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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Did It and I'm Tired!!

Boy, does this body ache! My bottom and legs just about killed me last night but I finished what I wanted to. My daughter and I were skyping last night and laughing our heads off about taking pictures of the finished cabinets and closets. We were coming up with different things I could do to make them pretty. I suggested covering the drain pipes in pretty pink ribbons and bows. She suggested I hang a picture on the back or sides. We just got to giggling so bad we could hardly talk. But frankly, I'm too pooped to do anything else. Maybe in a week or two I'll do the other bathroom but it isn't nearly as bad as our master bath.

But I ask you: just how many burn lotions/gels, tubes of Ben-gay, NAIL FILES(!), callous pads, bunion pads (we don't even have bunions!), shoe stretch, Tucks(!), bottles of mouthwash, visine, elastic bandages for just about ANY body part, firming lotions, gauze saved from hospital visits and hydrogen peroxide can one household have??!!?!?! These aren't even things we use a lot. AND toothpaste which we use a LOT??? Only 3 tubes!!! I found a tube of neosporin that expired 8 years ago!! I guess it just got thrown in a box when we moved 3 years ago. Sheeeesh.......... I also found this little tin of Excedrin that I can use in my purse. (I'm not sure they sell these little tins anymore and I loved them for pills in my purses.)

The shoes in the closet are now in the garbage or taken to a thrift store. There are still boxes and boxes of shoes up in the attic over the garage that I have to deal with but not any time soon, trust me. Some of the shoes hadn't even been worn but I can't get my foot in them any more since the foot surgery. Never ever let a doctor cut on your feet, chickadees!!!!

Has anyone noticed that I have a "favicon" - pronounced fav-eye-con - up in the URL of my blog. It's a little rose I painted when I first started painting roses and got a wonderful lady to help me with it. I was having such a hard time getting it to work but it's working NOW! It won't show in all browsers so you might still see the little "e" up there, but if you do see it, drop me a line and let me know.


  1. I came across your blog on Deb's. My maiden name was Rose. Glad to see all your roses. They are absolutely beautiful.

  2. I love roses too!Love the little old tin!

  3. Oooh I am glad I found you, a fellow user of the word "chickadee"! Nice organizing, sweetie!

  4. Fabulous! your rose shows up so cute and tiny on our computer!!!

    kari & kijsa

  5. Hi Connie! I can't see your favicon. :0(

    I see your Apple Cheeks....well, at least SOME of them! Tee Hee

    You are really tidying up ~ who's coming?!?! Now you know why I clean!!

    Are you doing trash to treasure for Show & Tell Sunday? I hope so!!!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  6. A symphony of organisation, a pink bow might just be the go!!!! Rachael

  7. are just too funny! Why not put some pretty contact paper on the bottom? That's what I did and I love it... I even wrapped my builders tacky shelves with some very pretty shelving paper too! Lace would be great as!

    Love ya! Lorena

  8. Lorena, excellent idea, sweet friend!! I'll do it!

  9. Hi Connie :)

    The cabinets look great! I'm not sure they do use those pill tins anymore, but I liked them too :)


  10. LOL! I've cleaned my bathroom out and found stuff that was really old too. Ok, maybe not 8 years old like you did but pretty close.

    I love the idea of putting pretty paper down. Maybe some lovely pink baskets and YES wrap that pipe in pretty ribbon. I bet you would be the first person who had a pretty area like that in the bathroom!



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