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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Pink Painted House

My greatest treasure is hubby. He gives me license to do as I darn well please. Whatever I want to do is just fine with him 99.9% of the time. Well, there is the occasional "I wish you wouldn't do that", but they are very few and very far between. When I said I wanted to paint the house pink, fine with him. So these are the first photos of the living room, kitchen and dining area for you to see.

I feel like I'm living in a confectionery store now. I absolutely love and adore it! How can a simple color make such a difference in a room and in a mood? Yesssss, it truly does. It just lifts my spirits up. As most of you know who've seen this blog before, I recently did my office/painting room and my sewing/craft room in a vibrant pink. This time for the main areas of the house I went a shade lighter. I did it this way.

A trip to Home Depot and looking at their samples got me thinking about a paler pink than the other two rooms simply because if I changed any furnishings in the living room it might be a tad hard to "coordinate" things with the wall color if it was too bright pink. So I picked a color I love, Behr's candy tuft, and had them make me up a quart with 1/2 the colorant in it. When I came home and painted it on several walls to test it, it seemed more lavender because the only colorant in it was magenta. Magenta has blueish tones to it. So I picked another color, Behr's cupid arrow. It had different colorants in it and after getting them to put in 1/2 the colorant again, that color seemed perfect after I came home and painted patches on different walls again and lived with it for a couple of days. The paint stores will do anything you want. You don't have to accept just their "colors." Then I bought 5 gallons to start the painting. It was definitely pink but not "in your face" pink, which I really like anyway, but wanted something softer in the main rooms and hallways.

Then there is the concern of getting the "pink" to show properly on different monitors. These past 3 weeks I've been on my laptop and notice huge differences between it and the desktop and huge monitor in my office. So I tried to pick settings that show it accurately. Impossible, chicks!! The closet I can describe it is "a tad more than light pink but definitely pink." I'm loving it.

I also decided that I had put too much stuff on the old beige-y walls to try and obliterate the color with the frou-frou, so this time I "scaled" down a bit - scaled down is a relative term here. I "reassigned" things to different places! ;-) Case in point - the living room. I brought the shutters I painted white from the dining area into the plant shelf in the living room. I like it much better here than in the dining area.

Notice the uncluttered look in that area now. Something here, just less "fluff" and the pink shows quite well. I brought in a picture that my brother and his wife gave me from the living room and put it on the right side of that entry.

I also brought the leather chair from the family room into the living room. It looks much better in there than in the shabby chic style family room. I prefer my living room a tad more formal than the family room.

The archway separating the living room and the dining area is only about 4" wide and being from California, I don't want anything up there that can kill me if it falls so I've had these little blocks of wood that I put little roses decals on and put the up there for a little bit of pizzazz.

Yesssssssss, the train limited edition prints still went up there to satisfy hubs but I put the pink suitcases back up there to "feminize" it a bit and only one suitcase did I leave in its original vintage state. But by the white door is probably the most accurate of the color of the walls I could get on THIS monitor. Yours will appear differently probably. That hallway on the left is still the beige-y color. The painter's wife went into labor and he had to leave! I'm soooo excited for them, but not sure when he'll be back to finish the hallways. You can see he prepped by putting up tape and can definitely see the color difference from the walls in the room to the wall on the other side of that archway.

Another view of the dining side of the archway and the wall to the right of that plant on the living room side is the wall in the hallway that still has the original color on it. See how much brighter and cleaner it looks. Squeeeeeeeeeal. I love it, chicks!!!
To be continued.................


  1.'s a pale pink...and looks gorgeous!! I love it!

    Years ago, when I lived in a condo, I painted the Living/Dining Room, hallway and stairs a pale pink, from Behr paint. I don't remember the color...but know it's not yours. I love it!!!


  2. Connie lOve the pink walls.I bet your thrilled for him to be done.It really brightened everything up too.Looks wonderful!!Jen

  3. Connie, I feel I could almost walk through your house now. Every time I see it I think how nice it is!

  4. I have a pink living/sitting room and I adore it.

    "Dew Kissed" by Ace Hardware

    It is sorta vintage-y pink

    kisses to ya

  5. Looks fantastically fancy! Much improved over the plastic sheeting! lol

    So do you think of strawberry mist or cotton candy? If you walls were a flavor, that's what they'd be to me.


  6. Hi Connie, I followed your link from Susie Q's just in time to see my favorite color, pink. Your home is lovely. xoxo

  7. Connie... Like everything you do this is gorgeous... It looks so bright and cheery... Loved it...


  8. I love the soft color!! You did good! Your home is so warm and inviting!

  9. Hi, Connie, good job with the pink. It is the bestest color in the world for everything. Just wanted to tell you it is snowing out side my studio window. Do have snow? TTFN

  10. I love the looks so pretty. It is so flattering to all you own and even people's skin tones!
    ; )
    Your home is so lovely, so fresh, so beautiful!


  11. You lucky, lucky gal! This looks incredible and you should be very pleased with the results after all that hard work. Relax and enjoy it!

  12. I also see the pink! Good for you. My hubbs lets me do just about anything too but I don't think he'd go for pink, lol! It's okay, I got my yellow :)
    Look forward to seeing more pics. I wonder if the painter's wife had a boy or girl? Congrats to them!

  13. this is beautiful. I enjoyed your post.

  14. Hey Connie; I sure can see the difference. The color pink you picked is really pretty. I love how it makes the room look so soft and cozy. You did great girl.

    Have a great week.

  15. Connie: I love it and what a sweet hubby you have that would let you paint it pink. Your decors look lovely. And I love the big comfy chair....hmm that would look good with my decor!
    Roberta Anne

  16. Yes I see the pink. Lovely. I am suppose to be having a pink room soon. Yet I don't know how long soon will take. I'm not the painter but hubby is. I picked Vista Paint (California place) called Alabone Pink. I found it from Joann at Vintage Rose Collection blog. I can't wait.

  17. It looks beautiful honey! I am so happy for you!I love your decorating style, it is so you!

    Hugs, Sharon

  18. Chickadee, where is your tree?

  19. I've only got one word for you, sister.....SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  20. I love the color you can just tell it's pink. And I happy that hubby let you enjoy your surroundings in your own way. I think it's the womans job to decorate the home anyway. You did great in chosing your color. Deb

  21. Simply, pinkly...bee-ut-iful Connie...oh it looks great..I can just feel the color...

  22. Well all I can say is "How Fun".. Ya gotta love pink, and why not LOTS of it..... You go girl.

    ♥♥♥♥PINK RULES♥♥♥♥


  23. Connie..
    I spy PINK looks very PINKIE chic! Love your sweet vinettes too!


  24. Hi Connie,

    It's been ages since I've stopped in for a visit and I have to say, your pink walls turned out just beautifully. I'm sure the pictures you posted don't show the shade of pink to it's best advantage, but it looks lovely. So pretty. You are very lucky to have a husband that let's you decorate with all your pretty/girly things. Merry Christmas to you!!!

    Your pink walls look just beautiful. I love the soft pale shade of pink you chose. So pretty and inviting and I love how your rooms are decorated

  25. Connie,

    The color looks beautiful. Everything came out so soft and crisp. Don't you just love waking up in the morning and just staring at all the clean, freshly painted surfaces.

    I have been looking around at my own home and can't wait for spring (already!) to do some serious down and dirty cleaning.

    It is going to snow for the next 10 days here so I better get used to winter for quite some time.

    I'm so happy you finished your painting. Have a great weekend.

    xo Cathy

  26. Ahhhhh Connie! Love the color sweets!!!!! Anything pink & i LOVE it!!! It looks wonderfulllllllll:)
    I like that you told us the color am still wanting to paint my bathroom pink..but will have to wait till after the holidays!
    HAve a very Merry & Blessed Christmas sweets!

  27. Thats so funny how you still think about stuff falling on your head. I live in so cal and when I put up picture or other such stuff, thats the first thing I think of, "Is this going to brain my poor kid if we have an earthquake?" "I better move". I lived in Kuna Id for about seven years before moving back to the shaky cesspool.:}

  28. Connie, it all looks so very beautiful!!

  29. OMGosh...this is fabulous. I love your sweet pink. I have a guest room that is pink and I just adore it. I kept thinking I would change the color just because it has been pink for ages but just can't make myself give up my pink....

  30. You are always doing something! That is a really nice color. Good choice!


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