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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mantel Starting to Look Good!

Again, this post is being written on thursday to be published on sunday.

I've spent the better part of the day working in this family room of ours. Still a ways to go with the mantel decorating and behind the sofa, but here's what I have done so far. Nothing is "static" in this house; it's always "kinetic" around here!! LOL

Before. Just put mantel up last night.

This is what I've done so far. I wanted it centered on the wall but due to 2 outlets on that wall it's off by about 2 - 1/2". Eventually I might have hubs change the phone outlet and the electrical outlet on that wall but that can be a lot of work so this may be how it is foreverrrRRRrr on that wall!!! Two and a half inches isn't bad though but to kind of balance it out a bit I'm doing an asymmetrical treatment on the wall. If anyone has any other ideas, please let me hear them. I'm open to any suggestions. This is the best solution I've come up with so far
though. This room is a bit more cottage, shabby, chic than the living room.

I've also hung the french antique wire basket on the wall inside the insert area to camouflage as much of the phone outlet as possible. Why do they always put phone outlets in the most inconvenient place in a house??? Could they put 2 or them in a room just in case you change it around?!

Ooooh, and don't pay attention to the tools lying around, pictures all over the place and some behind the sofa and chairs that you don't even see and the rest of it because it'll definitely change between now and next week! That table on the right side with a quilt over it will also be out of that room and in our bedroom before long and more pictures on the right side. Just give me some time and I can change/decorate/frou frou up the world, chickadees!!! Hah!!!

Just a thought.

I thought of something today. Being happy and peaceful, especially at home but also in any place where you spend a lot of time, is the goal: stimulating the senses is one way to start. Learn to "tease" yourself into doing necessary and useful tasks by stimulating your senses. Think of the fountain pen squeaking across fine white paper. Smell the fragrance of the ink. Feel the smooth pen in your hand. Have a light bulb ring with the glorious scent of plumeria; you'll think you are in Hawaii. These oils can be bought for very little in many natural food stores or on line or ebay. Put a lovely small french style lamp on your writing table. Have a lovely little antique footstool under your desk for you feet. Set up the task so it will be pleasurable for you.


  1. It's coming right along Connie! Beautiful Mantle.

  2. it looks great! What a perfect spot for it!

  3. Beautiful post Connie.

    I truly believe in trying to surround yourself with what makes you happy and peaceful. Not always an easy job at times but a peaceful place inside definitely helps.

    Have a great weekend.
    Don't be a stranger-hehe

  4. My first time to your blog...I was cliking on the "visit your home section" and you have a beautiful house. I really like your family room on the main the mantle, so pretty. Enjoy your weekend.


  5. That is really looking good Connie!! Can't wait to see it all finished.

  6. Connie, hi.
    This may sound silly, but I couldnt see that your mantel was out of centre, and I think that if you do an assymetrical treatment it may emphasise the off centre. Just a thought!

  7. Teasing ourselves... That's why I keep buying pretty rosy old dishes... so I'll enjoy washing them ;) Blessings.. Polly

  8. Living beautifully Connie, just lovely! Rachaelxo

  9. You are so correct, Connie. Little things placed here and there can be so inspiring, calming, and even motivating. I have tried hard to stop looking at the big picture all the time and try to focus on a little of this or a little of that and everything seems to go so much better. I have been feeling very peaceful and content lately and that is a wonderful way to feel.

  10. Hey there Connie; I love your Mantle, it is so pretty. I know how you feel about the phone hookups.The control to our heat is in the middle of our wall. so it is hard to put up and photos. You know every thing is a work of men..... Have a great Monday..

  11. Beautiful job! The mantle is looking fabulous!
    Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
    Have a wonderful Labor Day,
    kari & kijsa

  12. Your family room is as pretty as a picture! Just stunning! It is clear you have put a great deal of thought into it!

  13. Looking great..just think of all the fun things you can decorate it with.

  14. Oooooh - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mantel and how you've decorated it!!! Being a very symmetrical person myself, I understand how even a couple of inches can make you go crazy, but I think it looks fabulous!!!! Donna


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