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Friday, July 25, 2008

My Favorite Thing!

Cindy at My Romantic Home has asked us to show our favorite thing in our home but it can't be a person or it would have to be Love Bunny! Now, I have a lot of favorite things but as anyone and everyone who decorates their home it is usually the latest thing we've done. That may or may not be the case with some of you but for me this little lamp sits on my nightstand and the little pedestals are what I look at when hubby and I eat dinner. It gives me visual joy to look at them. I think, no, I know this big retired Marine loves our home. He may be the king of this castle but it's the queen, ME, that has to keep him in line, right?!?! I adore that man! Anyway, I used my PhotoShop to make it into one picture so you wouldn't have to spend much time clicking! But if you don't click on most of the things I post ya ain't gettin' the full flavor, my sweet little chicks!

Oooooh, and this is gonna count for Pink Saturday also. I gotta get something done around this place, my lovely bloggers!

Oh, and here's dinner tonight just so you can see the bounty coming out of our garden. Not too bad for a pink-thumbed chick......okay, okay, I only picked it today. *Sigh* Love Bunny has the green thumb in this house. :)


  1. I love the lamp and cloches, they are beautiful.

    Dinner looks yummy too.


  2. Very cute! I really like those little stands!

    I'm envious, something is eating my tomatoes as soon as the start to turn pink! I haven't been able to have one yet! I think it's either a possum or a rat!! Yuck!

  3. Love your little lamp and cloches, they are so sweet. Have a great weekend. Oh and your dinner looks very yummy.


  4. I love how you have created that image. Very creative. The items you have chosen are just lovely! Very Elegant!! (:

  5. Connie!
    I have a thing for cute little lamps. Yours is lovely! My hubs is the green thumb in our family too.... I can't do everything!

  6. hi connie...

    i really enjoyed reading through your totally crack me up! love your lamp and cloches...gorgeous! i also loved your coffee filter flowers..ohhh and how i hate liver..yucko! (flashback to my mom makin us eat it...oh the horror of it all!) i will be sure to visit ya again!


  7. Love your lamp and pedestals!!! Very sweet!! Your veggies look really good, too! I think you're lying about that pink thumb, and that it's really green!...Donna

  8. Connie you are so smoochie and gorgeous. I love how you call your hubby Love Bunny..its awesome :)
    Lovely piccies and yummm lookie at your vegies, WOO HOO. I sooo need a vege garden. I have green thumbs (sorry no pink thumbs for me) so i should really get one going.

    Hope youre having a super sweet weekend :)

    Love Shann xx

  9. Hi Connie,

    Sorry I'm not a sweet chickee, just a nice guy. just stumbled by.

    Did you know the Native Americans had earth astrology signs and your sign is Brown Bear, amethyst is your stone.

    Brown bear people are curious about the world, clever, and can do anything they set their minds to. Brown bear people usually make powerful speakers.

    Just thought you would like to know.

  10. I know I commented already, but I just love the comment you left me. It really made my day. It was very inspiring and I just really appriciate your kind words. (:

  11. What a lovely lamp and cloches, positively beautiful!

    And I love how you made the picture pop! Very nicely done!

  12. What a sweet lamp. Thanks so much for the dinner invitation. :)

  13. Nice cloches! And lamps! This is about the 3rd blog who showed lamps for Pink Saturday and I did too! Must be some sort of pinklamp virus going around! :)Nancy


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