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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Remodel Day #3 and Gripes!

Nuuuuuuu, my sweet chicks, no gripes about the remodel; it's coming along just fine. I'll talk about the gripes further down.

Mr. Bob, and his name is Bob Robinson of Nampa, Idaho, if you live nearby give him a call. He's very reasonable and has been recommended for doing nice work. He seems to be right on, or even ahead of, schedule with this tiny remodel. We're thrilled with the progress anyway. Remember, he is doing this "on the side" from his day job. So he starts about 4:30 in the afternoon and quits around 8 - 8:30 pm. Today he will put the "plywood arch" on that header and then maybe sheet rock and tape. If all goes well tonight, he'll then mud/texture(?) tomorrow. But it's looking good and giving us a clearer view of what it'll look like.

One person said they wouldn't like the "closed in" feeling of it and that they liked the openness of a house with several rooms. Well, if I had one of those open log homes up in Sun Valley, so would I!! I love that look where you have huge rooms all open but all defined as the living, dining, kitchen, family/great rooms but in a small house it just doesn't cut it for me. However, if Bruce Willis or Arnold would come down off the mountain and switch with me - straight across switch - I'd be more than happy to take it over and even clean those big houses. I'd be singing a happy tune, let me tell ya!

But for this house it just looks too small to do that so we'll "define" the living room a bit more. I tend to be a bit more "formal" in there also. "Formal" being a highly relative term here! It's in no way "Formal", just a lot less "informal" than the small family room. Remember, my little cherubs, this is our last, scaled down, senior, live in till we die house!! You'll understand this when you retire and are near to 70 years old! :-)

Since I couldn't "clean" house yesterday (it would do absolutely no good!) and couldn't think of too many things I wanted to do, I decided to prime and spray paint this little reading lamp since there was hardly any wind. It was brass and I've had it for many years. Tarnishing was taking over as its primary "color" so I spritzed it white and am quite pleased with it. I'm soooooo loving spray cans of paint now - quick and easy beyond belief! I may become the Miss Spritz Queen! I'm lovin' it that much!!!


Now the gripes.

Why is it that when we find something we really love - a new found thing or something we've used for a long time - they decide to stop making it or they decide to stop distribution in MY area?!?!?! This has happened to some frozen foods we've loved for years, to a mouth moisturizer, to a shampoo, conditioners and hair sprays, to salad dressings!! WHY?!?!?! I love certain things and don't want to give them up. The vanilla tasting dry mouth moisturizer is now a minty spritzer and not a "open your mouth and put luscious drops of a creamy vanilla taste on your tongue" type moisturizer! I loved it, but not the harsh minty flavor spritz they've forced upon me! I also loved Revlon's Outrageous shampoo. It was so wonderful smelling and great for hair. I'm not even sure they make it anymore. Same with the conditioner. Hair spray? I like a certain one with a level 7 of hold. Nada, zip, where to be found anymore. I've even had my daughter and granddaughter check in Calif. and Seattle. Why do they stop making something that is so great and does the job exceptionally well. Not to mention the salad dressings!!!!!!!! Yesssssssssss!!!! I loved a certain lite Italian dressing but can't find it in the stores at all - from Idaho to Calif.; I've checked and it's no where to be found. *Sigh*............ Why don't THEY keep their paws off of MY things?! I tell ya it's enough to make me start a revolution. Viva la revoluciĆ³n!!! But excuse me while I go vacuum up the wood chips and eat breakfast. Revolutions seem to take more outta me these days and those little bits of wood are hurting my tootsies, don't ya know?!?!?!


  1. I think all the work your hubby is doing looks beautiful...and I can't wait to see it finished.

    I so agree with you...they've taken things away from me that I really like too. If you want, let me know the products and I can look here in the Milwaukee area...


  2. Hi Connie.... you are making lots of progress.... what I see promises to be magnificent! :)

    ps: work, but don't work too hard! Take time to smell the roses!



  3. Things are looking great Connie! I'm beginning to understand that "scaling down" thing! Less is more, right? LOL! Hope you have a marvelous day and hope you find that shampoo!


  4. Hey Connieness! Oh, I'm so proud for you and your remodel and that it's going so well - and fast! Man, it's going to look gorgeous. I agree with you on your grips. I hate it when someone quits making my favortie somethings. Spam seems to stay around for ever!!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Connie, I have to disagree. I have a smaller home. BUT it is completely open and gives it a nice big feel. Closing in the walls would make it even smaller. When people come in my home, they say they cant believe how big it looks and they love the openness. Closing up rooms gives the home a choppy closed in feel. That is why, when we buy an old home, I will be tearing a lot of walls down, lol! Coming from a real estate family. people are looking for homes with an open feel and big spaces. You dont have to have cathedral ceiling and everything to have an open feel home. I guarantee if you were to tear all those walls down on both sides, it would be amazing how much bigger your home feels.

  6. It looks like progress at your house. My kitchen floor is finally done!! Woo Hoo! Now, I have to go back to cooking though.:o(

  7. Okay, I never knew you could spray paint yucky looking brass! Thank you for that interesting piece of info!

  8. Hi Connie, I love the new layout of your remodel. The pics you posted today really gives sight to what you're having done. I know you will be happy with it. Now I am for joining the REVOLUTION I have a few product's that just up and went myself, maybe you can start one up, post of this Revolution and give all of us a chance to join in, I'll have my post ready tomorrow if you do! Luv you Connie! You really know how to stir it up! Deb

  9. Connie, I am back to visiting after my month long company and chaos. Good chaos though. Thanks so much for your visits and sweet comments when I have been too busy to respond

    Your living room will look wonderful with my little catch up on your posts. I love formally informal, myself. You are a romantic Connie, I remember your laundry room.

    I sympathize with all of your gripes. I have experienced similar problems as well. Adding one more gripe about Este Lauder, and their face moisture cream. They made look alike jars for the same price you rec'd less. They never said a word when I bought the new smaller jar. They must think consumers are stupid. Whew, got that off my chest. Thanks! smile.

    Love ya, Jeanne

  10. Connie ~ I knew when I visited your blog I was going to get a chuckle, but you know... I laughed right out loud. I know exactly what you mean about the favorite products! If you start that revolution, count me in.
    Your hubby is doing an excellent job, I can't wait to see it finished. It's going to be fabulous.


  11. Hi Toots!

    I'm with you on the open homes. The nice new big house look great all open but I'm really into more of a vintage blast from the past look and they all smaller closed off rooms.

    I'm just waiting to see how your house turns out. I'm sure it will be lovely.

    I'm with you. I HATE when they stop making my things! How dare they.


  12. Don't forget to check eBay for your beloved products -- I've found things there that you can't get anywhere else!

    And my goodness, Sugar Bear, I didn't even know those things were already sold until I saw your comment!

    WHOOP WHOOP! Doin' the happy dance!

    Glad to see your remodel is coming along soooooo quickly. Can't wait to see it!!

  13. Re: Hairspray...if you like the strong, aersol kind of stuff, try SAMY. Just a warning though, it stinks..but it is very much like Aqua Net, in that it holds, holds, holds...I use it in the summer with the humidity...but I do hate the smell. I switch over to lighter things in the winter, usually pump ones, too, not aerosol.

    I can't wait to see your home when you are done :)

    Nice to meet you:)


  14. Dear Connie,

    Your remodel is looking wonderful and your dear husband is doing a great job. I look forward to seeing it all finished.
    You house is just lovely and I love how you decorate. Your brass lamp look so pretty white and I like the shelves you painted white in your previous post.

    Have a lovely and happy day!!!!

  15. Hi Connie,
    Really lookin GOOD:) It's going along so quickly :) See you tomorrow. Warmly, Deb

    Come visit....

  16. Wowie! An arch and everything. Will look so nice when it is finished!

    I love spray cans of paint, too! (except the fumes, of course)

    You are so funny...I have had most of my favorite lipstick colors discontinued. I always thought someone was out to frustrate me! LOL!


  17. Oh Miss Connie I am getting excited! I can't wait to see this remodel done!
    Just think more space to decorate!
    Fun Fun Fun!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit Miss Emma and Me.
    She is growing like a weed and so photogetic!

    Hugz, Dolly

  18. your remodel is really taking shape, keep us posted . and if your wondering ? The package hasn't arrived yet. But don't worry , you will hear me when it comes :0) :0) :0)

  19. Hi Sweetie! I think your new arched area is going to be awesome!

    Stop by my blog ~ I've given you an award & tagged you, toO!

    Angelic Accents

  20. Hello Sweet Connie!

    You sure have been busy girlfriend! LOVE the changes you are making to your darling home! Hubby is doing a GREAT job!

    Have a wonderful evening sweetie pie!


  21. Even though we are in a very small home I do like defined seems to be easier to decorate...and gives me more walls to hang things on right...
    btw...just put a link to some sweet Beatrix Potter FREE coloring sheets for our new crayons....

  22. I feel your pain sweetie,
    Construction comes with thrills and chills!
    but it will be worth it once its done.
    my bathroom redo is giving me a run for my money too.
    cant wait to see the finished project.

  23. I wanted to stop in and thank you for the award! I am glad you enjoyed your visit to At Home in the Country.

    Good Luck with the exciting...a whole new area to play in!


  24. Your so lucky to have a "handy man" around the house.

    I am so with you about the "why do they get rid of the stuff I love"- I want my Bonne Bell 10-06 lotion back- I'd been using it for almost25 years- since they took it off the market I haven't been able to wash my face- just kidding...

  25. Connie wow Your man works super fast!Thats great!!He is doing a wonderful job too.Your cake plate is adorable and so our your chocs u made.Love ya,Jen

  26. Hello Connie, looks like your husband is doing a great job remodeling. Looking forward to seeing the finish project!
    Love, Ann

  27. It looks as though it is going to be very attractive, Connie. Lovely to see the photos.

  28. I am with you on the gripes.
    Where are my Uneeda biscuits. Had them since I was a child.
    Where is my Richard Hardnutt hairspray that I have always used?
    Why did Estee Lauder bring out White Linen Breeze and now has some adaption of it but not the same.
    And dark chocolate honeycomb that my Dad used to bring home for my Mum and I only got a smell of it. Now I can buy it is has gone.
    And then there was a great brown sugar in the supermarket...different to anything they have now. Gone.
    I know there are nice new things but you do not kill your good friends.


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