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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pink Saturday 12/6/08

Welcome to Pink Saturday.

Last week when my daughter and her hubby were visiting she and I took a day and went to the thrift stores. I found a few things and she did also. Howeverrrrrrrr, she paid about $4 for all her stuff. It didn't all fit in their suitcase so she had to mail it home. That cost her $12.50!! Can we say "did ya get a good deal, chickee??!! Nuuuuuu, totally wasted money. THEN when they went to the baggage claim the suitcase was taped with duct tape because it had popped its hinges!! She lost some books I had given her but nothing else. Can't you just see undies all over the S.F. airport? LOL Well, I can laugh; she wasn't! AND hubby and I told her it looked like it was going to pop. Forty-six years old, you would have thought she'd have learned to trust her dad and mom by now!! I am very sorry it happened though. Those books were really a cute read!

Okay, here's what I got. Three little candle lights. I was going to get pink bulbs but got the white instead because I plan on putting little shabby frou-frou shades on them and use them as window lights. How cute will that be! Can't wait to paint them and decorate them. BUT since the bulbs weren't with them I got one for free! I didn't even know they were supposed to come with the bulbs but I'll take that deal! Now, who in the world would steal little light bulbs out of the Goodwill lamps for heaven's sakes? But it got me one free so whatever........

I spied these big pink balls and almost flattened a lady to get to them. They had my name on them so they were MINE!!! If I hadn't gotten to them my daughter certainly would have intervened for me. She's 5' 11" and I'm 5' 4 3/4" and she's a pistol at getting what she wants even if it is for her motherrrrrr... So I'll cover them with decal roses and then glitter them and they will hang from the ceiling in my craft/sewing room probably.

My visiting teachers from church came wednesday and brought this for me. I love this flower. It always reminds me of Christmas and I've always thought of it as "majestic"! I'm not sure how hard they are to grow but we'll soon find out. I'm planting it in a vase today or tomorrow.

*Sigh* nemisis - cake plates. I pack really well, I truly do. Even the buyers say they are packed well, but I've had 2 cake plates on pedestals break on me. My daughter has shown me the key though this past week and we'll see how the next one makes it. I buy vintage plates so sometimes they are not replaceable. BUT I always make good on my sales to people. Sooooo I had to go find another plate and another unique pedestal to put on it. I had a vintage little sugar bowl and it was darling, but couldn't find another one so used something else for the base. But I did frou-frou it up with netting, ribbon and paper roses. She says that will do just fine - the buyer. I couldn't stand it if I didn't replace something someone has bought from me. Those roses are silk and do not come exactly cheap either. Oh well, I'll feel good knowing I made it good for the lady.


Now, for a little surprise if you've gotten this far in reading my posts. I've wanted to do a giveaway for a while and was thinking of doing it for my 500th post but decided in the spirit of this season I'll do it now with this little camera bag. Yessssssss, my little cherubs, a giveaway. This is a quilted camera bag with a single rose on it. It is velcro-ed to close it. I've used a similar one for my camera for about 2 years and it works well for me. Uuuuhhhhh, of course, no guarantee comes with it!! DUHHHH!!! But I have a Canon Powershot and it fits nicely in there along with the instruction booklet, charger, 2 extra batteries, an extra disk and the connection cord for camera to computer. It measures 7" wide x 9 1/2" long. I could even get a wallet in there. It can go over your head for carrying as I find that most convenient and don't worry about dropping it or getting it stolen. Hey, this is FREE!! Why am I extolling its virtues when I'm giving it away to some lucky person. I'll draw a name from a bowl on monday afternoon. All you have to do is comment on this post right here. Just leave me your email so I can get in touch with you if you are the winner. If you can't follow directions and do that then there isn't much hope for ya, chickees, so get to it!! ;-) LOL


  1. What a lovely bag, Connie. I would LOVE to win it, lol. You know I love pink and roses and shabby chic and picture making, so it would be JUST for me, YAY!!

    Love and hugs from Marian and come check out my blog again.

  2. Well isn't that the sweetest camera bag. I would love to be the proud owner. When you draw out my name you can email me at

  3. I love the camera bag!! I'm going on a weekend gettaway in fancy would I look with a sweet bag like that!!! I'm having a giveaway also...please come by and take a peek. Laurie

  4. Oh Connie, I have a forty-something child (in fact, two of 'em) who won't listen to me or their dad either.

    lol Once I broke a hinge on one of my suitcases flying from Denver to Miami. I was carrying a ROCK from a beautiful mountain. That rock sure cost me plenty!

  5. Helllllo Connie,
    I haven't see you for a while my friend. I started a new job and haven't been a very good blog friend. Your pink post was wonderful as usual. Hope you are having a great weekend.
    Hows the Pop up coming along?

  6. oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh...a give-away? The camera bag is lovely!!! I'd love to win it!!

    Your cake plate is so pretty, all frou-frou'd up with the netting and flowers.


  7. Hello Connie..thanks for stopping by again this week. You sound like such a fun person and I am sure you could give it a try. Who's to say you cant use a washable holloween makeup kit.


  8. Connie, You have the best and funniest stories---the suitcase one was a riot!
    I love those candleliers---I saw a couple at one of our local thrift stores and almost got them, now I wish I had! I know what you mean about flattening fellow shoppers when you realllly want something! Well, you did great on those pink ornies.
    OOOOOH, toss my name in the hat for that camera!! If I won, surely someone would help me with the instructions! Happy Pink Sat. Dana

  9. Enjoying this post - you are such fun! Love everything but could certainly see MY Canon Powershot tucked confortably in that adorable bag - so please toss my name in your bowl!!

    Enjoy your weekend Connie.

  10. and i agree with everyone it is a nice gift, as i just bought a camera phone last week this would go perfect with it. have a merry christmas and have lots of fun!!

  11. Ah the San Francisco airport, I know it well. Lovely pinks! Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. You're poor daughter! Grrr...airports! Actually, it is not their fault it is the fault of the stupid terrorists who have forever changed our world and made everything inconvenient. I love your new finds! The pink balls are perfect for you! I love those little candle lights. I have some in sets of three and I put them in my windows for Christmas (which reminds me, I still need to do that today!).

    I would love to have my name entered in the hat for the darling camera bag! It is really cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xox Sharon

  13. Hello Sweet Connie! Lovely little bag! If I can't do anything else I can very well follow directions. So count me in! I love the idea that you will be adding shades to the candles you found, I can't wait to see them. Deb

  14. OH Connie...How cute is that camera bag!!!! Love it sweets! I hope you enjoyed daughters was laughing at your stories! Have a great weekend:)

  15. Those amaryllis are really easy to grow! The grow REALLY can almost see them grow, not really but you can see a difference every day! It's really amazing. This is the first year in ages that I haven't planted any.

  16. Lovely pictures! I love the pink ornaments. Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. Happy Pink Saturday Connie. I know I have some of those candle lights I have to find them. I was thinking of spray painting them pink. Good buy!
    I love your little camera bag too...I think my camera would fit perfectly!* teeny tiny hint*

  18. So you're one of those ladies I have to stave off with a very large stick! lol Just kidding. Ya know, Chickeee (using your vernacular now) I see things and think "Connie would love that.." or "I can see this in pink!"

    I'll have to invite myself over again sometime and spy your Christmas tree. I'm sure it's beautiful in pinks and white laces! (Just guessing here.)

    What nice VT you have! I got this years version of home made fudge, a chocolate bar!

    Happy Saturday,


  19. Happy pink Saturday, dear Connie! I just love the lamps, pink glass ornaments, and that beautiful cake plate! You are so very creative. Have a blessed weekend!

  20. Connie, that bag is gorgeous. And I love those vintage pink ornaments too. Please kindly add my name to your drawing. :o)

  21. What a lovely camera bag, and I love all of your finds. Thank you for entering me in the drawing.

    In the spirit of this season of giving, I have a gift for you today. I am giving away some art. Please stop by and take your art home, or leave me your e-mail and I will send you the file. You can use the art for tags, cards, prints or in your creations for the Holidays.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  22. Hi Connie!

    I LOVE those big pink ornaments! Those are so pretty! And that pedestal cake plate is gorgeous, I have been wanting one of those for so long! Love the bag you made too. You are so talented. I wish I could sew like you!

    Hope things are going well for you and Jack!

    Happy Holidays Sweetie :)

  23. Connie, as much as I LOVE that bag, if I win, could you please give it to the runner up?? My big clunky camera would never fit :(

  24. What beautiful Pink things today Connie... Love the ornements... This Pink Saturday is perfect for you isn't it... Have a wonderful day


  25. Such a funny story - $4 in purchases, $12 to ship! LOL!

    I love your candle lights - aren't they sweet? Can't wait to see how creative you get with the little shades - it will certainly be pink!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  26. ahhh, I love this little case. I, too, have a C. Power Shot. It is so nice of you to give this cute thing away. I hope it ends up here in Texas.
    speaking of cameras, mine is all messed up and gives me blurry pictures. It was so good for so long..I am sure I have somehow mashed buttons I shouldn't have. My question is how do you clear EVERYTHING off so that it takes just plain, normal photos??
    Thanks for any help...
    love, bj

  27. Connie,
    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. You need to go back and enter the giveaway I'm having through Monday night. I'd love that adorable camea bag.

  28. Lovely pinks and a wonderful bag. I want to win...:). Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely week..
    If I'm lucky and you pick my name addy is:
    cat_white_cloud at yahoo dot com

  29. Connie!
    You PINK goodies are just lovely!!! Love doing those cake stand too!

    Now...I am drooling over your sweet camera bag!!! It just is equisite!!! ITS MINE! OKAY? lol


  30. Wonderful finds!
    Pretty in pink too!!!
    Have a great weekend:)

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  31. I love the pink globes and I would have flattened anyone who got in my way too. The little lights are quite a find and I can't wait to see them finished.
    Roberta Anne just stopped by for her daily beautiful fix.

  32. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie. I'm glad you like the decor of our half-bath.

    Your poor daughter. I would have hated that, too.

    I adore amaryllis. I haven't purchased one yet this year. I wonder if it is too late.

    Good luck to the lucky winner of the bag.

  33. It's's mine...everybody else just back off...ya' hear! LOL..Just teasing but man of man Connie would that camera carry purse be perfect for my upcoming trip at Christmas 'cause my camera will be constantly with me.

    You will love your easy to grow too....really easy. I bought a red one today to grow after Christmas to brighten the family room up.

    About the ribbon. I have a long work table in my studio/craft room and Bobby G. put a dowel rod under the lip of it and that's where all my ribbon spools are kept. Works like a charm. HPS! ~ Lynn

  34. Connie,
    Hi sweetie! Finally get to visit and your having a give away! your so like me when I see cuties at Goodwill, I keep hopeing no one else does till I get to it! Then I'm like over joyed to find a Find! I found some glittery flat cupcakes a few weeks ago for my bedroom tree and clung onto them! I'l post pictures soon! Sending hugs, Lori P.s. Awesome bag!

  35. I'd love to be entered and I used to have candle lights like that. I got rid of them a while back... I should've thought to dress them up :)

  36. Hi Connie
    A little trick for your flower in a box.
    I planted one for the first time one month ago. You must not over water it for the first 2 weeks. It needs to be in at least 70 degrees, doesn't need sun. Mine is in a vintage Pink waste tin waste basket. It's nearly 12 inches now but no flower yet. I'm anxious for sure.
    You might not see your flower till New Year's but won't that be a nice New Year Gift.
    Happy Pink Saturday Connie... I'm out of breath.
    Claudie from Canada

  37. Hi Connie,
    I've been admiring your spunk for quite some time and can tell you'd be so much fun to be around!
    I'd love to enter your giveaway for that pretty camera bag!


  38. Hello Connie Dear!,

    What a darling camera bag and perfect for any girl blogger!!! Sweet pinks!


  39. I love the sweet little camera bag! Please enter me in your giveaway!

    Thank you!
    Margie :)

  40. Connie, thanks for stoping by and leaving an encourageing word. Please put me in your drawing. TTFN

  41. Hi Connie, Happy Pink Saturday. I just love the PINK Amaryllis from your VT. It is very easy to grow. I have one growing on my kitchen sink and its about ready to open. I can't wait! I love all your pictures today!
    Love, Ann

  42. I enjoyed your daughter story very much! Sounds like you had a wonderful time together! The tour of the nursery was fabulous...wish I could go there!

    I love the camera bag and would LOVE to be entered in your drawing!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  43. Better late than never Connie, hope you had a festive Pink Saturday, I love your posts, you make me laugh with your delicious wit. Hugs xx

  44. lovely lovely bag..sweet Connie...and your antics at the thrift shop....a girl after my own sure did good....

  45. Hi Connie, what a cute post, please enter me in your drawing. You know my email!
    Love you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  46. Tell your daughter she isn't the only one popping the suitcase at the seams! I'm pretty sure there is some underwear in Denver too...

    Nice goodies you found, you will LOVE the amaryllis. One of the few houseplants even I can't kill! NO luck getting them to rebloom, but the first year I am in heaven for sure. One note, use a heavy pot for if you get lucky and have more than one bloom on the stalk or even several stalks they get a bit top heavy. Oh, and easy on the fertilizer, one year mine were as tall as my daughter at the time which was about 3 1/2 feet, ha!

  47. Oh Miss Connie do I still have time to enter your drawing for the cute camera bag????
    With pink smooches on top!

    I had a cute cherry camera bag but lost it when sneekin pictures at an antique shop!
    Thats what I get for sneekin huh!

    Hugz, Dolly

  48. Would absolutely love to win it!! I just love your blog!!


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