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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Camping......Part 2!!

And you all thought there were no funny moments or catastrophes?!?! Hah, think again, my little sweet chicks....... Au contraire, mes amis! Here's the 2nd installment of the story! And please read to the very end of the photos also. ;-) Enjoy the tour!

Friday and saturday were very warm - about mid 80s up there. Saturday evening the ranger came around to inform us of a storm on the way in and to check on trees near our camper. She was a real sweetheart and told us that it looked like we had parked away from any trees that could fall on us. Trees that could FALL on us?!?!?! Yesssssss!!! Okay, so sunday it did rain. Love Bunny said that at least it would keep the dust down since every step we took swirled up into a cloud of dust. Yep, that's just ducky poo I told him; now we'll have M U D(!) instead of the powder dirt! I'm just so excited I could chew nails - the kind you hammer into walls!

I think it was at this juncture that I murmured that I was going to frou frou up the "tree sink" - an empty bottle of that terrible sugar/water juice they serve at church functions and we usually eschew in favor of lukewarm water from the tap. It hangs from a tree and we use it to wash our hands so it's the tree sink - bathroom sink in my ever NOT so humble opinion. He just looks at me and knows it's gonna happen sooner or later so he gives in. I still have to come up with a plan for decorating it though. Okay........

Then he cooks the steak, potatoes and corn on the cob. He wrapped the potatoes in foil and proceeded to "burn" them posthaste. (I'm just along for the ride, remember.) He does NOT take my "most excellent instructions" into consideration to roast them slowly away from the coals; hence, I spend the night with "charcoaled" teeth on this $3,500.00 smile! Yep, every single potato was "death by charcoal." I prefer "death by chocolate"!!!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention him putting up the canopy just outside the camper door. Well, I'm here to tell ya it wasn't pretty! Not at all. I was busy doing something else and turned to see the canopy canvas twisted and yell for him and finally find him in the car putting on band aids. I ask what's wrong and he shows me his hand. It got caught between 2 poles he was trying to put together and got cut in a kind of half moon fashion. Blood all over him (I'm sitting here typing this and laughing my head off because this is a man who has been a scout leader for over 40 YEARS and knows more about camping and dutch oven cooking than anyone other person on the planet and he slices his hand!!!!!!!! Sorry for the diversion here.) So he yells, "Can't you see I'm bleeding?" Yesssssss, so what do you want me to do???? He just put the butterfly bandage on his hand and ignored me. Suuuuuuuu, we look at the canvas canopy and it was torn. So now Mr. Happppppy has to take it into a tent maker for repair. (Still laughing till I'm crying here.)

We had s'mores that night - my very first ones. I'm not all that impressed with them and they certainly won't take the place of See's truffles in my book. He puts the marshmallow in the fire till it was in flames, sticks it (in flames!) on the graham cracker I have in my hand with a piece of Hershey's chocolate on it and says, "Here, stick it in your mouth now." It's on FIRRRREEE and he expects me to stick it in my mouth?!?!?! Nuuuuuu, my mama didn't raise stupid kids......well, maybe she did, I'm just not ONE of them. ;-)

Ooooh, yes, I made a note about a fly swatter (I took notes while up there so I wouldn't forget to tell ya a thing, chickees!) and just remembered what it was...forgot for a moment.

Now, we alllllll know (women, of course) how men cannot find something and call us to help them find whatever it is. This was a pink fly swatter - for the horseflies as big as my fist and the wasps - that stung Mr. Happppppy while we were up there. Lest you think I jest, exaggerate or outright lie, I've included the pix of aforementioned wasp bite to substantiate my claims. This was taken a day after the bite. Love Bunny's arm:
But I digress about the fly swatter. He looks for it and can't find it. All over the camp grounds and inside the trailer. I go in the camper, open up ONE storage spot and voilĂ  there's the fly swatter in plain view. I hand it to him in a superior way and walk away with a bit of smugness. He then proceeds to kill the beasties for his queen - ME! (This is a regular occurrence around our home.)

Okay, now on with the views of Idaho. Mr. Happpppy looking over a visitor's sign just a few miles up the road from our camp ground. The next 6 pictures are taken from that overlook and shows the valley we camped in.

Up the road several miles are the the sawtooth mountains. Aren't they gorgeous? We usually can see a sheepherder in this meadow but being late in the season I didn't see any this time. Just pictures I took as we drove along towards Stanley. I have not edited any photo here. The sky is always this blue up there.

These mountains can be a bit rocky in places.

Oh, and on the way home he did tell me I was his Queen!! He actually said it. And I truly AM. He's my love and my hero; I honor him and I trust him with my life.


  1. And you proved it by going into the wild woods with him! I'm cracking up reading about the misadventures, but hey, they were all about HIM!! Now, if I'd been with you there would have been some type of Thelma & Louise stories to tell!!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. Wow, Connie, what adventures you do have!

  3. Oh Connie, gorgeous photos and a just too funny story!!! Rachaelxo

  4. Wow, what an amazing place to go camping with Love Bunny.

    Sorry about the wasp sting, that would put a damper on the fun.

    Never had a S'more before? What planet do you live on again? No, they won't take the place of See's or Godiva or of any moderately decent chocolate but when you're camping, roughing it in the wild, it tastes pretty darn good, especially after charcoal.


  5. Excellent! I like the way you detail your adventures. Wonderful pictures. There is no sky prettier than a western sky.

  6. Oh Connie, what I would not have given to be one of those little flies up there to witness the adventures first hand. I am sure they are stil laughing, lol.

    Love the pics. A western blue sky is always so beautiful.

  7. Oh Connie...awesome pics! You two have the greatest stories. And that is so like a man...I can't find it..and it's right there in front of them!!!


  8. Oh Connie, it's a beautiful camping area. You have me laughing and choking on my iced tea! What an adventure!

  9. I just love reading your antics on a daily always make me chuckle...glad you are all safe and sound back at home...:)

  10. It is very pretty there. Maybe he won't want to go again so soon after the cute and wasp sting! I bet you had more fun than you remember....ok, maybe not.

  11. Wow! Camping can be a hazard!!! I've never been stung by a wasp and I never want to. My father was stung once by four wasp, on his neck. What did you do? Did you kiss it and make it better, or did you kiss it and make it better? LOL!!!

  12. Ouch! Fire and pestulence! Bad combo.


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