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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What I Found Today!

Hubs told me to go have the tires rotated today for our drive down to California on friday. Now, I hate tire stores!! Oh, they're always super nice and have free popcorn available - all you want to eat. But it's the smell; I hate that smell!! But I did what he asked because I don't want to make my Love Bunny mad because I was on a mission today - TO SPEND MONEY!!! Serves him right for putting this chore on my shoulders, right?!?!

Well, squueeeeeeal, look what I found. The vintage looking towel holder - not sure if it is actually vintage, but it sure looks it - will do nicely in the guest bath. (Shhhhh, it's hidden behind that door now. He'll never notice! We KNOW this, don't we?!?!

Then the pepto-bismol shelf??? Oh, I love it, but I may paint it a lighter pink and then white and sand a bit to make it a bit chippy - chippier than it is actually.

Then the tablecloth........aaaaaah sigh, I have one already but I've cut into it to make pillows. It is my all time favorite tablecloth and I just love it. Well, imagine my surprise when they had one in this antique store today. My heart fluttered a bit and I calmly put it on the counter.....aaaaaacckkkkk, I just now remembered I forgot to take my camera to share this place with you little chicks!!!! What was I thinking??? Well, NOT thinking is more like it!! So sorry. I may have to go back just to take pix. It's nothing fantastic, but some neat stuff in there. Anyway, I bought the tablecloth and it will NOT be cut up. I intend to use it on my new white table!!

Oooh, did I forget to mention that I am definitely going to paint our bedroom and dining room oak table white??? Love Bunny doesn't know it yet and we're not gonna tell him, are we?!?!?! He has a trip to Orlando scheduled for august and it just might "turn white" during that trip!! Hmmmm, funny how those things kinda work out, huh??? But then we KNOW he'll never notice, right??!?!! Things have a way of working themselves out.....with a little help from the wife. *Chuckle* ;-) :-)


  1. Wow, you had fun today! My favorite is the tablecloth and it will be perfect on your white furniture!

  2. Great finds today, my friend!! I love the shape of the pepto shelf. The color?...not so much. Looks just like the color of my now sewing room when we first moved here. I still haven't had time to paint the doors yet.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  3. Great, great stuff! Ooooo, the tablecloth.....swoooon.

    You surely have the WORLD'S BEST EYE!

  4. Connie what a great score !!! I have that same wire shelf in my family room, and I love the shelf and tablecloth !! Good stuff. Those wilender roses tablecloths go quite high on ebay. :)

  5. You deserve the "finds" sweetie-pie!!! After all the "smell" going to the Tire store and all...LOL!!

    Good stuff!!!

  6. Everything looks so pretty. I really enjoy reading your comments on blogs. You have such a charming way with words.


  7. Connie....LOL girl you crack me up!
    Sweet finds today & the tablecloth is wonderful!!! I have been looking for one like that! drats!!
    But will look great in your white..
    Have a great & safe 4th:)

  8. I am seriously in love with your finds!! Sometimes it's those 'hole in the wall' places that have the best stuff... As they say, timing is everything :)...Donna

  9. gosh.. I love the pink pepto shelf.. I want one too!.. hehehehe.. and the tablecloth is pretty.. now I got to get one too.. how I wish I could shop from your flea market friday.. :-)

  10. Connie...what great finds you have found my dear! Isn't it more fun in the Hunt of it all! And yes! I wanna see where you found your goodies!


  11. You hit the junkin' jackpot!! love that pepto shelf and the vintage rack of course!!! The tablecloth was a find too!!!!
    Can't wait to see 'em all prettied up in your house!!

  12. Connie, Visiting your blog always makes me grin. You would be a FUN, FUN neighbor to have living next door. I think we'd get in trouble. But it would be "the good kind of trouble"! {I use that phrase a lot and my hubby just rolls his eyes.}

    Your finds are scrumptious. You visited me last week and I'm definitely going to update my blog and add you to my list of blogs to visit. Everyone needs a Connie to make them smile!

    Keep spreading your charms...I'm guessing you have no idea how many little sagging hearts you've lifted up with your fun humor & personality.

  13. Connie you find the greatest things. Wish I could shop with you. I love all the goodies you found. That table cloth is soooooooo pretty. I can't wait to see what you find next, and what color are you painting your rooms??? I want pictures when you get done. Have a safe trip.

  14. Well it must be a lucky day as I also found some great treasures. You can read about them on my post.

    I so LOVE the table cloth! I also think that little pink unit is darling. I would leave it that color.

    I say, hang your towel rack, hubby won't notice a thing. If he does, just tell him you have had that old thing for years! He'll never know. LOL


  15. Oh! I love that tablecloth too and that cute pink shelf. Score!! My hubby can't tell pink from white. Aren't I lucky?! LOL

  16. Good shopping day! I love that tablecloth. I'm a tablecloth kind of girl too. I have them stashed all over and when hubby sees a prettyone at a yard sale he gets it for me:>) The towel rack is great too. I have a similar shelf in the basement. One of these days I'll dig it out and do something with it.


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