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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Surprise from Ele!!

I cannot believe this!! You gals are just so sweet and kind to me. And just for starting this group! WOW!! You continually amaze me. Look what arrived in today's mail - this wonderful little box with a snow covered house on it all decorated for Christmas. I'm stunned - truly!! Ele, our farmer's wife from North Dakota made this wonderful little box decorated with toile paper and jewels and roses and gorgeous trim! All pink, of course, my favorite color in the world!! And then she added a beautiful little tag she makes. Ladies, you don't want to miss her tags or blog. Go here Ele to see her gorgeous handiwork for yourselves. Thank you, oh thank you, Ele, my sister of my heart!!


  1. Oh Connie!! You are so lucky to have one of Ele's house boxes!!! How sweet of her and nobody deserves it more than you Connie!

    Love ya,

  2. Connie, I can't believe you already got it! Yeah for fast mail service. I am glad you like it and you are certainly worth it...and MUCH more!

  3. Connie, that is adorable & you are so deserving of it! And isn't Ele just the sweetest, thinking of you when she has so many troubles right now herself! Hey if you ever get tired of that pretty pink box, I'll take it! I've looked at it at least 10 times, but gosh, got this wedding to pay for!!!

    Love ya,
    Angelic Accents

  4. Connie, it is so beautiful, you are loved!



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