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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bedroom Pompoms

Here's what I did with the pompoms. Of course, when I have the bedroom painted pink they will come down for a few days but I had to get them out of the way!!!!!! I'm truly running out of room in this house, chicks.

Here's where I've put the little redone chair. I think it's going to become a catch-all for hubs. *Sigh*...........


  1. They look great there! Good idea :) Your room is so nice!

    All the best,

  2. Your bedroom is beautiful, you would have sweet dreams in there :)

  3. How are you Dearie??

    I've been having some 'puter trouble, but I'm up and zipping around now! Watch out internet, I'm going to be "burnin' it up".......

    Wow! You've been a busy gal.......LOVE the pink pom-poms! I'm going to make of these days.

    Doesn't pink just make you so happy!???

    Blessing you!

  4. You're bedroom is just gorgeous i love it!!! can't wait to see more posts soon you're blog is just darling

  5. What a lovely room. It is so pretty and feminine. I love it.

    Have a Happy Sunday Full of Smiles
    from Roberta Anne = The Raggedy Girl


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