'm persevering on being happy, funny, witty and humorous by following the teachings of my church in that regard.

I cringe when I hear the "apologists" apologize for being "American" or FOR America! Not this woman! This is a God given country to us from God.
He is MY leader! Never apologize for ME for being American. I'm proud of the United States of America. All people are proud of their country and I am no different. It's the greatest country in the world I believe. I know people die trying to get into this country and my daughter-in-law was one of them who surmounted great odds to come here and she has a degree in business from her birth country's university. She's an educated, intelligent, bright and literate woman. Her family tells me that in the country she came from, there are hardly any of them that wouldn't give their lives to come here!! I speak from experience on this one so do NOT doubt me!!! I follow His teachings. I obey the laws of the land as instructed by the dictates of my church. I, for one silly little American woman, am PROUD to be American!! I don't love "races/groups"; I love people. Always have and always will. I look to their hearts. If I don't like you, it isn't because of your color or race or culture; it's because I don't like "you", trust me on this. Love for you? Yes, but not someone whom I might not find much to admire. The spewing of hate we are subject to from the articles I read turn my stomach and sicken me.

Now, since the education is woefully inadequate in this country (no disrespect to teachers at all here), let me clarify one thing: there are only 3 races in the world—caucasoid, negroid and mongoloid. That's it; there aren't any more. You would have to go back to anthropology books about 50 years ago to fully check it out. Mexicans are caucasoid and not negroid/black. This certainly isn't meant to belittle anyone; it's a fact. These "races" are NOT determined by skin color, well, not only and that's the last determination; it is determined by cranial measurements of the skull: forehead, nose and bone. There are "diverse" cultures and ethnic groups within each race. I think we should all be proud of what we are and who we are. Mostly we are all children of God. Be proud of whatever your heritage is. Enough said about this. Be proud to be born OR naturalized as an American citizen!!

Now for the actual update on son. He doesn't need any surgery on face. Just many fractures in the face bones. We're happy for that. Of course, as his mother, I don't see how they could improve on that gorgeous face, which looks surprisingly like mine! But he can talk a bit better and ate some spaghetti, chocolate pudding and some donuts! He is, after all, his mother's son! (I keep my sense of humor through everything, chicks.) He also told his dad, Love Bunny, "they really whupped me, Dad." Still has his sense of humor.

Now I want to copy for you a letter I sent recently to Shelia at Note Songs blog and it is truly my own words and thoughts to her:

Actually, I feel peace at the moment about not hating. It's a very strange feeling because as a mother we all worry about our children and what we would do if someone hurt them. Well, I've been given the test and I think I've survived it well. We watched our church's General Conference this past weekend (it's always the first weekend in April and same in October) and there are always talks about forgiveness. But during this conference it must have settled into my heart silently and eagerly, honey. I can truly and honestly state that I felt not one moment of hate. Anger, yes, a tiny, tiny fraction, but it went away so fast it was almost unnoticeable! It's all very strange to me especially after looking at my baby's face and seeing it so brutalized and hearing him groaning over the phone and all of that. I can't explain it. One would have to experience it to feel it. But I'm at peace just knowing that [son] is alive.

I'll leave you today with this statement in a sweet and loving email from Pat at Mille Fiori Favoriti:

We sometimes can only do small things, but we can do them with great love.

Update on our son for 4/7/09 6:30 AM

Last night my daughter-in-law called and said the police got the surveillance tape and were able to identify 3 of those men who attacked our son and also got the license plate of the car. I'm very pleased.

Son will go to doctor today to see if he is going to need surgery on his face. Not sure why but we'll see. He is still not eating and nauseous even after getting medication for it. I think after an ordeal like that the body just wants to go into "sleep mode" to heal itself and he's doing that almost exclusively! He cannot talk or eat but is sipping water through a straw.

I still want to tell you that I'm feeling no hate for those men. I say this in all honesty. Yes, I cry—A LOT! I didn't know a face could hurt this bad from crying or eyes could be so tender also. But I still feel a little anger. Why not hate and only a little bit of anger when my baby's face and body is so beaten? I think the Lord has stepped in on this one, trust me. We are taught in our church to love every single person and to not hold grudges. I'm not perfect at this, believe me! But if I hold the hate and anger I'm the lower one. This has truly opened my eyes and heart beyond anything I can comprehend. But I tell you this with all the honesty I can muster at this point. I have feelings for their mothers who raised them. I truly want to hate these men but I just simply cannot do it. I sit here typing this with tears rolling down my eyes onto my chest knowing my son wouldn't want this either. We're a strongly LDS family and try to live by my church's teaching no matter how hard it is for the "natural man/woman" in me. l can only weep for those men also. I say these things not to sound "above the fray" but because this are truly and absolutely what is in my heart at the moment.

I want to thank all of you who have prayed for my baby and for your sweet kind words. I have a better insight into these things that happen now and maybe the lesson is for me and me only. I'll try and respond to each of you as soon as I can. Thank you, thank you; I know prayers work because my son is alive!

Update Monday 4/6/09 11:15 am

My daughter and I were skyping today and she's been in touch with my DIL. We were both just sobbing on the video cam talking about this. My son had an MRI last night and there is absolutely no bleeding on his brain so that's an answer to our prayers last night. He is back home but cannot talk. They have a doctor's appointment to talk about surgery on his face. He is on so much pain killers at this point that I hope they are able to make it. My DIL is a very strong woman but her voice was so stressed out last night and I don't want all of us calling her so we're doing it in shifts. She needs to take care of her family at the moment. So we don't want to bombard her with too many calls.

The cops were at the hospital again last night and told them that 2 witnesses stood by and watched this and are willing to testify. (Let me say here I do NOT condemn them in anyway. This would have been terribly frightening if 5 guys were doing this to one man. No anger at those standing by at all.) The girl was terrified, but the others are certainly willing to talk. There were 2 cars and the first car had 5 "diverse/ethnic" men in it. They all jumped out to pound on my child. Witnesses say that he was knocked out for about half a minute and they went over and helped him up to his car. The manager of the convenience store/gas station was off for the weekend but when he comes in today they are going to get the tapes from him to view them and see if they can get some help that way.

My 20 year old grandson had a friend come over to stay with them and protect his mom, other grandmother and his 11 1/2 year old brother. The friend came with a gun because of the threats to our son's family. These are very mature trustworthy young men. My grandson is in college studying to be a pharmacist and is just a super young man. All my grandsons are actually! But when you get threatened in California you cannot depend on the police to protect you every minute. I love and adore any policeman but there is no way they can protect one small family. We've already scheduled to go down there next week and will wait until then unless there is a change in our son. But we have to go down there then so we'll see what happens this week. He's resting now and he needs that and said he doesn't want any visitors. I'm respecting that at the moment but reserving my rights as his mother to change at any given moment.

If you are interested you can look back as I'll be updating regularly as we know more. Thank all of you for your sweet prayers and comments. This has "ALMOST" devastated this family, but, as I said, we are strong!! And we'll NOT be beaten down. Sad for a season but NOT down and out. I've read the "Book" and know how it ends. The good people will persevere!!!!!!

Update at 9 pm 4/5/09

This is his face tonight. I apologize if this offends anyone but this is my baby. I gave birth to him 46 years ago saturday 4/3. How can a mother stand this? His hands are bruised from trying to defend himself last night. Wife called about 6 pm pacific time and said ambulance had come to take him back to hospital. He's in pain: head, cheeks, eyes, ribs, arms and legs. We haven't heard anything for 2 hours now so I'll keep posting when I get updates. We certainly could use prayers. I've been praying my insides out all day. I can't seem to stop crying. I just keep crying and praying for him. When they hurt your baby it hurts you no matter how old they are. It's strange but I can't feel hate for those men, just anger. Is that close to hate? I don't know. Right now it's just an intense sadness welling up in my chest.

When talking to him today, which was difficult because he can hardly move his jaw and can't eat much less hardly talk, he said he's not even sure how many, maybe even 6 jumped out of those cars and that's all he remembers. Not sure if they hit him with something or their hands punched him at first. His memory is still foggy. They just kept kicking and beating him. He remembers them telling him that if he said anything about this they'd kill him and his family since they got his wallet and knew where he lived. His family is living in fear at this moment. My 2 grandsons, daughter-in-law and her mom also. This is just beyond our belief at the moment. Fortunately, all was caught on a surveillance tape at the gas station. Am I rambling and repeating myself? If so, it's understandable. I need sleep now.

We got a phone call last night that almost rocked our world. My son was beaten by 5 gang members while at a gas station in the California town he lives in. He was gassing up so he could meet his family at a restaurant for dinner–his birthday. My daughter-in-law finally called because he was so late and was told he was in the ER and she and the boys rushed to the hospital.

He was trying to defend a woman they were picking on and told the "men" (using this term loosely here for this trash because "real men" don't do this sort of thing) to leave her alone. Now, my son was on crutches from a knee operation last month, but these 5 wimps ganged up on him. Son is a former Marine and could have handled at least 2 of them if not on crutches but they seemed to think it took 5 of them to beat up a defenseless man on crutches. He has a broken nose, 2 black eyes, fractured cheek plus the numerous other aches and pains from being beaten up by 5 hoodlums. I hope their mothers are proud of them. What in the world is happening to our country today when things like this happen???? I'm proud of my son for trying to defend a woman! They also saw fit to steal his wallet. Wasn't that just super of them?? The police are on top of it. I'm just hoping they got a good look at them from the surveillance tape at the gas station.

Had to vent. I want our country to be safe but when we stop living a moral and Godly life this is what happens to our cities, states and country. I think I'll have to pray for those punks also. I don't want to but I think they probably need prayer more than my son at this point. Until we get some moral people in to make moral and Godly decisions this will not get better; it will get worse. Is this what you want our country to become - a place where thugs rule?


  1. Oh My Gosh, Connie. What an awful thing to happen. I read this with horror in my eyes. I am praying for your son, you and hubby and for son's wife and children. Yes you are right, we OUGHT to pray for those punks as well. I am not sure I could do this if it was my son though!!

    But many many hugs from me and hope
    to hear your son is feeling better soon.
    Love ya chickee.

  2. Oh Connie,

    I am so very sorry to hear about your son and you are so right in praying for those "heathens" because that is what they are!!!

    Your son is to be commended for his strenth and courage in stepping forward to help the lady in question. These "thugs" evidently were not raised with the same morals and character as that as your son and you are right is saying if things don't change and continue as they are, it will not be safe for anyone.

    Your son deserves a medal for his bravery in stepping up and trying to do something helpful. He may not receive one here but I know God will have one for him in Heaven.

    I will pray for your son's healing and for the men who did this to your son because you are right in saying "they need it more than he does"!!!!!


  3. oh my goodness girlfriend...

    Father God, I pray that you would sustain this family in this hour of need. Thank you for godly men such as this, reward this family with your peace and grace.
    We look to You for justice to be Your name Amen.

  4. Oh Connie, I am sorry to hear about your son!..I will say a prayer for him and those idiots out there..honestly it amazes me every day how thoughtless people are with its tv..once its over they are no guilt whatsoever...Take care and keep us posted on your son...:)

  5. Connie, I stopped by for one of your usually cheery posts and was shocked! I am so sorry. I do wholeheartedly thank you for sharing that. We need to make people wake up somehow! Prayers for your son and you ('cuz as a mom this must be so difficult!)

    We need to speak out against changes that are hurting us as a nation.

  6. are so right Connie.

    I feel so bad for you as I can imagine how you are feeling as a Mom. I will pray for your son and family...and I am so thankful that he is okay.


  7. Connie, so sorry this happened! It seems to be occurring more and more. I totally agree with all you said. Prayers to you and your family.

  8. .....trying to stop tears so I can write. I can't imagine and I'm sooo sorry, for you, your son and his family. I just don't understand what has happened here in our wonderful country. People just don't seem to value human life any more. This is a horrifying story. I just don't even know what to say. I pray your son's recovery is swift and complete. God bless him for sticking up for a woman. Another lost value....I'm sending you a virtual hug and will be praying for your family. I'm just so sorry, Connie.

    God bless you.....

    PS......I'm sending you a big virtual hug. (((((()))))

  9. Oh My Connie! How awful for that to happen to such a sweet, caring man your son is!! The world is a scary place now I belive..& prayer is the answer...So healing prayers go out for your son & his family sweets!
    Big hugs..

  10. Connie:
    Oh what is this world coming to? I am so sorry and praying this morning for your son to regain good health and that God's justice will be given to these five cowards. Your Mother's heart must be so sad. And also you must be so proud that your son came to this woman's defense. May God richly bless his life...laid down for another.

    May God Bless You Today
    From Roberta Anne. . .
    The Raggedy Girl

  11. God bless your son for being a man and a hero. Men are the ones who defend and help those in need. He showed true courage.
    Those who were picking on a woman and beat up your son need God to change their lives around. I pray that they will be touched by God and change into men who know right from wrong. Evil has always existed and we all need to choose to do what is right not was is evil.
    Hugs, Susan

  12. How horrible. I just hope they catch these guys. I can't imagine how people like this survive for very long outside the prison system. What a hero your son must be. Many people would not want to get involved for fear of just what happened to your son. For me, I would want to go commando on them without hesitation, then think about it later. Let's just hope there are more people like your son than like those parasites.

  13. I was very sad to read you blog post about your son. I am sorry for him and your family, it is very unsettling for something like this to happen. We live in a third world country and are on our gaurd all the time for things like this, sad to know they happen in the U.S now. Best wishes to your son for his rapid recovery both physical as well as emotional.

  14. Connie, I was so shocked and saddened to read this. Bless your son for being the man he is. I do pray they catch these pitiful criminals and they are prosecuted. Praying for all of you. God Bless!! Mary

  15. Connie, that is just terrible!!! you must be so proud of your son for trying to do the right thing...obviously those punks didn't have a good mother like your son did...i hope he is all healed up from his injuries soon...and that they find the "men" responsible for this ugliness!!!

  16. Wow, that is absolutely HORRIBLE. I am praying for him and yes, the hoodlums too that did this. Bless him for standing up and doing what was right. We almost had a problem Friday night. After months of being so home bound, one of Ed's coworkers gave us free tickets to a local Hockey game. Well, I was going to go if I had to crawl there as this was Hubbys dream. But the 4 guys sitting behind us were talking really loud ( drunk ) about h**kers and cheating on their wives and the names that they called women were horrible. Throwing beer cans at people below us. Hubby finally spoke up to them and told them to knock it off as there were small children behind them, and his wife. They started messing with him and grabbed his peanuts and threw them at him. Well at that point I got up and told them, that they would have to go through me as well if they layed a hand on my dear hubby. I cant stand, but I can take someone down with me !! lol !!! Ed went and got Security, but the guy wouldnt get involved. Unbelievable. They followed us out of the game and into the casino where we thought we might grab a bite to eat, and I finally turned around and walked to them and told them. If there is something you want to do to us, do it now, with a few hundred witness's and security cameras. They backed off and left as they were just dumb bullies. Sickening what is happening to our world. I admit I was SO angry. My poor husband works 70 hours a week, comes home and feeds me on days I cant get out of bed and the ONE night that was just for HIM , some idiots wanted to ruin it. Shameful !!!!! I was so angry and asked for forgiveness later, but you never know what a person is going through and to just be mean for the sake of being mean is SO wrong. I am SO proud of the man that you raised, that put RIGHT ahead of any fear for himself and just know that he will be Blessed as a result. Good job Momma :) !!! And hugs to all of you from Ed and I :)

    BTW, Our team won !! :)

  17. Oh goodness, Connie. I just hate that the world has come to this. I applaud your son for his morals and for standing up for the woman.

    I do hope the police catch these "thugs".

    We'll be praying for your son's physical and mental healing!

    I know first-hand about being attacked! Remember the crazy neighbor on his riding tractor that attacked me last October? Man, it was (and to a point...still is) frightening.


  18. I KNOW KNOW KNOW the hand of the Lord was upon your son!

    Remember when you prayed all those prayer over your boy as a child? Well...God heard them then and he hears you NOW!

    Praise God he wasn't killed!

    Blessings to you sweets. You are HILARIOUS! are!


  19. I am so sorry about your son. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. Your son and his family will certainly be in my prayers. As for those responsible perhaps prayers couldn't hurt but unfortuatley they probably couldn't care less.
    I sure hope that if my family were to have people like that bother them that an honorable gentleman like your son would happen to be there to defend them. He is a true Hero for having the guts to confront these thugs, even with the disadvantage of a bad knee.
    Hugs to you and your family.

    Always in my prayers,

  20. What terrible circumstances Connie. I'm glad that your son has survived such a horrendous attack by such pathetic human beings. May his recovery be swift and I hope the law catches these thugs and gets them off the streets quickly.
    Big hugs to you sweetie,

  21. I pray your son will recover well and that Heavenly Father will bring you all peace during the recovery process.

    My brother was beaten to within an inch of his life last year so I can totally relate to how you all must be feeling at this time.

  22. Connie, I cannot imagine the anguish you are feeling over your son. Your son did what a good man would do. I know that your heart is breaking from his injuries and the injustice of the incident. I hope that the idiots that did this are punished for their actions. My prayers are with your family.

  23. Oh my goodness!!!!
    How awful for you and your family.
    I just pray blessings for you all at this time....
    This planet needs more people like your son...people with high moral values, who aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in.


  24. Your son is a true HERO in my eyes. Good for him for standing up for that lady. Who knows what those low life guys would have done to her if he didn't step in.

    I'm so sorry to hear he got hurt and I pray that not only will he get better soon but also they catch the guys and throw them in jail.

    Don't you hate that we as Christian have to be the bigger ones and still pray for those we don't want to. But you are right, they need prayer way more then your son does.

    I think you should have a card party for your son and have everyone in blog land send him a big thank you for being such a stand up guy and wishing him well real soon.

    If that is to much to do then I ask that you please tell your son Thank you from me and let him know he is a Hero in my eyes.


  25. checking back to hear any updates.

    praying for you, dear.

  26. Oh my Connie...I was just checking for an update and I saw the picture of your dear son. I can only imagine how much physical pain he is in and what mental agony you must be in to know what your son has endured. Prayers and hugs to you all.

  27. Oh, Connie! I'm so sorry to hear this about your precious son! This is just terrible. Praise God he's alive! I don't understand the mindset of some people and the non caring about others!
    Bless his heart! He's such a good man by trying to help the lady! I know God was watching out for him or those hoodlums good have taken his life!
    Connie, my friend, you, your son and your family will be in my prayers tonight!

  28. WOW! I'm so sorry to read this! I do hope he will be ok. I'm sure they are in fear of these guys...will pray for a speedy recovery for him.

  29. I'm so sorry Connie :( What a good person your son is. He will surly be blessed for his integrity. I'm saying lots of prayers.

    I wish you and your family all the best.


  30. I just saw the updated photo of your son. Man that breaks my heart to see and to read he had to go back to the hospital due to being in such pain.

    However, what a blessing they caught the whole thing on film. Now there is a chance these creeps will go to jail.

    What did the lady do that your son was defending? I sure hope she hung around and spoke to the police.

    Be sure to keep us updated.


  31. I just got your email Connie! I'm beside myself with anger that they did this and sadness for him and all of you. I will pray for him and mention this on my next post. Are you going out there to see him? If you can manage it, it might make you feel better. I know it did, when my brother was so sick.

    Many big hugs from me!!

  32. Why do bad things happen to good people? For the same reason bad things happen to bad people--bad things happen to everyone. They usually seem to make bad people worse, and good people better. Life is cruel but don't hate it. Have faith and be strong. Your son was a Good Samaritan, who in his selfless act of love gave help to a total stranger. What a wonderful son.

  33. Sweet Connie.......

    Please continue to update us on your sons's condition. You, your son, and family are on my heart......

    God bless you.

    Big hugs,

  34. Dear Connie, thanks so much for emailing me ~ I had taken off a few days from the computer & knew nothing of this. First, I have thanked God for sparing your son's life as this could have turned out soooo differently. Your son is a true PRINCE & you can be so very proud of him, now & always. Second, I will pray for you & Jack & son's family for peace from all this turmoil. I know that your heart is aching right now & that picture just makes me cry. Please keep me updated.

    Much Love,
    Angelic Accents

  35. OMG Connie.... I read the whole thing & I am in tears. I have a son who is 39 & I could picture him. WTH is happening to our country?? I am praying for him & your family!!
    God has his arms around you all... try to gather His strength!
    Love to You,

  36. Connie,

    I am praying for your son, and all of you. You are in my thoughts if there is anything I can do please let me know.

    I still cannot get over terrifying this must have been for your son and now with threats to the family. I will continue my prayers.

    Lots of hugs~♥


  37. I am so sorry for what happend to your son. God bless him for trying to help that woman. I hope they catch those men and are put in prison. I am praying for your family for comfort and the strength to get through this. Blessings, Loretta

  38. Dear Connie, please know I am sending every ounce of strength and hope that I can to you and your family. Your son is the age of my youngest son and though I try to imagine what you are going through, I can't. Just know that for every five idiots out there, there are many more that aren't. God bless him and you.

  39. I'm over here from Rue's blog and just wanted to offer my best wishes for a speedy recovery. It's just awful...What is wrong with the world...

    Be well,

  40. Came by way of Rue, I am so sorry to hear of this travesty! Please know your family will be in my prayers. Sue

  41. Connie,
    I found out about this from Rue. I am horrified and so sorry that your son and family are having to endure this.

    Your son must be a brave man to try to help a stranger like this. Some of these thugs don't deserve to live IMO.

    I'll keep him and all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  42. I read about what happened on Rue's blog and I just want to say that I am so sorry this happened to you and your son. I think the world is just going nuts. I also live in an urban area (Philly) and we have had more horrible crimes in the past year -- just awful and so deliberatly destructive and violent. I will keep you in my prayers. ~Terry

  43. Connie, I'm so sorry to read about your son. What is our world coming to?!! I hope they catch the men...and I use the term lightly...who did this, and they're put away for a long time. My prayers and good thoughts are with you all.

  44. I am so sorry about this, Connie! What a horrible thing to happen to a good samaritan. I will keep your son and his family in my prayers. And of course, the ones who did this, because they truly need to see the light.

  45. Connie, I came here by way of Rue at Peanut Butter and Jelly Life and I wanted to say that your whole family, especially that of your son are in my prayers...please let him know that other Christians have his back across this great big country....and there are many of us out here who truly care. I pray also that God will guide the detectives working on this case to apprehend these punks promptly. My heart aches for you as a mom.
    BIG (((HUGS)))

  46. Connie,

    This is my first time at your blog, I came over from Rue's blog and want to let you know how sorry I am for your family but you have raised a WONDERFUL son. You put yourself out there when standing up for what is right and so many don't want to get involved. I bet those witnesses were scared but is almost too bad they didn't come to your son's rescue, I bet those thugs would have backed off. Those thugs were cowards.

    I will pray for your son, for your family, and for those thugs, they need to see the error of their ways and ask for forgiveness.

  47. Connie, Oh my gosh. I am so very sorry to read about your very brave son. How awful! I'm mad & upset & can only imanige how you fell right now....
    How my heart goes out to him and all your family. All of you will be in my prayers. I wish him a speedy recovery. This is devastaing!
    The photo is awful. What a beating your poor son had to endure.
    Hang in there.
    Hugs & much love ~Mary~

  48. Connie, Rue encouraged me to come by and read about your son. It is beyond belief. I will never understand how something like this can happen and how people can treat another human being in this way. I am truly sorry for your family and your pain. We are thinking of you here in Missouri. ~Kelly

  49. That is just terrible. I hope these thugs get caught.

  50. Oh dear, what a tragic story!

    I am so sorry that you have to endure the pain of watching your son suffer. As this is Holy Week, I immediately thought of another mother, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and how painful it most have been for her, too, to watch her son suffer.

    Also, a big thank you to your son for defending that woman's safety and honor and for so nobly having serving our country. Your son makes me proud to live in America...degenerates aside!

    Keeping you, your son, and your extended family in my prayers. Blessings to you from Kansas,

  51. OMG Connie!
    I just read this today. I'm so sorry that happend to your son and on his birthday of all days.
    Praise the Lord that his MRI showed that he doesn't have any bleeding on his brain!
    I'll keep you and your family in my prayers!

  52. Hi Connie,
    I am just sick over reading about this. May your son have a blessed and speedy recovery.

    What goes around comes around will apply in this case.

  53. Oh that is awful your and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

  54. Connie, I am so very sorry to read this, why do bad things happen to good people, I will never know.
    I will pray for your son, and that he make a full recovery. Justice will be forthcoming.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Hi Connie...I just popped over from Rue's Blog and wanted to let you know how SORRY I am this happened to your sweet son, AND family! Bless your heart and his. We will certainly keep you all in our prayers, and pray for safety,piece of mind and quick healing.

  57. Hi Connie. I came over via Rue's blog and wanted to offer you my thoughts and prayers. I am thinking of your family and I can't imagine how difficult this is for you. Hoping they find these people and lock them up.

  58. That is horrific and so callous. Such weak uniaspiring "things" are such thugs.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with your Son and the whole family at such a distressing time.

    Good on your Son though for being a Real Man and sticking up for someone...

  59. This is the first time i have been to visit Connie {won't be the last} and Rue sent me over. Just wanted to say to you, your son and all your family are in my thoughts and prayers. What a terrifying ordeal. I just cannot understand these people and why they do such things.
    luv Ann.xx

  60. Read about your son over at Rue's blog. I'm sending up prayers for your son and your whole family. God will protect and nurture you thorugh these tough times.

  61. I'm just stunned. Please know that your son, his family and you are in my prayers.
    I'm so so sorry.

  62. I don't know you, but I know your pain! I'm SO sorry this has happened to your Son! I'll be praying for him...for All of you! And believing the police will catch the animals that did this!!hughughugs

  63. Connie my heart breaks for you and your family. Rue sent me over. Oh, I am so upset for you. When my grown son was so sick last year I couldn't even breath in the beginning. Having these punks attack you precious son must be even worse knowing that humans can be so evil. I agree that our country is in real danger with the removal of our values being displayed by this type of thug.
    I will pray for your son, you and your whole family and please remember to breath dear one.
    Blessing and hugs,

  64. I can't believe this - I'm so sorry Connie! Why must the good suffer so? I pray for quick healing physically and spiritually - and just know that they're day of reckoning will definitely come! Please give him a purple heart of courage from us bloggers who support him completely - blessings to you and your family and know that you have all our support out here!

  65. You're almost right; those weren't men, they were vermin. It has nothing to do with race. God bless the police, but the judges in CA are pretty much a bunch of morons. I hope you get a decent one when they are caught.
    I'm proud of your son, too. Once a Marine, always a Marine. And on crutches, to boot!
    You will be in my prayers.
    I wish my family remaining in LA would get out of there...
    Suz in the Tules

  66. Connie,

    I read about your son over at Rue's lovely home. I am so sorry and felt sick to my stomach. It makes me so sad others can do this to othe human beings.
    I will remember your son, you and his family in my prayers. I pray he will heal quickly and his family will be safe.

    Bless your heart!
    Hugs, Beth
    (Just another Idaho girl! Born and raised in Pocatello.)

  67. Oh my....I can imagine how you must so want to be by his side. I am so sorry to read what has happened, and I will say a prayer for your son and his family.

  68. OMG! I'm so sorry to hear of your heroic son being so terribly beaten. You must be so proud of him for coming to this woman's defense. I can only imagine as a mother what you must be feeling. I will certainly join with your blogging family and offer prayers for his speedy recovery and for these hoolums to be arrested!

  69. Praying for your son and the rest of your family. Praying for healing, for peace and strength. Also praying for the police to have wisdom and strength to do their jobs and find the "men" who did this!

  70. connie
    my prayers are with you and your family.

  71. eyes are full of tears and they trailing down my face. My heart is broken and my hubby is livid! He is now venting himself...we have got to do something to help America be America again! I am personally going to attend The Tea Party on April 15th!

    First and foremost, I WILL be in constant prayer for your son and his family. I can not even imagine his and their pain. God is good and a Just God! Let's keep our faith in Him. But for now...I pray HE wraps HIS arms of love around all y'all.

  72. Praying for your son and the whole family. Trash does travel in packs. I will pray for your son daily and I will pray that justice is done. It's the good people who pay the price for standing up for what's right. Princess of Pink is right. We need to pray for those punks as well. They are lost and angry and mad at the world. They need to come forward and turn themselves in.

  73. Dear Connie.
    I am just heartsick to hear what happened to your wonderful son. Thank God~~ HE was certainly with him. My thoughts and constant prayers will be with your son and family. You can be so proud of the wonderful man you raised, who with courage would come to aid another. He is a true hero.

    Take care sweet friend, I know you are hurting, but you are very strong and God will see your family through this.

    Many prayers with love,
    Celestina Marie

  74. Connie, this is truly horrifying! How awful that this happened to your son. I am shocked.

    I am so glad that he is a strong man or no telling how much worse it could have been. What happened to the woman he defended?

    Gosh, I don't know what words I have to make you feel better. All I can do is pray for him and for justice to be done, and for the protection of your dear loved ones.


  75. I am so sorry this happened to your son. You guys are in my prayers.

  76. Oh my Sweet Connie; I am in shock, as I am sure you are. My heart just stopped when I kept on reading, I will be Praying for fast healing of your Son and for the Lord to protect his family from such low life and cowards. I pray they are all caught soon. Please try to rest, I know that is hard to do, but please try. God Bless you all..


  77. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Praying for a fast recovery for your son and I hope they catch the 5 guys and justice is served.

  78. OH MY! How horrible is this!! It makes me sick when stuff like this happens. You have a good man who is trying to live a good life, doing the right things....he stands up like a REAL man to defend a lady. And then the scum of the earth beat him up. There seems to be more and more of these creeps coming out from under rocks and hurting innocent people. You should be very proud that he is such a decent guy. And I will keep him and his family in my prayers for sure. I'm sure God will bless him for doing the right thing. Hang in there...this must be horrible for you not being able to be there to see him and support him. Keep us updated!

  79. Connie,
    Thanks for your visit. We are in Utahm our sons are going to dental school in VA. Our youngest graduates next month and we will be going out again. With grandchildren back there we try to go about 2 times a year. Yorktown is beautifull and so full of history. LOVE it!
    I too am grateful your son didn't have bleeding in the brain. I can understand the forgivness thing but my how incredibly hard. May Heavenly Father continue to bless him and his precious family.
    We have a son who just moved to Meridian last summer from D.C. They love it!

  80. Oh my goodness...oh...I don't even know what to say. I will most asuredly be saying some prayers for your son...and for you...tonight.
    I am so sorry that this happened to him,

  81. Dear Connie; I'm so sorry to read this awful news. How ghastly. It's like this now in my end of the world too. We have had over 40 gun shootings since January. I live in Vancouver BC. It's never ever been like this and I've lived here 48 years. Recently the men were caught which killed someone my parents knew. I hope they keep them in jail forever. I hope your son will get better as quickly as possible. What utter wimps that did this to him. You're in my prayers.


  82. Connie - this is dreadful! I can only imagine how you feel, having a son myself. I would be devastated. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you. Your son is a truly remarkable man to help someone like that, thinking only of their well-being and not his own. I cannot believe those creeps went after your son seeing him on crutches!!!!! That is inexcusable! Please do keep us posted. I am so anxious the outcome of this whole heartbreaking situation. God Bless you all.

  83. I am praying for you Connie, for you and for your son, his wife, your family. May the crimnals that did this be persacuted to the fullest.

  84. Dear Connie, I found you by way of sweet Rue. Please take comfort in knowing that so many of us are praying for your family and sending so much positive energy your way! What a really great, stand-up boy - you must be such a proud mama, even during your pain. Please hang in there through this terrible ordeal, and think of the times when your family will be happy again. It will be the best medicine for your sweet son!! We all appreciate having good guys like him in this world - please tell him!! xoxo, Andrea

  85. Connie I cannot imagine what you must feel seeing your son like this...I am so sorry to hear this...but what an honorable young man he is and his kindness will not go unrewarded...I pray he makes a speedy recovery..God bless you & your family sweetie.

  86. We'll continue checking back for updates Connie!!

    HUGS to all...

    We're praying...

    Jan & Tom

  87. I will pray for you and your family. It's unbelievable that something like this could happen, but I'm afraid it isn't going to get any better. Some thugs just out of prison tried to ambush my daughter several months ago--followed her from a gas station and blocked her car and one of them actually got out and started beating on her van door demanding she open it! She was on the cell phone with her fiancee, hysterically crying, and some cars came up behind them and they drove off. The deputy said from their description and location she knew who they were--just released from prison. Thankfully, both your son and my daughter did escape with their life. I pray everyday for protection for my grown children--it's all I know to do.

  88. Connie!!!!! OMYGOODNESS!!!!! I'm so, so very sorry that this happened to your precious son! Feeling swell up in me as I can only imagine how you must feel....please know that I will keep your son, you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and that these criminals will be brought to justice!!!! What a wonderful, honorable man you raised sweet Connie, hugs and love, Dawn

  89. I am so sorry you are all going through this. Our family will be keeping your family, and especially your son, in our prayers. You should be proud that your son did what was right. Now hopefully the video will bust the weenies that did it. I used to live in California and never had much help from the police department, even when I got them the footage of the guy who stole my purse. I will make sure we pray that God puts this on one of the Officer's hearts and that they will follow this up and resolve it... with the bad guys in jail of course!! Again, I am so sorry. We will be praying for all of you!!! :)

  90. Thinking of you and your dear son Connie! Hugs to you and your family~

  91. Oh Connie...myheart aches for you, for your precious son, for his family. he will be in our prayers, as will all of you. Your brave son did what many would step away from. Bless him. God is with him and with all of you. Please tell your son that he is in so many prayers and hearts and thoughts.
    I will also pray that the hoodlums are found and tried...soon.

    Keep us posted Conniekins. We all love you!


  92. Dear Connie, I am shocked and saddened by the terrible attack on your son. Please know I am praying for him and your family for healing and understanding as to why this should happen to your son.

    I hope justice of some kind will prevail. Those men are cowards and dangerous. I pray your son can remember more and identify them if possible.

    Love to you all...Jeanne

  93. So sorry to hear about your son! I said a little prayer for him.

  94. Hi Connie...I heard about your son over at Rue's blog...What a disgrace that these 5 animals...and there is no other description for these people that did this to him...They are no better then rabid dogs...I hope they catch them and put them away for a long time...My prayers are with you and your family...I will stop back often to check on his recovery....Sue.@ Rue-Mouffetard.

  95. Connie, I'm just heartsick over what happened to your wonderful son. He was so brave to stand up for someone who was being harrassed. So many people would have ignored what was happening. I am keeping your son, his family, and you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. A speedy recover for your son... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  96. God love you Connie, I am so sorry this happened to your son. What a real man he is to have stepped in to help!
    I heard of this via Rue and stopped by to let you know you will all be in prayers.
    Have courage, God won't let you down in this time of need.

  97. Hiya,

    I follow Rue's peanut butter and jelly life's blog and followed her link to you.
    Really sorry to read about what happened to your must feel heartbroken to see him like that.
    Just to let you know that we are thinking of you over the water here in North Devon, Uk and sending you a big hug x

  98. Hi Connie,

    I am praying for your son and your family. How horrible, but you are doing the right thing by not carrying hatred for the men that did this. I believe that is God's job to deal with them. I am praying for your son and family. How fortunate you are to have so many people that care.

    Take care my dear,

  99. Connie, What a horrible thing to have happen. Prayers being sent to you, your son, and family and also to the thugs who did this, they do need prayers. Your son will be fine, and he would prolly do it all over again to help a woman in harms way, that is just how he is, a GOOD human being. You take care and try not to worry too much, God will help you and your family through this.
    hugs pat

  100. I don;t know you, found your blog thru another blogger, but having sons, I had to read about your son. what a horrible thing to happen to anyone. I hope they find the thugs and give them the punishment they so deserve. cowards, in fact...that's what they are. I do pray for your son, and hope he comes thru this with flying colors, and the family can resume their lives without terror or fear.

  101. Connie I am so proud of your son.

  102. I found your blog through Rose Haven. I'm so sorry to learn of your son! What a horrible thing to have happen. What a wonderful man he is to step up and defend the defenseless. If you visit Rose Haven's blog I'm Sage's Grandmother and have been the recipient of hundreds of prayers from complete strangers. If nothing else just know that there are still good people out there that are praying for you and your family.

    I pray your son has a speedy recovery and that his testimony of the Gospel will be strengthened through his trials.

  103. Connie thanks so much for dropping by to say hello. I am so excited when someone new drops by, thank you so much. My goodness, I can hardly believe that anyone could be so heartless mean and cruel. Your son is indeed a brave and courageous man. I am in constant prayer for our country, but sometimes I just simply shake my head at some of stories I hear that another human being is capable acting out. Your not holding the hate in your heart is a testimony to us all, and I know it was a difficult decision to make. I will keep you your son and his family in my prays and hope those cowardly cruels are caught soon. Bless You.


  104. Connie, I'm so sorry that your family is going through such a trying time. I am praying for your son and your family.

    Hugs :)


  105. Oh Connie,you poor thing you.I do know exactly how you feel.About 15 yrs ago,my son about 20 at the time had just cashed his check at a bank,got in the car and headed down the street.He stopped a few blocks down.Went into a convenience store.Came out,one of 4 men was behind the seat in his car.Of course he wanted to know what he thought he was doing.Then 3 others began to beat him severely.NOBODY helped him either or even called the police.
    It was dreadful.It changed him forever.his pride was forever hurt.They never found them.They hit up several others including women.but here in Dallas hardly anone ever gets caught.
    I am so sorry your poor son had to go through this also.I don't know how anyone can sleep at night and do these things to others.
    I have you,and your son in my prayers...Ann

  106. Connie, I was just in P.E.P and read the news. I left a post for you there, but just in case you don't see it, know that I am praying for a speedy recovery for your son. May his body and soul be healed soon and healthy. This is the worst for a mother to see, her baby hurt. It's just senseless as is so many things going on in our country these days. I pray for your family and will keep you in my heart, Char

  107. Connie, My heart and prayers are with your son... with you and all your family right now... But your son is a brave and wonderful man. I hope he can find that place in his mind and heart that lets him know that he is a good man... he was right... and right WILL win! It will

  108. Your son and your family are on my prayer list. I am so sad to hear of this horrible tragedy. This kind of incident is what teaches people to not stand up for others when they see mistreatment taking place. What a good man you raised to stand up for that woman. laurie

  109. Connie, this horrible. I feel so bad for your son and your family. I can't even imagine how I would feel if that happened to one of my family members. It's really sad that there are such mean people in this world! Tell your son that he has so many strangers wishing him the best!

    Please don't take offense but I have to say that I really felt it was very offensive that you felt the need to say it was "diverse" men that did this. I'm sure you probably have "diverse" readers and I felt for them as I read this. My daughter is half hispanic and cringed as I read this. There are good and bad people in this world and race has nothing to do with it. Racism needs to end and it's up to all of us. I don't think racism is very "Christian", is it?

    I really wish your son a speedy recovery both physically and mentally from this horrible ordeal and I hope they catch the men that would do such a horrible thing (and punish them to the full extent of the law!)

  110. Connie! I just heard! I'm so sorry that this happened to your son. It's a shame that these days a man can't defend a woman, and a shame that women are not safe on the streets or given any respect. What's gonna happen when people just look the other way out of fear for their lives? Why do we have to worry about being killed trying to help someone? I'm afraid, I keep the doors to my home locked, I keep my car doors locked, I don't go out at night and I try not to give eye contact to people that look like trouble. This is why! I commend your son for speaking up on the lady's behalf and I hope this hasn't scared him for life. There is still some good people left in this world and I hate he had this encounter with the bad. I'm sure that justice will prevail and I know vengance is the Lord's. I pray that the Lord will build a hedge of protection around your family. This has really made me sad. Deb

  111. I came over from Rue's blog. What a horrible thing to happen to your son! As a mother and grandmother I feel your pain and outrage! I pray your son heals completely and that the men who did that dastardly act are caught and punished.
    I hope some good can come out of this one day. My son and daughter-in-law mentor a young boy whose home life is not good. They try to help the young man learn what is right and wrong and give him a good path to follow. So many youth are not supervised or loved or given hope that they can amount to anything when they grow up and they often turn to gangs and violent behavior when then become teens. I hope you son can someday see it in his heart to reach out to a youth in his community and help that boy learn a better way of life as a way to perhaps prevent the terrible thing that was done to him to happen to someone else in the future.
    Prayers and big hugs to all of you!

  112. You vent and post and update a million times a day if you need to, Mom! We all understand and truly wish that you had never had to know something as ugly as this.

    m ^..^

  113. I am so sorry to read about your son-- I'm glad he's on the road to recovery. I will pray for him.

    I do want to add something regarding the commenter who took offense to your use of the word "diverse." There is absolutely nothing wrong with you using the description that the cops gave you regarding the appearance of your son's attackers. You said nothing offensive or racist, just noted a simple fact. If a person of color was jumped by 5 caucasians, I think most people would find it noteworthy-- and not a judgement upon the entire caucasian population.

    Someone who anonymously all but calls you a racist and "un-christian" while asking you not to take offense probably needs to take a look in the mirror. The whole thing is absurd.

    On another note, I am very impressed with your attitude towards the attackers... I don't know that I could find it in my heart to be so generous. Wishing you all the best.

  114. Oh Connie! I have been offline all week and just read through all of this! I am just in shock! I will never understand why these things happen..but I do know that every day I turn on the tv..someone has killed someone...there is a child missing..someone has lost their job...the list goes on..and the world truly IS being ripped apart. That is true! The only good thing that I can see coming from this is that your son has proven to me that there are STILL good people in this world who will stand up for someone someone else in their need..with the expectation of nothing else..and even at the possibility of danger to himself. Even though I have shed tears for him, his family, and you...I also smiled and thanked him silently for not letting that girl suffer and fend for herself. You should be very proud of the boy that you raised...and I know you are. Sending good thoughts and prayers to your family...please thank him for all of those who wished someone had stepped in and stuck up for them....he is a hero in my eyes.

    Hugs & Love to you my friend, Angie

  115. Oh Connie... I'm so sorry that someone would write something to pain you during this time.

    On the other hand I'm so happy to hear that he won't need surgery and that he has kept his sense of humor. You know... humor does heal the soul ;)


  116. Well said, my sweet sister. To know you is to know your love for ALL! I am blessed.

    Love & Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  117. Miss Connie~ I've been on a medical hiatus....I saw the prayer request for your son and came right over.
    My first and foremost thoughts and concerns are for your family,especially your sons healing. I hope you can find comfort in the love and support that surrounds you.

    My second thought is.....about the anonymous comment. I think her concern was with the definition
    and context of what you meant by *diverse* Whether your meaning was the dictionary's
    translation. of..Different; unlike; dissimilar; distinct; separate. OR ...a ethnic relation. She probably wondered why it needed to mentioned at all.

    Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.
    Robert H. Schuller

    Sweet wishes,

  118. Connie I am so sorry about your son.I am happy he is doing better and won't need surgery.I am so afraid for his wife and children now.I hope the police will watch the house for them.Prayers are with you and your dear family.Hugs,Jen

  119. I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your son. The exact thing happened to one of our sons last year. He had a broken ankle as well as the facial fractures. He had big, ugly boot prints on his handsome face. He has recovered, and is fine. Thank God. We are blessed that our precious children had God's protection. I am truly heartbroken for you, but happy that your baby was spared.

  120. Oh Connie I am so very sorry. It apalls me where we are at in our country. My prayers are with you all. Sending love and hope through it all you will have a blessed Easter Sunday Love,Lori

  121. OH my goodness Connie. I had your blog open for days, and today I read about the girl's eyes and how she was worried you were upset with her, then my computer restarted and your last 4 days worth of posts appeared.

    I am just so shocked and saddened by this, and hope your son recovers as quickly as possible. Good news that he doesn't need surgery, and even better news that he is ALIVE. A while ago here in Melbourne, two men who stepped in to defend a girl in the city were shot. One died, and the other was lucky to survive. I'm so happy you still have a son to love and worry about, though he has gone through a most horrific experience.

    You're a bigger person than I ever could be. I commend you on your wonderful attitude and that you would even think to pray for these monsters.

    Thinking of you all and praying for you and for your son's recovery.

    Maybe once he recovers, you can all go out for the birthday dinner he never got to enjoy xo

  122. Connie, I am so sorry about what has happened to your son. I hope that he will recover quickly and how honorable that he stood in to help that girl. I know that this Easter you have much to be thankful for that he is going to be ok and I can only imagine what that must feel like as a Mother watching him suffer under the cruelty of others.

    Thinking of you, Heather

  123. First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. I love when I can entertain somebody. Feel free to stop by anytime!

    Second, I read this as my sweet 3 year old was "flying" around the couch with his star wars toys. He would stop every now and then to find out why there were tears in my eyes. I look at his sweet little face and just can't imagine not hating someone who might do something like that to my angel. You will be blessed for being better than I could be!

    And thirdly, you are very pink and rosy. I LOVE IT!!

  124. Hi Sweet Connie!..
    You KNOW I have covered you and your family in prayer during this time!

    It is so hard to even comprehend how anyone could do this to another..unless they have lost their respect for life and others. The only comfort I get is knowing that GOD sees even these type of crimes and cringes too..and he says VENGANCE is his he will someday take care of it.

    I also wanted to let you know that I have an award for you..when you feel up to it.

    Wrapping you in HUGS and LOVE...Lorena

  125. Know what I think? I think your love of God and the prayers of protection over your son (from as far back to his childhood) helped pull him through. I believe JOY will come from this.

    Love to you this Blessed Easter...


  126. Oh Connie dear, I am so sorry to hear about your son and pray that he will have a speedy recovery. I can only think of what you as his Mother are going through. I will keep you all, in my thoughts & prayers. Love, Maryjane

  127. Dear Sweet Connie,

    We are so much alike it's scary. I think you already know what I mean.

    I am so so sorry that your son has to endure such pain. Pain inflicted while trying to protect another human being. I don't understand this world sometimes, but what I do know is that this is not "HIS" plan for us. Just a little bit of kindness goes such a long way.

    Where has all this hatred come from? I don't know if I will ever grasp it? My heart and love are coming your way. And BTW, your son is as handsome as can be! I will say a prayer for him tonight and your family will be in my heart everyday, especially this Easter weekend.

    Hugs to you and Kisses to your gorgeous son (oh and one for Love Bunny too)!

    It's an honor to call you my friend.

    xo Cath

  128. Oh my dear, I'm so sorry to hear your story and see the state your son is.... this is so horrible.... I'm so thankful he is alive under the sad circunstances. I pray for him, for you and your family, that you all recuperate from this experience and may get closer to God, in whom we trust.

    Love you my dear...


  129. I am so so sorry to hear about your son! And he was even defending a lady!

    We are LDS as well and your family will be in our prayers.

  130. Just read your request on my blog about my Manly Men, Mr. T and Mascara Man... and if you absolutely MUST use pics of my beautiful manly guys for a future post, then you may use them ;)

    Now, I am off to peruse the rest of your blog as I have only discovered it today!

  131. Connie I just nw read the whole story...I feel so bad for your son...but I also will pray for the ones that did the beating of him..We all need to pray for them..So God can show them the proper way to live the life he has given to them...My prayers are coming to you and your family..and you are so right Love starts in the heart..why is it so easy for people to hate and not love?? May God embrace you...thanks for the update dear friend..May you have a Blessed Easter...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  132. Connie my sweet dear blog friend I am so sorry about your son. Praying for him to have a quick recovery and to be comforted in his pain. Tell him thank you on behalf of all the ladies who have not been defended by a gentleman. You and your hubby done good! Love, Bobbi Jo

  133. hi connie! hopping over from my mom lori's blog to visit. wow, did not expect to read about your son! that is so sad and terrible!! God was with him to get through that horrible ordeal! i am so sorry that such a terrible thing would happen to someone trying protect another; that just shows how sick and scary the world is/can be now!

    i will keep you all in my prayers!

    noelle :)

  134. Hi Connie, So glad to read that your son is doing a little better and does not need surgery.
    I am keeping him in constant prayer.
    I know our Lord is watching over him and giving you all strength during this time.

    I hope your Easter is blessed with the joys that only our Savior can bring.

    p.s. I know it is silly and you have bigger things going on, but I wanted to tell you I am having a 100th post giveaway if you have a momment to stop by and enter.
    Love ya, Celestina Marie

  135. Connie,
    I am so sorry to read that your Son was badly hurt. My prayers are going out to him. And thank you for the kind comments about my Son.

  136. Wow,I saw the beautiful flower and as I kept reading I learned of your son's beating.....I'm so sorry this has happened to him and my heart just hurts for you. I find it so hard to except that we are a civilized people yet these things just keep happening day after day. I don't think I will ever understand why..... my heart goes out to you and your family....hugs, Jennifer

  137. Oh Connie, I just don't know what to say! I just read the whole story and I respect you for the way you deal with it. My thoughts are with you and your son. Hope he feels a bit better soon! X Es X

  138. Oh no, God Bless your son! Hope he is well on his way to mending by now. Have a Happy Easter Connie!

  139. Sister Connie~~I am new to your blog, but just had to comment here on your son. I'm so happy he is doing well, that is all that counts. You have done an excellent job at keeping everyone does help relieve us to express our feelings in words. At least for me sometimes when I'm upset. It will all be behind you and I LOVE the Christlike attitude you have taken. As a sister in the church, I understand! Aspire higher!! Blessings to you this fine Easter Morning. You have much to be thankful for in addition to the atonement...Hugs, Mary H.

  140. Oh, that just.... just... that just burns my biscuits! Seriously, their "mothers" should be proud of what. At least you can be a proud mother from the outstanding son you've raised.

    I'm so glad to hear that he's doing better, no surgeries and no bleeding. (Thank goodness!)

    Perps on tape, witnesses and positive id's will help caughts those who did it. I'm sure you know how much I agree with you on all this "business" we happen to live in. Just breaks my heart and makes me want to be a much better mom.

    Keep up with the updates; I'll have to scoot blogs back up on the priority list! lol


  141. Connie I have not been to see you in quite awhile so I thought I'd stop by. My gosh your poor son, how is he doing now? Your so right about this country and letting thugs rule!! I'm so sorry you and your son and his family had to go through this. It breaks my heart. God bless your son for stepping up to defend that poor women. I wish there would have been more people around to help him. I'm saying a prayer for your family and our country. Pearl

  142. My dear Connie,
    I just found this post, as I am trying to catch-up. Honey, I am so very sorry to hear about your son. I am proud of him for standing up and doing the right thing, yet I am so very sorry to hear what happened to him.
    PLEASE, tell him me and my family will be praying for him, and a complete and speedy recovery. We will also pray that God will make these hoodlums visible and catchable to the police.

    Again, please know how sorry I am to hear about your son.

    Love & prayers,

  143. Oh Connie, I just read all about your wonderful son. What a terrifying thing to have happen. He was so good to help this woman. I pray he will regain his vision and that the pain will go away. I pray he will not have headaches for life. What an honorable man he is. We need more men like him. I do hope the authorities catch these bad guys and that your son will be whole again. Bless you and your whole family. Kathi

  144. Oh my gosh Connie, I haven't been up on things and had no idea your son had been beaten. I am so sorry! My sister was beaten many years ago. I remember going to the hospital after I got the call and I didn't recognize her. It was one of the most horrendous things that I have ever seen. Your son and the whole family will be in my prayers. My heart goes out to all of you my friend.

  145. You and your family are in my prayers!

  146. Connie, I'm so terribly sorry for what happened to your beautiful son. This breaks my heart. Praying for your family and for justice to be done to the full extent of the law.

  147. Oh Thank you Connie for letting me see this post. I almost did not post on this issue but something just made me do it today. I hope my daughter will read your words too. I am so glad your son is alright now. Jesus is indeed our strength and refuge and he provides us with friends like you. Hugs, Mollye



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