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Monday, March 2, 2009

Kids and Chocolate Strawberries

My daughter and granddaughter came to visit me recently and we had a "kicking" time together. We were obnoxious, stayed up late and talked and ate tooooo much junk. Chocolate strawberries, donuts, cake........uuuuhhhhh, you know the drill, right?!! AND you know you're in trouble when you make an emergency run to the local Chevron station/convenience store for candy and end up spending $14.97 for just candy to get ya through the evening! Sheeeeeesh........

This is my daughter. She looks just like me but she'd probably croak if she saw it in print! Well, not really just like me as she's 5"11 and I'm 5'4 3/4" and have gray mixed in with my light brown, more wrinkles and have curly hair - thanks to perms! We snapped this picture in WM and I'll probably never be invited back to that store from being so giggly and obnoxious in there. *Sigh*........ But I think this is an adorable picture of her! Isn't she cute for "29"?!?!

This is my granddaughter a few years ago.

This is her today while we were canvassing for goodies at the local nursery. I thought the picture of her in that lime green sun hat turned out darling of her and being a proud grandmother of only 1 granddaughter (but 3 grandsons) I could show her off a bit. Isn't she cute for "29"?!?! And SHE is 29 in March. Hah. Daughter and I lie about our ages although it's getting harder with my wrinkles! My gorgeous daughter has no wrinkles! *Sigh*..........

This is her hair I photographed while waiting at the beauty salon for her mother to get hers colored and cut. She has been coming up about every 3 months to get her hair cut and colored here because she likes my hairdresser.

So far we've gone to the store 3 times to get things for ONE (1) meal! I never knew beef stroganoff could be so difficult to make from scratch, but when daughter says she wants to cook for us then I'm in heaven, chicks! So she'll get no guff from me on that one.

But she also grabbed 2 packs of strawberries and 2 bags of milk chocolate chips to make these for dessert. Ooooooh, I sure hope my pants can expand a little on this menu! Do these look good or what?!?!


  1. gosh.. your grand daughter is so pretty.. and sweet as the chocolate strawberries.. hehehehehe but the grandmother is even sweeter! *wink*wink*wink* hehehehe

    smoochies huneybun!

  2. Gorgeous grandaughter, so pretty. Those strawberries look amazing! Isnt it lovely to have family visit?

  3. Those strawberries looks so good! Hope you have a great week, Theresa

  4. Sounds like the perfect visit!!Popped over from The Feathered Nest~LOVE your blog!
    Your girls are beautiful and the strawberries look sooooo good!!Love the photos of your town, too!
    Thanks for sharing~

  5. Good Morning Lady, Looks like your visit was a hit, Both are beautiful, the strawberries look delish.

  6. Connie, you have a lovely family, and your grandaughter's hair is divine. My daughter had a wedding shower for her friend this past week-end, and she made chocolate covered strawberrys for part of the refreshments. TTFN

  7. What fun pictures! Nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. Pass the strawberries please!

  8. First of all...lets all be 29!! You daughter and granddaughter are just beautiful. I love the red hair and the lime green hat. And the

    Have a Wonderful Day
    from Roberta Anne

  9. Connie,
    without doubt I see here three Very Pretty women:
    Connie and
    her daughter
    and granddaughter!

  10. Mmmm, I want some of those strawberries!!!

    Your daughter does look a lot like you! Your granddaughter is very pretty too!

    I've been reading your blog tutorial and trying to figure out what to do about my blog. I even sent it to my grandson and he is going to troubleshoot it for me!

    That tutorial is very impressive! Thanks for doing it! I'm also going to read the one on photos.

    Do you think I should change from Explorer to Mozilla Foxfire? (I think that is the name of it) We have the Mozilla on the laptop and it does show my blog normal with the side bar, etc.

    Thanks a lot,


  11. I'll take one of those strawberries. Your grandaughters hair is so beautiful!!!

  12. Beatiful granddaughter you have. And the strawberries look so yummy!!!

  13. Beatiful granddaughter you have. And the strawberries look so yummy!!!

  14. Beatiful granddaughter you have. And the strawberries look so yummy!!!

  15. Connie....Sounds like a LOT of fun there sweets!!! Your daughter & grand daughter are goregous!!! Just like you:) Those strawberries look wonderful!!! Yum Yum

  16. Connie, your daughter looks just like you and I bet she is as sweet. Your grand daughter's hair colour is divine and I wish my hair was as thick... just gorgeous.

    And those strawberries - mmmmmmmm.
    Hope you all had a delicious meal.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  17. glad to see you had a wonderful time calories and those strawberrys sure look yummy...your granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous!! does she model..she hubby loves red heads and she is beautiful...:)

  18. Hi Connie, looks like a good time had by all. Nan and your granddaughter are both beautiful! They take after you!
    Chocolate strawberries looked yummy!
    Love you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  19. Hello, I live in a little town called Nampa. I was surffing blogs
    and saw your pictures and knew we shared the same Hometown.
    Your blog is lovely, I will return. Mary

  20. Everyone (and everything) looks great! WM has never looked more fun!

  21. Yummy food post! Your granddaughter has the most divine hair! Rachaelxo

  22. Oh my gosh...your daughter and granddaughter are tooo cute! Sounds like you had a wonderful time together..and those strawberries...yikes, they look delish!


  23. What a great family you have! Funny, and beautiful!

  24. The whole family is gorgeous. ADOPT ME NOW DARNIT TO HECKVILLE! I'm going to have an open house so all the family can meet me!!

    Be good! (As if!)

  25. I love hearing about your love for one another and all the fun you have together! That is so neat that you guys hang out and have junk food and talk. Your daughter is beautiful and your grandaughter is so striking! I love her long thick red hair! Simply gorgeous!

    Love, Sharon

  26. Connie, I love that you and your daughter and granddaughter have so much fun together!! You are all beautiful... Your gd's hair is unbelievable!!!!!!!! Just gorgeous!...Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage


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